Friday, May 29, 2020

Pravasi Teacher Bharti GR 28 May 2020 | Gujarat school

Complaints of shortage of teachers in grant-aided schools across the state are heard from time to time. The government has allowed
the recruitment of traveling teachers so as not to disrupt the teaching work of students against the shortage of teachers in schools. However, the principals who have been extending the tenure of the traveling teachers have breathed a sigh of relief in view of the recent decline.

A scheme of traveling teachers was started in the grant-aided schools two years ago, which allowed the grant-aided schools to have traveling teachers with honorarium per hour instead of the retired teachers. Since then, if the issue of shortage of teachers has remained intact, the tenure of the traveling teachers has been extended from time to time, subject to which the tenure of the traveling teachers has been extended till March 31, 2020 at the beginning of the new academic session 2018-20. That means teaching will now run year-round in the grant-aided schools with the help of traveling teachers. The Surat District Education Officer has given approval to fill the traveling teacher as per the list of schools. At the same time, despite the proposal of a traveling teacher, the schools whose names are not in the list have been ordered to go to the office in person and get their names approved. Thus, from the very beginning of the new term, the worries of the principals about the issue of traveling teachers have come to an end. The number of teachers in each school is adequate to ensure proper education. Bachelor's degree is compulsory for traveling teacher. The school board can recruit itself by submitting an application with the demand of a traveling teacher to its district education officer. Grants for traveling teachers will be paid by the government.

The traveling teachers plan to ensure that the vacancies do not affect the students
The traveling teachers scheme is implemented so that the vacancies of teachers do not affect the students. The government has also fixed a maximum daily honorarium for each school. Schools cannot bill more than that. The maximum bill for this is Rs 7,000 in primary schools and Rs 13,500 in secondary and higher secondary schools. Traveling teachers are allowed even if regular teachers go on long leave with vacancies. The school has to pass the bill every three months from the office of the district education officer. The DEO-DPO has been instructed to check the school which has a traveling teacher at the end of some time.

Primary, Secondary, U.M. Payment to the Department of Education
Different daily wages will be paid in the primary, secondary and higher secondary education departments. Wages will be paid for a maximum of 6 hours daily.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

File to create for Best Teacher Award -Gujarat Government

I was asked about a mafia writer in Gujarati literature who is your friend? In response I questioned him why you would ask this. To which he informed me that if he were your friend, you would not be surrounded by even one enemy, though it is true that man could afford to have unlucky enemies at a time when there were no enemies to fight against him.One of my closest friends, Dr. Gunwant Shah remembered. Even though he is a good friend of mine, I do not remember that we should have walked together on the road. Such need has not arisen. There are many differences among us. He laughs sarcastically and I try to be serious with a smile. 

He loves me dearly.He stays on the phone about three times a week. (His house is also named Tahuko) His nature is similar to rough khadi, but for me, the khadi khadi is becoming ever more dull. For the last almost three days, he has been advising all members of my family in a friendly manner that we should look for Vinod Bhatt. So tell Vinod Bhatt not to do wrong insistence and dialysis as often as needed. Their livelihood is so strong that no one can kill them.

On March 12, 2018 Dr. Gunwant Shah's birthday was celebrated, which is truly a celebration of the Gujarat government. Due to his unique love for Gujarati language for the last several years, he launched a mother tongue campaign. (By the way Dr. Gunwant Shah is a student of science and not a science student) Two or three times we were on stage. Bhupendra Singhji Chudasama (Minister of Education), Nanubhai Vani said in the presence of all that this writer made such a pathetic appeal to the dignitaries that 'why should we associate our milk-tongues with ventilators in our presence?' On the morning of the anniversary, the Government of Gujarat announced that Gujarat started from the first standard and passed the 12th standard It will be compulsory in both the colleges as well.

About 60 years ago we were commerce students. Going to college but not studying. At that time, we had Ishwar Patlikar's novel BirthType course in the Internet year. Today, after all these years, I still feel like sitting in college and studying again. (By the way Ishwar Patlikar speaking in a conversation 'that way').

We are not the leader of the opposition, so we do not mind protesting in any government talk. Therefore, we welcome this decision of Shri Shri Govt. As a Gujarati people article. We also urge the Government of the Alliance to ensure that only the language is not compulsory to study in the fourth or tenth standard.

For the mother tongue it is said that the mother is speaking. The father is silent. At home, the mouth opens just as much as it needs to. This is why we never call mother tongue 'Fathertung'.

According to one joke, the year of Ravindra Shatabdi was celebrated in Gujarat, then poet Niranjan Bhagat reached the mandap to participate in it and went there and saw Ravindra's spelling was hsv so he went back - Madiya did this joke but in Bhagat Saheb's case nothing can be guessed.

It is said that a bubble board was initially placed on the 'electricity house' of Ahmedabad. Therefore, although there was no difference in voltage from the point of view of the power house, reading the misspellings caused pain in the eyes of Naginadas Parekh, so he wrote a letter to the operators of the power house to correct the spell. There was no effect for one or two letters, so Naginbhai started writing a daily letter. The spellings of the 'electricity house' have actually been corrected since the letters were lost on me. At present, we are not particularly keen on the precision of spelled-spelling (a Ahmedabad newspaper owner has had a difficult time writing the correct spelling of the universe).

Once Shekhadam Abuwala gave the good news to Vasudev Mehta, the (then) editor of 'Janasatta', saying: 'Printing faults occur much less in' Janasatta 'than the other two prints. Then Vasudev Mehta responded in his typical way: 'One thing Adam understands, our circulation is low and error is low ...'

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

UGC NET Exam 2020 Date and apply online

It is not difficult to imagine a world without music, but it is
impossible. Music has been associated with life since the beginning of mankind. When no musical instrument was invented in the world, people used to make music by hitting stones and moving wood. Nature has filled music in every creation of nature. The rushing river produces melodious music. The sea plays different music according to its mood. The clouds roar to create music. Rain serves music. Various sounds of music flow in the sound of birds. There is music in the whistle and the silence is something to be heard. Today, any occasion is considered incomplete without music. The world has been worshiping song and music since time immemorial. 
UGC NET Exam Info

Every year in Belgium there is a music festival called Tomorrowland which is loved all over the world. Tomorrowland is considered one of the largest music festivals in the world. This year's Tomorrowland Festival is coming to an end today. Every song-composer in the world has a dream to get to perform in Tomorrowland. The best DJs from all over the world arrive at the Tomorrowland Festival.

Tomorrowland's popularity is such that all tickets are sold out within minutes of Anne's tickets being sold. Music lovers are wondering when the sale will start and when the tickets will be available. People who get tickets consider themselves lucky. Let's talk about the one who gets a chance to perform in this too. This year, more than four lakh people thronged the music festival. The festival has won all the awards for organizing the best music event not once but many times. Thousands of people from our country also participate in this festival. Hardik Shah of Ahmedabad went to the Tomorrowland Festival with his wife Chaitali and friends. He said that this festival is a privilege for music lovers, but even those who have no interest in music should not be overwhelmed if they go to this festival. There is something wonderful about this festival! The whole Boom City is engulfed in music. The scene that is created when performing 13 stages together is supernatural. M's 'pulse' currency runs in Boom City. Once you get the ticket, you get a basket with a digital band with a chip. Payment of 'Pulse' from the same band after you have charged Pulse with your currency. Cash transactions are nowhere to be seen. The funny thing is, no one lets you take a selfie there alone! Like you raise your hand to take a selfie or the crowd is arranged behind you! Even though no one knows each other, everyone seems to know each other! This proves the fact that music connects everyone. The tagline of the festival is, Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, Today is Gift. People come here with the intention of enjoying music and learning to live.

There is a saying among us that where there is a village, there must be garbage. Drug contamination has also infiltrated this festival. After one or two cases came out, the Belgian government and the festival organizers have become very alert about drugs. It so happened that a 26-year-old British girl who was at the festival in 2016 died. The postmortem revealed that he had died from an overdose of drugs. After that, before any man goes to a concert, his limbs are taken inert. Is it also checked by taking off the shoes that the drugs are not being hidden somewhere? However, the deaths of Indian youngsters over the last two years have raised questions. Just last Sunday, a 27-year-old man from India died. Last year, in 2018, a 26-year-old girl from India also breathed her last at the festival. The organizers had to reveal that the deaths of the two were not due to drugs but other reasons.

After the music festival became a hit in Belgium, a festival called TomorrowWorld was also launched in the United States. Tomorrowland was also held in Brazil. People who can’t go to the festival have fun following Tomorrowsand on Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Dream Villa is set up in a space equal to 128 soccer grounds in Boom City, where people live in tents. The tent is also a part of the ticket. After the festival address you can take along the tent and other items provided for convenience in the tent as a souvenir. The people who perform there, while narrating their experience, say one last thing that it is a paradise of music. This year's festival is coming to an end tonight, if you are a little interested in music, check Belgian time according to Indian time and follow Tomoroland on social media, it will be fun!