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Computer Teacher Qualification for Secondary and Higher Secondary Teacher Bharti

Students with special needs in the standard ten and twelve exams will be able to use laptops or computers in the examination from this year, said a Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) official. However, in order to avail these facilities, Divyans will have to submit a certificate from a competent psychological consultant or a doctorate who will write down the computer or laptop for any reason.The CBSE examination committee made this decision at their recent meeting.'These tools can only be used for typing answers, writing question papers and listening to questions. The concerned examiner will be able to bring a computer or laptop with him and after the computer teacher has verified it, the candidate in charge of the center will be given the candidate to use it, ”a circular said.
'A computer or a laptop should not have an Internet connection. The applicant will have to send the request letter along with the required documents to the Examination Incharge through the school only then it can be arranged, 'it was added. After writing the answers, the supervisor will sign the answer sheet which will be forwarded to the Center in-charge and take action.
Besides, the board also asked the reader to arrange for the blind or non-readable examiner. 'In Divyang case, 5 percent of his attendance will also be valid for examination. If they could not attend the school for any particular reason, they would have to give a reason, 'it was said.
In the middle of the digital india government, computers have been provided in schools but there are no teachers to teach computer students. To give computer knowledge to the children of the countryside, the computers provided by the schools of Dantiwada diocese in grades 1 to 2 are eating dust.

Dhaniwada taluka Pvt. Computers were provided in schools. But for the last several years, there has been no computer teacher in any school in the taluka. Millions of computers were provided, but many teachers' staff have taken home computers. This is being learned from sources in the education department. Similarly, LEDs and printers were also provided in the primary schools of the taluka. Most of these schools have printers and LED off. And there has been a demand for an appointment of a computer teacher in every school.

Neither are employees hired on contract
In each elementary school, the contract was given to a private company in addition to providing a computer for the students to get the knowledge of the computer. So that employees on contract were giving computer knowledge to the children. But students who have not been contracted to a company for the last several years have been deprived of computer knowledge.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Saurashtra University Ph.D.Praposal Notification Declare 2019

It is mandatory to declare the results within 45 days after the
examination of Saurashtra University but unfortunately the results are not declared by the university even 90 days after the examination. The slogans were posted on the university campus by student activists demanding that timely results be declared on a daily basis, with the presentation of the students experiencing great difficulty.The various issues presented by the students' council in writing to Saurashtra University office-bearers in Rajkot today said that the results of B.Com Semester 1 B Semester 1 BA Semester 3 and M.Com External Semester 3 have not been announced till date. Submissions were made on this topic even 5 days ago but no response has been made so far.

As in the second B.Com Semester 3, 28 per cent of the poor results have been announced. Similarly, the results of BA Semester 3 have been announced at only 5%. Students who passed last year. They have received less than 10 marks this time, judging many students. It was also presented that these students should be allowed to re-evaluate in three subjects instead of one.Student activists further said that the university does not announce the results of any single exam in a timely manner. All the exam results are late. On the other hand, if the student is late in filling the examination form, a penalty is levied from him. Similarly, the student who passes the examination in reassessment should not be given the money to return his application form.

The university should make immediate decisions on both of these issues. Complaining against the Director of Examination, the students said that till now various presentations have been made to the Director of Examination. So they have resigned. Avoid answering the question by saying so. In this case, there is no acceleration in the test performance. It was also suggested that this should be done in the matter
All this is happening to celebrity stories. If anything happens to celebrities, the whole country and the world take notice of it, even those who are out of frustration are present. The common man has to deal with his frustration alone. We still avoid getting advice or treatment from a psychiatrist. Don't talk to anyone openly, I'm not joking at all or I'm afraid of that. Success also sometimes leads to frustration that a human does not know. What if my name and honor are not there? What if people turned away from me as crazy today? Is this honor and gesture if it goes away? It is difficult to say where and how depression will come.

There are a variety of ways to overcome frustration. Psychiatrists check out a person's personality and suggest ways to get them out of depression. It's not necessary to have major frustrations every time. Some frustrations are also temporary. Sometimes it seems like there is no fun anywhere. I don't mind talking to anyone. Sometimes there is no fun even if there is no pain. At times, there is the fear that something bad is about to happen. Fears of fantasy surround us. Women are experiencing more hormonal changes than men. Ladies have to be more mentally healthy. Try to avoid being cautious as a weak idea first comes. If it's not too much fun, take a small break. Do something you like. Remember one thing, the last breath of life holds the potential for success. Believe in yourself that good is going to happen. Promise yourself that under no circumstances will I be weak or weak. Our friends, relatives or psychiatrists help us in times of depression, but finally we have to get out of this situation. The stronger the man, the faster he can get out of depression.

Current Affairs 17 to 23 November 2019 by ICE

As we all know, life never goes the same way. There are ups and downs in life. There are also stages in our lives when we feel that everything is finished. No one understands the direction and does not understand what is happening. Depression is unexpected. There is something in life that makes a person confused. There are many causes for depression. Sometimes failure, being fired, loss of business, betrayal or betrayal of the person you believe in, sometimes you have to go away, some close relative dies, some illness comes, you have worked hard but assumed the result. If not, there are many reasons that make us frustrated and frustrated.

The causes of depression are many, but their prevention is the same, not to be under any circumstances. We must hope that it will be good, but we must prepare for it as well. In the cricket world nowadays, Virat Kohli's name is the bowler. Virat just said, "In 2014, I felt like the world was going to end. Now I can do nothing. I had a failure on a tour of England. I played five Tests. I only made 134 runs in ten innings at an average of 13.5. It was hard for me to get out of this mindset. 
Virat said this in reference to Australian cricketer Glenn Maxwell's announcement to take a break. Glenn said, "I'm not in form right now. I need a break Many people took Glenn's talk negatively. It was also said that Glenn was hitting the ax with his hands. A player like that should face the challenge. They were not ready to accept that they were facing the challenge with a break. Virat praised Glenn for taking a break. He said that every man should take his own ways to get out of it during the phase of failure.

Someone in any field, he sometimes has to face bed time. Most of the talk takes place in the world of sports and film. If you look at our Bollywood, you will find hundreds of cases of people who have seen and lived bad times. When Amitabh Bachchan's stars were in the neck, he did not get any sleep at night. His films were beaten and so he stopped working. The company he founded ABCL made a terrible loss. Even if they sold everything they had, there was still so much debt to match. He came out of the movie with Mahobat and gradually got out of depression. One-time superstar Rajesh Khanna even attempted suicide in frustration. Deepika Padukone also acknowledged her depression. Writers sometimes get a writer's block too.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Dr.Babasaheb Ambedkar University Admission 2020 Notification PDF File

Raju is working as a 'sweeper' in a government office. Rajubhai
regretted not being able to graduate due to the circumstances of the house and lack of guidance. They also want to go ahead with the departmental examinations. What to do to graduate was a big question for him. Someone suggested Dr. Ambedkar University. Rajubhai reached the nearest study center. And then "run away" you found the door. .. next year Rajubhai will become a graduate by staying at home and studying,Writing Gujarati. Reading?
The name of the university is Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Open University. Located near SG Highway, Sola, R.C.Tech Institute of Ahmedabad. This university working in Gujarati language tells Pokari Pokari we will give you the facility of teaching till graduation if you like to read and write Gujarati. Stay in your home and study. Read it when you have the time and do the lessons we give you.

  • Admission to those who want to study

Ambedkar Open University is the only truth to study, if you are interested in studying, if you do not pass the standard 1, then you will be fine. (2) If you do not pass Standard 1, it will be done. (2) It doesn't matter if you have studied only up to seven standards or up to five standards. (2) It does not matter if you are more than 3 years old or 4 years old. (2) Gujarati is perfect for writing and reading skills. (2) Admission will be obtained if you are above 6 years of age.
  • After BPP, B.A. That B.Com

General Chat Chat Lounge Start with BPP:
If you want to study Bachelor of Art or Bachelor of Commerce then start at Ambedkar Open University with a course called BPP. BPP is an introductory course for a bachelor's degree. After taking admission in BPP's course is six months. Pass the exam so you can earn a BA. Or get admission in B.Com's first year.
  • General Chat Chat Lounge Help All Universities Provide:

I will get BPP books from the university. The university will do the housekeeping work. Will provide information on what questions to ask in the exam. If there is a rash like solitude, then nothing is difficult. In six months you will be able to pass BPP.

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

School Teacher Mahekam New 2019

Mrs N. of The students of Gandhi and Mrs. Bhavandi Mahila College have done the chakjam. This college was a college affiliated with SNDT University. But the post-2012 degree in the recruitment of an Education Assistant, which was invalidated, has students shouting slogans against the government.The students say that despite the cancellation of the college from 2012, the college has accepted admission and now when we go to study and get a job, this university degree is considered invalid. While the college system says, talks with the government are underway in this regard and efforts are being made to come to a decision in favor of the students.
The basic controversy is that it was decided earlier that other state universities in Gujarat should be affiliated to the nearest university. SNDT Women's College was annexed to Bhavnagar University after the year 2017. This question has been posed to the students since 2012, when the future of these students is up and the college system says that they are trying to come to a decision in favor of the students.

New Circular for Consecutive Jobs 2019

Under the neem tree, a gust of cold air glows all night in the mammaldat office, and the eyes of the teacher who pays the onduty has been darkened. By allowing the seventh-grade boy to write eight single (?) Moments ten times, Teacher Mahode has extended his present seat in front of the Indian fate by placing the stone plate in the middle of the afternoon. The wise students of the village who know the true condition or disadvantage of their Guru, surrounded by many non-academic activities, have spoken of the fact that the saint's sleep does not deteriorate. A boy said: Do you know anyone? Our Master is a scholar and so his salary is just five and a half thousand. Secondly, yes my father has earned a double rickshaw by doing this. And sometimes some municipalities don't get paid two to three months! Poor teacher couple who have to take interest and run home. Say hello to that boy, and especially, the slander photo of our sir did not go viral on any mobile. 
Kham's students do not know how much sir Sahib gets tired of doing so, he sleeps in class. The kid will go to the job that he got. The third says that two or three of them came home to find out if there is a toilet in our house. Is there anywhere in the middle of the fourth that our sir goes to the toilet every day at your house? Third, no, Ray had to survey the toilet. We did not give a photo of our entire house but sir took some photos of our toilet and wrote in some paper and went to sign Baba Bapuji. 
                          The little boy says that when a few de saheb came to my house in the census, there was a great comedy. The second one asked what comedy? Pelo says my grandmother does not remember anyone's birth date and there are no birth instances in our house. So sir asked grandma when your eldest son was born? Grandmothers say buffalo whore when! Saheb asked that when was this buffalo barren? When our wand has collapsed! Sir, we worked hard but our family was not able to remove the kundli. Against the sleeping sir There was talk of boys catching up with color, then a bhaaradi spoke or if nobody ever said one thing? All say off! But slowly Bolj Saheb is tired of doing the calculations and surveys. Bharadi says that the week before the third Ben was born in my house, sir had to eat. One says,

                  'Aliya, what did you do to help Ben in your house? If the Bharadi boy says that, then sir may have got a government circular that in the house where the daughter is born, he should be raised and talk of 'Betty Save Betty Teach'. Not knowing who sir is now a virgin, who has a daughter in the family, he congratulated my grandmother instead of my sister. And my grandmother told the seven generations of sir. Whether Roya teaches in school or is considered a beast every week, or is considered a must, or is he counting on the electoral roll? You do not have to teach!

NISHTHA Module Download for Primary School Teacher Training 2019

The award is given by the State Government to the best performing teachers in the field of education. A list of 3 teachers of the state has been announced for the year-1. 1 teacher from primary department, 1 teacher from secondary section, 5 teachers from higher secondary section, 4 teachers from secondary / higher secondary principal category, one education supervisor and H Tat, CRC, BRC, assistant teacher inspector category. Find the list of 3 teachers for the best teacher award-1 from different categories together with 3 teachers and 4 teachers from the special teacher category. Have been. It is lunchtime at the Government Government Primary School in the village. It was summer time, so the teacher would teach the student to sit under the neem tree at noon. According to the government circular, no child is allowed to fail the exam till eighth grade! Even if the boys write a story of Baahubali or the Avengers in a science paper or put the entire mathematics paper under a cleanliness campaign, the teacher must pass.
The ability to write with both hands after Mark Karaju Gandhi has increased in elementary school teachers. It is his hidden talent that the teachers find useful in writing the left-hand paper to the left-hander, Patrice Mark. The old saying of teachers is that 'Mateo Mare' is not and should not be taught. Now, there is a slight improvement in the saying that 'Mateo (teacher) cannot fail and cannot teach from extras other than teacher.'

Under the neem tree, a gust of cold air glows all night in the mammaldat office, and the eyes of the teacher who pays the onduty has been darkened. By allowing the seventh-grade boy to write eight single (?) Moments ten times, Teacher Mahode has extended his present seat in front of the Indian fate by placing the stone plate in the middle of the afternoon.

Village teachers who know the true state or demeanor of their guru, surrounded by many non-academic activities, have spoken out that sir's sleep does not deteriorate.

Monday, November 25, 2019

List of Candidates for Junior Clerk Examination by Agricultural Universities

The state government has given the benefits of the seventh pay commission to all the officers and employees. Then, the State Government has made a significant decision to give the benefit of 1st pay commission to the Agricultural University of the State, to the Medical Colleges and to the Dental Colleges and to the Medical and Non-Educational Employees of the GMERS-operated Medical Colleges who are working on the approved work of the State Government. This was announced by Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel, and presented to Chief Minister Vijay Rupani by the university's professors and non-academic staff. In view of this, the state government has taken this important decision today. Which is approved by the finance department and the health department. The benefits of this 7th Pay Commission will be paid in cash from 1/3/5. While the decision will be made separately on Arrivals. They added that agricultural university professors, non-academic staff members who perform duties at a government-approved establishment. 
It will all benefit you. Similarly, the benefits of this seventh payroll to all the officers of the state government-run Medical and Dental Colleges, Professors, Assistant Professors - Class-II officers and non-academic employees and the academic and non-academic staff of the Gujarat Medical Education and Research Society (GMERS) colleges. It will be meeting on 9/11. 
                      This unit has also been involved in many disputes at Dantiwada Agricultural University. Indore Pvt Ltd against the varsity boats tekanomeka On behalf of the channel partner, one of his associates was agitated by sending a notice against six, including the chancellor, with allegations of cheating in his tender, and also warned that he would file a criminal offense if the lawyer did not receive the proper reply.