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Official announcement of recruitment in the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan |SSA recruitment 2020

 The main objective of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan is to provide free, compulsory and quality education to all children in the age group of 9 to 12 years. This is why you never went to school in the area around you.

The enrollment of all children including those with special needs (disability) who have dropped out of school except completing Std-8 is to provide stabilization of education and provide quality primary education.The details of the activities carried out under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan are as follows.

Survey: Every year during the month of November to December, children with special needs are identified from school level by school management committee, local body and taluka level project staff for identification of special needs children. In addition, dice data is also collected in October. In which the details of the children studying in the school are obtained.
  • School Admission: All out-of-school special needs children identified in the survey are admitted to the nearest school on an age-appropriate basis during the admissions ceremony.
  • Books: Braille textbooks are given to the children of Pragnyachakshu Std. 6 to 8 under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. Large print books / magnified lenses are also provided to low vision children.
  • Transport / Escort Allowance: As per the budget provision, the school management committee allocates the account of the child's guardian on the basis of attendance to the children with multiple disabilities from Std. 1 to 8 to attend school regularly.
  • Resource Room: Children with special needs studying in Std-1 to 8 schools in taluka level resource rooms one day in a week, therapy for special needs children by specialists. (E.g. Psychologist, Physiotherapist) and guidance is provided.
  • Equipment Assistance: As per the budget provision of that year, assessment is done to the children of Std.
  • Guardian / SMC Training: SM for the development of children with special needs as well as for the necessary coordination. C. members and parents of the children are trained by experts at the taluka level resource room. In which parents are trained in subjects like health, therapy, socialization.
  • Teacher Training: In order to increase the inclusion of children with special needs in primary schools from Std. 1 to 8, teachers are given training in curriculum and class practice according to the number of children in stages.
  • Celebration of Special Day: In order to increase the inclusion of children of Std. 1 to 8 with special needs, different days (Braille Day, World Disability Day, Special Khel Mahakumbh) are celebrated at the taluka level.
  • Corrective surgery: Minor corrective surgery is performed on children in need under the coordination of the health department.
  • Toll-free helpline: Toll-free helpline service has been started at all state offices and district offices for the guidance of parents, children and teachers. The number of the state office is: 1500-6-9.

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CRC Exam Question Paper 2020 | 29-11-2020 Gujarat

 Tell me one thing, if you were asked to forget one thing, one event or one occasion in your life, what would you choose to forget? Something has happened in our life that we are constantly thinking of forgetting. Much else is forgotten, but what is to be forgotten cannot be forgotten! Even if we don't want to, it is constantly in front of our eyes. No matter how hard you try, your face will not fade. Any dialogue is constantly echoing in the ears. Any event keeps the eyes wet. Some events we cannot forget because we have lived them to the fullest. Being overwhelmed, it is difficult to separate from it. Sometimes an event feels like a dream. After that dream is shattered, its crumbs bite all its life. A tease has arisen. Meteor showers occur in the delicate veins of the heart. The whole existence is scattered. It looks awkward. Life does not seem to have any meaning. The question arises only against the lines of the hand when the one who has understood the reason for living is gone. Complaints against fate arise. When a heart is broken, the whole man is torn to pieces. We keep trying to put the pieces together. Nothing is arranged. Nowhere to be found. Nothing to like. One girl said, ‘When I was studying, it seemed like it was hard to remember, but after I fell in love, I realized that it is harder to forget! It's easy to forget and can't be forgotten! '

When someone leaves our life, it happens to us that now I don't let anyone come into my life. Don't have so much attachment with anyone that it hurts! This is the story of a girl. A young man working with him proposed to him. The girl said very politely, ‘No! I don’t want to get into a new relationship right now. ’The boy asked the reason. The girl said, ‘I haven’t come out of an incident yet. I had a breakup. After that man is gone, I have closed the door of my heart. There is a board on the door saying, no entry! No problem with you You will be a good man! But that man seemed good to me! Not only that, I thought it was mine! It is very difficult to forget. Still falls. There is no mental preparation for a relationship with a new person. No entry board intended to be removed. Please forgive me! '

Sometimes it even happens that, if there was a certain formula, a way, a method or a ritual of forgetting, how good would it be? There are only a few ways to forget! Avoid thoughts! When the idea comes, push it hard and let it go! But it is difficult to avoid thoughts! When I remember that, I think I don't have to remember anything, but it reminds me more. Someone even says, do what you like! But if you don't like anything? Was with Annie or was with Annie, loved everything. I don't even like what I used to like now! Let's do something if we want something, but what if we don't want anything? This is what a young man did. ‘I used to love going on long drives when I was alone. Driving alone. Standing where the mind is. It came into my life. We went on a long drive together. Realize for the first time that a long drive can be so wonderful! Love makes you feel supernatural. You feel good about everything. It happens to us that I have changed. I have become good, I have become pure. 'A feeling that is unimaginable, supernatural or unimaginable can only happen in love! There are moments when life becomes hectic and hectic. After the hand is released, everything dries up with a bang. A thirst, thirst and longing remain. Chas in the heart comes up on the eyes and face. The young man said, "I can't stand the same long drive after it's gone! It's the same road, it's the same car, but there's a blanket of silence and sadness all over. '

Sometimes there is an intention to forget. It doesn't matter. There is also no resentment. Yet it is difficult. There were two lovers. The two fell in love while they were in college. College completed. Both were sensible. The social background of the two was such that it was not possible to live together. Rebellion was unlikely to bring happiness. They both lovingly decided that we would break up. The last time we met we decided that we would not meet again, we would not talk, we would not even text! Hugging each other, the two parted with wet eyes. Both had good ideas for each other. The only prayer was that he would be very happy. A few days passed. The message between the two was off. Suddenly one day the girl called the boy. The girl said, ‘One thing was asked! The boy said, "Ball!" Tell me what to do to forget you? What are you doing to make me forget You helped me when I needed you, so help me a little! The boy said, don't remember me, stop looking at my status, don't look at my last scene, delete the photos of me or us in your phone. Stop judging facial expressions by opening photos and enlarging them! The girl listened and asked, "Can you do that?" The boy said, I wish I could do that! Both eyes were wet. A deep sigh seemed to confuse the creature! Neither could speak more! He hung up the phone saying 'Bye'! How many things remain connected even after being cut!

Man sometimes does not even forget the happiness that is hindered. This is the story of an older couple. After the two got married, the husband came to know that his wife had been married to someone earlier

Government Higher Secondary - District selection instructions in the waiting list

If someone asks you what is the priority of your life, what do you answer? Achieving something in life? Get rich Reaching the top in career? Becoming a celebrity that everyone knows? Getting a big award? Yes, it can be any of these! There is nothing wrong! Is it good to have ambition? The question is, after becoming successful or becoming rich? Be happy with that The answer is no! Happiness comes only from good, healthy and lively relationships! This is not based on any imagination but after 35 years of continuous study it has come out that true happiness is not realized without relationships!

Many people say that if there is money, there is power and there is respect, people come to build a relationship by walking in front of them! Yes, this happens, but the relationship is not true! The true relationship is that no matter what your financial, social or mental situation, your people are with you!

It's a big deal if any of us are worried. Someone waiting at home, someone to sneeze when you sneeze, someone to worry about whether you ate or not, someone to pat you on the back if you do something good, someone to calm down when you fail, someone to laugh with when you are having fun, someone to make fun when you are disturbed You are the luckiest person in the world if you have someone to try, someone to take care of when you get sick, someone who knows your mood and doesn't let you feel alone. When does this happen? When our relationship with her is one hundred touches! We have everything but life does not seem to have any meaning at one time if the relationship is not good.

A study conducted in the United States from 1938 to the present day shows that a good life is possible only through good relationships. Robert J., a world-renowned psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School in the United States. Relationships are what make life worth living, says Waldinger after the findings of his grant study. Robert Waldring, 69, is the fourth head of the study to run for 75 years. The experience of happiness has been studied over 724 people for seven and a half decades. More than half of those involved in this research are still alive. Most people are now 90 years old.

It is more important to know the essence of all life than to fall into the details of research. Many of these people said in their youth that the purpose of Annie's life was to become rich and famous. Gradually those people said that happiness does not come from being rich or famous, true happiness comes from your relationships. Meet your people. An examination of the mental and physical health of older people also revealed that if you have a good relationship, your health is good, your memory is good, and your toxins are good. Relationships provide a reason to live.

One finding of this study is considered very important. The gist of it is that living and living together is like an elephant-horse fair. The marriage between husband and wife should be throbbing. The most important thing is that living with a wife without feelings is even more deadly than getting a divorce! This applies to both husband and wife.

Loneliness slowly overwhelms man. The definition of loneliness given in this study is also understandable. You may feel lonely even if you live with a lot of people, you may feel lonely even if there is a crowd around you. Even if you have many people working with you, you may feel that you have none. Two things are most important in a relationship, closeness and quality. Wavelength is determined by how close you are to your person, how close your person is to you.

One of the arguments in the relationship is that even if we are good, our person is not appreciated? It can happen but we have more of a good relationship. If you love someone, take care of someone, take care of someone, it will resonate. If not here's a new product just for you! Of course, good people always find good people. If not, should we also check that we have no problem? The study also found that the value and significance of a relationship becomes more apparent as one ages. Competitors are told that if you want to be happy, if you want to live a good life, don't let your relationship dry up! It will be really fun to live only if there is someone to listen to, talk to, shout!

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NMMS Exam Notification 2020 | NMMS PDF

 Life is often fun to take our exams. Life again and again creates a situation in front of us, which makes us confused as to what to do now. To be or not to be? To do or not to do? To say yes or no To go this way or that way?

To support this or to support that? To fall into this or not? Such a question sometimes arises even for speaking. To tell the truth or to tell a lie? We talk a lot about liars there, maybe because every man has lied from time to time. We rarely talk, discuss, or think about the truthful.People who are not in the habit of lying should not lie. The reason is that it gets caught right away. Sattvicism also has a constant. Truth also has an influence. The sacraments also have a brilliance. Our perseverance, our influence and our brilliance are reflected in our speech and our behavior. It fades a bit and is immediately recognizable. Those who live by the truth every day have no recourse to untruth. The road to truth may be rough, but those who are lost on the road do not enjoy the expressway of untruth. There are also people in the world who live a life of drunkenness with their own truth.

When does a man speak wrong? When does it have an advantage? No. It doesn't happen. Anyone who has a habit of lying can lie in every situation and in every circumstance. There is nothing wrong with saying that. There is no difference between truth and falsehood, there is no difference between right and wrong, such people are not trustworthy. Man sometimes has to lie. There are times when we have no choice but to lie. Even in such circumstances, those who hold to the truth have fallen into the world. Whatever happens, whatever seems to happen, I have the advantage or the disadvantage, I will not say wrong. Yet what happens to us when we sometimes have to lie? If your heart does not hurt after telling a lie, understand that my feelings have been corroded.

This is the story of a girl. When she was younger, her parents taught her to never lie! The daughter once asked the father, ‘Why not speak wrong? What happens if we lie? ’The father said,‘ Son, every man has an honesty with himself. The truth is honesty with oneself. Those who are not honest with themselves can never be honest with others. Man's greatest responsibility is to himself. Once the daughter took the chocolate out of the fridge and ate it. Dad found out. The father asked the daughter, ‘Have you eaten any of these chocolates?’ It occurred to the daughter, should I answer? Yes or no? He remembered his father's words, "Don't lie." The daughter said, "Yes, I ate chocolate." The father was happy that the daughter was right. Dad said, ‘Did you tell me the truth or did you not deceive me?’ The daughter said, ‘No, Dad, I did not tell the truth, I told the truth that I did not deceive myself! If I had cheated on you, you would have forgiven me, but could I have forgiven myself? ' Man should never do such a thing that he cannot forgive himself! It happens to us that we have to live with a burden when we cannot forgive ourselves. It is difficult to bear such a burden.

There was a girl. The sacrament of speaking the truth was found in his throat. No matter what happened, she insisted on speaking the truth. The girl grew up. While in college she fell in love with a boy, finished college. The boy got a good job. Eventually the girl spoke at home. The father said, ‘I like this boy.’ The father refused, ‘His caste is different. Its status is also not up to our level. You have to choose between the two. Either that or we! ’The daughter immediately replied,‘ It’s not a question of choice. I have nothing to do with hurting you. ' A few days passed. The daughter was upset. Dad asked him one day, ‘Are you okay? Are you happy? ’The daughter said,‘ Yes, Dad, I am OK. You're right, you're not in the habit of lying! '

The father agreed to marry the daughter to a lover. The father said, "When I rejected you, you said, 'I don't want to hurt you.' Then I asked myself, what is it that makes me sad? I also want to make you sad one day? You have done everything your whole life to be happy, to be happy. It occurred to me, ‘How can your happiness be sorrow for me?’ True relationship, true love, true feeling and true intimacy is the only way to experience happiness in the happiness of your loved one. One should not be selfish even for happiness!

Man swings between truth, untruth and half-truth. Man has an argument as to why he lied. Man seeks logic, argument or excuse to defend himself. We often say, I tell the naked truth. Is the truth naked? Truth itself is an ornament. Truth needs no cover. There is nothing as beautiful as the truth. Only when we speak the truth are we most beautiful, the best, and honest with ourselves. Technology has made untruths easier and easier. How often do we lie on mobile? One brother was sitting at home for a long time. Just call him from the office at the same time

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SBI Apprentice Full detail in Notification Official

 If Shenia Kagdode is waiting together in the story, it is the corona vaccine. The whole world has a great initial event that could be an extraordinary event of one thing. The name of the vaccine is never the same as all the corona do.

There is no indication that the corona vaccine can be exactly, but one can talk, sooner or later it is too late, the corona vaccine is not coming. Not so long ago Castor. Month, two-month models The corona vaccine has been gone late in the month. Corona is about to leave. The question is, what are Corona's steps?Such psychiatrists and sociologists are such things as the clarity and follow-up of today’s talk. Stability changes in the mindset of the people of Corona have gone, he says. 

The more people affected by the coronary, the more people are affected. Disappointment, despair, rain, resentment, anger and other negative cosmos have taken place. Very little effect, weak mind controlled. Fate affects the people of life. Failures say, make a vaccine for corona, it is also something and on the other hand no vaccine is going to come to get rid of nudity. Hutt text just like everyone else. A.C.C. Everyone looking for a link. The question is, how can that be? Answer, cultivate morale and be firm! You need to be a doctor, you have to be a motivator and you have to change your place.

The last Kafodi Tala is the identity of two people. In a way such self-ways come and go and fall into the category of other people’s jobs. Corona's mental peace is a strange picture. Attracting the attention of Swajan Bayarmithi mom is her dream. Of one. A ................................................. .. is kneeling inside this Vedana. Koro's health was affected, he was also alone in a hospital room. Even quarantine days are no less dangerous.

Job poets leave home. There are no new jobs in a very accomplished environment. List of World Health Organization report, Corona's most codified ambiguity of fair time. The last more jobs are also a mental challenge to the president. Washio is hungry for massive domestic violence. The whole places are out. Psychiatrist Behaviors say, you can share its parameters after the exit is not in your best interest. As needed, don’t think too much about what gets done. Give ideas a new direction. Keep up the good content. Shani Kal is sari vanigani. Health Seth be aware. Be aware not only for physical health, but also for mental stability. There have also been a number of cases where relationships have become distant during Corona's renaming. Try a distance checker.

Depression time-two negative thoughts come. The indicator starts sinusolo and then roars in a far-flung state. If we .................. Experts even the governments of the country made any suggestion, even after finding the vaccine, they were not satisfied. People continue to display happiness. Each child has an individual mental issue. Small ................................................. .................................................. ................. Even if Corona didn't come, the effect of any personality is not free. Challenged to accept the new normal dance. There are circumstances to spend sitting in Navratri class. Diwali is not every time either. General circumstances are hot, Diwali shopping is hot, planning to go for a walk in a house and also the atmosphere is festive.

Just go away, you will not have a cold-cough, you will not come, you will not check your faith, there is nothing happier like you! Someone kept smiling with excuses, even if there was no joke or miss on WhatsApp! That message is very moving, oh my God! Delete 2020, it's a virus! Another thing happened, at this time the arrival of the new year 2020 is not more than 2020, the happiness of education is more! There is life, the ups and downs are gone. This time too the answers are gone. Now the next important things!

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Secondary Revised PML-1 Merit

 Relationships are considered the basis of happiness. The man whose relationship is alive is lucky.

Man cannot live without relationship. Man needs man. Man walks without all but man does not walk without. We all need someone. To speak, to express, to relax, to evaporate, to evoke! We get overwhelmed sometimes, even man has to be emptied. The doomo that fills the throat melts with the hand moving in the bamboo. Man sometimes gets absorbed, sometimes gets overwhelmed, sometimes gets stuck, sometimes gets lost! Every such incident requires some accompaniment and some hand. When he is about to fall, he holds his hand, and when he is stuck, he pushes it forward. When we are overwhelmed with thoughts, someone asks us angrily, ‘Hey, where are you?’ Such hands bring us back to us.

Relationships remain more than signing our survival. Relationships have a reason to live. There is something in each of our lives that we are living for. Attendance is fine, absentee thoughts are also coming. What will happen if I don't? We are also someone's support. Even on our basis, someone survives. Even if our phone is switched off or no reply is received, someone's breath stops. This is the story of a lover. The girlfriend was constantly calling her boyfriend. Each time the phone rang. The lover's soul clung to his palate. This will never happen! My phone will pick it up under any circumstances! Definitely something unexpected must have happened. Didn't live with it! What can I do? Eventually the girlfriend called the boyfriend's sister. Asked, where is it? The lover's sister said, "She is at home! Stand up, I’ll check. ’When the sister went to the brother’s room, the brother was asleep. He woke up his brother and said, "Why don't you pick up the phone?" The girlfriend had ten missed calls! He did not know how and when the phone went silent! "I was terrified," she told her boyfriend. What kind of thoughts came in a few moments! 'The boyfriend asked,' What thoughts came? 'The girlfriend said,' Think that something happened to you or not? ' 'Please don't say that!'

What fsomthing happens to your person? It is true that no one dies without someone, but living is like life. There was a boyfriend-girlfriend. The only thing the girlfriend would say when she was going anywhere was, ‘Judge me when you go!’ The boyfriend once joked, ‘When will I go upstairs?’ The girlfriend's eyes flooded.

He said, ‘I have to go before you. You don't have to take me, you have to drop me off! ' That's why it makes sense to say that when there is a quarrel with your person, when there is resentment, just think that, if it is not? Ask him who has no one to quarrel with, no one to persuade, no one to cover!

Some relationships in life are short-lived. Lifetime is where there is nothing in life? Relationships also have a lifespan. Some relationships are short-lived. How much has everything survived even in these short times? There are times in life when life is hectic and hectic. It's the best time we've ever lived with someone. It was like living life when you were or the best time of life was when you were. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally? Most of the time when we don't have the value, value or understanding of what we have, we realize how important it was in life!

A boyfriend and girlfriend broke up. The two fell in love because they could not live together. After a long time, the two unwittingly got together. The two met with great love. The girlfriend smiled and asked, "Did it feel different after I left?" Just as much as bubbles and bubbles! The tenderness of the bubble became like the pain of a bubble! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me I also thought that chewing on good memories with you. Only then will it be realized that good memories probably cause more pain! Happiness is remembered, it is also sad! Where do relationships go even after a breakup? Your name was written on the page of the notebook. He tore up the page and threw it away, but there was a wrinkle of your name on the page below.

This is the story of a husband and wife. Both lived in love. At times there were quarrels between the two. The wife had a habit of writing diaries. Whenever there was a quarrel with her husband, she would write down all the anger in her diary. A few years later, her husband died in an accident. She also wrote a good diary of her husband. She would sit down to read the diary when she remembered her husband! While reading the diary came the pages in which she had written when she had a quarrel with her husband. It happened, ‘There was so much anger, so much anger! There was resentment in word for word! She started crying! He decided not to keep these memories. He immediately tore the pages of the diary! Then the thought came to him that, I wish I hadn't let that time come, how good would it have been? It is difficult to say who is together for how long

BRC Exam Question paper 2018 Download | Gujarat

 Life forces a man to make a decision many times over. We have to make a decision at every stage of life.

The main basis of what a person becomes is ultimately the decisions he makes. What to eat, what not to eat, where to go, where not to go, with whom to have a relationship, with whom not to have a relationship, even after building a relationship, one has to decide whether to continue or break the relationship, do a job or do business, To get married or not to get married, to get married, to have a love marriage or an arranged marriage, to give birth to a child or not, even if the child wants, the question arises as to how many children to have, to decide for the future after the child is born, to change jobs or not, city To give up or not to give up, to stay in love or to break up? Life is nothing more than making decisions!

Making decisions requires understanding. Even a well-educated man fails to make decisions. The uneducated man often decides to confront even the wise. Ingenuity often proves to be more powerful than ingenuity. Was a young man. He goes to an elder whenever he has any confusion. The elder gives him accurate guidance. The young man once asked the old man, ‘How much did you study?’ The old man said, ‘I have read more men than books. The heart is more important than the degree. Learning is necessary, but it should be useful for us to make good decisions and make good ideas. True education is that which takes a man to a higher level. Man's motion should be upward. Only he who is in control of motion and mind can make progress. Just getting up doesn't make you talk. The coconut tree is very tall, but it cannot provide shade. You have to be a father to give shade. '

Does man do all things with understanding? Offcourse is done with understanding and thinking. How much does a criminal think before committing a crime? There was a thief. Absolutely perfect in his work! If you want to steal somewhere, you have to plan it thoroughly. Thoroughly study the bungalow to be entered. Who does Reiki exactly when he comes, when he goes. Also check if there is a CCTV camera. If so, think of ways to avoid it. He breaks into someone's house to steal only after he has done his homework. His friend once said to him, "If you were as focused on stealing as you are on other good deeds, where would you be today?" The thief said, "Everything I do is done with perfect planning. I do everything with understanding! ’His friend said,‘ No doubt, you do everything with understanding, but you know that your understanding and your thoughts are wrong! When one thinks of something, one should also think that my thinking is on the right track, isn't it? '

Not all ideas are necessarily true and good. Thoughts keep coming. We have to come up with ideas. Weak thoughts have to be avoided. Thoughts only lead to our downfall if we do not come to the conclusion and avoid them. Sometimes when we listen to someone's karna, it happens that we have no idea before doing so. He may have come up with an idea, but he doesn't realize that what I'm going to do will not work out! Most offenders believe that they will not be caught. Those who are in prison are living examples of wrong decisions.

This is exactly what a police officer said. He said, "Every criminal thinks that he is clever, he is clever. It is his cunning that drives him to make mistakes. When he commits crime for the first time, he has planned on a full scale. He commits a crime and succeeds in it. Just as confidence comes from practice in good deeds, so does confidence come from bad deeds. The modus operandi is what makes it the way it is once successful. The style of committing the crime is gradually becoming the same. This sets him apart from other criminals, and sooner or later he is caught. Surprisingly, the criminal's mind is brighter than a good man's. A vicious mind is needed. Good men don't have to worry too much, because they don't do anything for fear of getting caught! The culprit has to be in constant fear that if he gets his hands on it, it will be his turn! '

There are times in our lives when we have made a decision and talked to a personal person about it. After listening to us, he may have said, 'Whatever you do, do it with understanding!' We always ask those who say so, what would you do if you were in my place? There are also many friends who say, ‘Don’t think like that! There is nothing we can do about it! ' He fell in love with a girl. The girl's family was rigid. The girl told her boyfriend, "My family will not believe me under any circumstances. All we have to do is run away and get married. 'The boy talked to his friend. His friend was sensible. He said, "Where is your messenger?" Pelli said and you decided to run away. Talk to her first. If he can't talk, do it. If you can't do it, tell your family. The decision to run should be final. 'Sometimes we try to run away from the circumstances by making the final decision first. The easy way out

CRC Exam Question Paper Download 2018

Corona has hit everyone in the world with a small big blow. Someone is in financial trouble, someone is mentally handicapped. Many have faced a lump of economic, physical, mental, and social problems.

When a calamity befalls a man, he is at first confused. There is no direction. Many feel that everything is over. Man also has tremendous strength to digest trauma. Gradually man accepts the situation as it is. Then it starts all over again. Only when there is no way does a man strive to make a new way. Even if a person falls, he does not fall forever. When he falls, he feels like he can't stand up anymore. When the key turns, it curls back. Sit down with a little effort. Arises. After getting up, Anna gets courage. It happens that if I can get up, I will be able to walk. Only after he starts walking does he start running.

Sociologists use a simple example to illustrate that speed breakers sometimes occur when we are on the road. We have to slow down even if we don't want to. Sometimes there is a diversion. No matter how big the diversion, it is completed at one stage. The same is true of the way of life. Sometimes it feels like a big shock. The pace of life slows down. Slowly he climbs back into the car and starts running.

The history of the world is full of many events. How much is all over. Yet the world has developed? The world talks a lot about depression, there is one last thing about depression which is that whatever the depression is, it will end sooner or later. Optimists can get out of a difficult situation sooner. Psychologists say that a person should not lose hope even if he has suffered any loss. There is tremendous strength in the fact that tomorrow will be beautiful. It keeps you in trouble. In times of recession, the market cools down. Economists know that the recession ends at one point and the boom begins. This is also the order of nature. The question is, what is man's capacity? Nature has placed inexhaustible powers in man. There are many cases before us which make us wonder how this man could have survived such a difficult and dangerous situation.

There is no shortage of experts who believe that the world will get better after Corona. They say that people will get out of this very easily. Maybe people will understand life better. This is the first time the world has seen such an epidemic, and people have faced even more serious crises in the past. Spiritualists associate it with the order of nature. Even if there is an earthquake of any kind, the earth still calms down after a while. Even the most dangerous storms are calming. Even after the tsunami, the sea returns to its limits. Yes, it is certain that the loss is certain, many people are also victims, but the lives of those who are alive continue. Man survives even in the midst of adversity. Sometimes it is the difficulty that makes a person realize that I had such great strength to fight. We have heard in the mouths of many people who have gone through difficult times that I do not understand myself, how I got out of this. That is to say, be optimistic, everything is going to be fine. Second, there is no point in being pessimistic or meaningless. Let Corona go, the better time of the world is to come. We just have to survive until time changes!

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Syllabus PDF Official Assistant (Sahayak), Class-3,

 The eye blows away everything. The eye is the ion of the heart. The reflection of what is going on in the heart catches the eye. The eyes also get a little watery when the heart is pounding.

The speed of breathing and the state of mind also keep beating in the eyes. Even after we close our eyes, a lot of scenes continue. Even if we are asleep, dreams do not let the eye jump. Morning eyes describe the fact of how the night went. The eyes have a language. The language is simple, but not everyone understands it. To understand the language of the eyes requires more vision than the eyes. Not everyone has that vision. We also don't like it when all our eye language is solved. That right belongs to certain people. We do not give that right to everyone. That’s why we’re looking for an angle to cry. Some corners of the house are living witnesses to our suffering. Even in the heart there are some corners where not everyone gets access. Its doors are open only to certain people. Where is the wetness in the corner of our eye?

Crying is also a lot of fun. If there is a shade keeper! Tears may well well up when there is no shade. Tears are unfortunate as they dry on the cheeks. Our tears also bring salvation to our person. Tears also have an eye. Tears falling from the eyes to the ground are also a small shock to the earth. Earthquakes also cause slight tremors in the eyes. Do you ever feel like crying Can you cry when you feel like it? Where can we laugh when we feel like laughing? This is what a girl said. Yes i cry All alone Only in my presence. I let go of my feelings when something bad happens. Only a tissue witness has a dignity to cry. I let the doomo in my throat flow through my eyes. No one knows. Sometimes the thought comes, who cares, with my wet eyes? When the monsoon sets in or the summer dawns, where does one ever soak or melt?

Man needs the most privacy just to cry. This is the story of a young man. When he felt like crying, he would take the car and walk away. The car stopped in a place where no one could see. He would light a cigarette and then weep over the smoke. It is a thrill to see the smoke in the rain. There is also a trauma. My wet eyes felt the smoke rising from the cheetah as my person was leaving the cemetery. When I remember it, I look for it in the cigarette smoke with wet eyes. Smoke is also a wonderful thing. It goes up and takes us down a little inside us. The monks smoke, perhaps it is in the smoke that they find the meaning of the whole aykha. It is only in the smoke that he realizes the shape of the soul. Smoke is the ultimate truth. Our eyes witness the smoke of many dying events in our own lives. There is an indescribable grief when Samvedana Murray.

Can you cry instinctively? The man who can never cry is probably separated from a supernatural feeling. Crying is also a wet dialogue with oneself. In solitude such dialogue becomes more intense. Tears are as transparent as water. Tears taste different than water. Tears flowing from the eyes to the lips reveal the taste of our mood. A postmortem of tear drops reveals the cause of many life events. Tears are also of joy. Tears of pain and joy may taste different? The taste may not be different, but the sensations are different. When we are praying for someone, wanting to see someone somewhere, and when that makes sense, it seems like my prayers have been answered. At that time, the tears that come out of the eyes are very cool.

We don’t cry for ourselves every time, sometimes we even cry for our person. It is sad and our eyes get wet. This is the story of two sisters. When a sister cries for some reason, her friend also starts crying. The comfort of tears is also found in tears. We can’t see everyone crying. How much does someone's crying touch us? Why do we feel overwhelmed when a baby is crying? The baby sometimes cries and laughs. Why can't this happen when you grow up? Does maturity fool a man? Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally? Seeing a young man's eyes, his friend said, "Did you cry?" His friend said to avoid talking, no, his eyes are burning! His friend said, do his eyes burn or his heart burn? Tell the truth, what is it? Do you have someone who can tell you the real reason for your crying? Anyone who has someone to cry with is lucky. A man who can laugh with all cannot cry in front of everyone. Crying requires a special person.

Just as laughing in every conversation seems strange, crying in every talk also seems strange. Many people are born with a well in their forehead. He cries in the air. No one even takes the cries of such people seriously. This is the story of a husband and wife. The wife immediately starts crying no matter what. Her husband often told her that she could not help but cry. Some people even have the tension that we will start crying now! Once the wife started crying, the husband said, "Why are you crying?" Hearing this, the wife said, you should cry! Why can't you cry What do I do if I cry? Everyone has their own understanding and mindset about crying. Everybody accepts someone's cries either

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 Let's start the article today. Is an employee. The boss says every time, no temporary. Once this employee king named Bose walked away. The boss said,

personal is temporary, one day is magical. No matter what the king says, if you attack the king, then who is temporary?Naming a king from a job is as hard as a temporary salt chickpea. The boss may be migrating, does this suggest the king? Now most companies are running an online system for Raja. Report your leave approval only to the boss online. If you give approval, you don't, but you don't even make a request, now why is the boss convinced? Our companies are indebted to the king. I really do leave maintenance from Junoon Reason. Many bosses even have the sadistic pleasure rescheduled by the kings of the congregations. Raja Nititi keeps changing jobs in the coast while a lot of events are also seen. 

As it turns out, there is no temporary work, as a result of most people and especially seniors. There are a number of companies where the king comes from comfortably.

A few words about the king are causal. One thing has just come to America, the work of Hatttech, the king of the seas, is being reduced by jobs. The point of this survey is also that there are exhibitions here, being seen here, the king has taken hold, there is a flame of hearttech. If you want to take a king tomorrow, even a horse at night is nothing, why ?? Sometimes the boss doesn't have a head start but he does experience a lottery. Well, according to the Rajya Sabha survey, research conducted by Syracuse, a private research university in the US, has revealed that for people who do not have a supportive king, they have time to get up to the high-tech of relationship problems. There is constant stress in the job. Experience the king’s break collection and physical and mental exhilaration.

This thing has been invited, if you are on holiday, you feel relaxed and refreshed. Joy, a new Jesus is, people are now afraid of King Lata. Why not So, are imports down right now? Am I not considered a temporary senior? Is my image bad? A lot of people are scared until then, when I am king I can be fired. Extreme Achievements is a cutting edge competition in every field. Everyone continues to survive. There’s also no performance excitement on Tuesday. Everyone feels gender and temporary pressure.

Now even the temporary quotes are gone. In most cities, people are busy during the morning hours. The relationship between the temporary burden and the people of King Stone is also very short-lived. The biggest Jesus Q in the new half-stories is not to give each other time. Understands the relationship value in these spaces, but also experiences career difficulty. Not just where you need to go. There is a story of a woman on the Higher Post. No one will be able to attend at the time of the new job under any circumstances, but it can lead to spontaneous death, which is now a few times over. I mean, I'm a temporary chemist. I cry too, but do you have challenges?is as handy as a bike excuse. Boss Dilil you guys say, insists on finishing the bike? Now it is Diwali. 

There is a trend to go for a walk on Diwali. Many people traveled to the king and answered questions. Where the King Jesus resides, to be invited is the fact that the imagination and temporary disturbance when taken into account support King Lattupat. People don't take a king for any reason, but sometimes even if there is no reason, there is a king text. You don't steal temporarily, but you can temporarily do more right. All .Karma Karma Karma Karma Karma. Karma Karma Karma ..... Karma Karma Karma Karma .. Karma Karma Karma. Karma Karma Aap employees represent the king. Hence increasing food working capacity. As such, people are explaining, they are much less. Is that true

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Government secondary School Jagya List Update 19.11.2020

Whose life is it? We say, It's my life! Thus, everyone's life is their
own. If so, why do we think of others? Why worry about anyone? Why don't we think that Annie has a life, she will take a break! We don't do that. We are by his side when needed! Sometimes we even want someone to be by our side! We make our decisions not only with us in mind, we also think about our people. We also sacrifice our desires for the good of our people. Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether life is individual or collective. We all know, come alone and go alone. No one to come up with and nothing to come up with! Yet we are connected to our people until the last moment of life. That is life. If not here's a new product just for you!

Man does not live only for himself. He lives for others. Man not only has to make himself happy, he also has to make his people happy. You think, for whom do you live? A few faces will come into view. You will be ready to do anything for it. Parents sacrifice themselves for their children. He is willing to do anything to make his children shine. This is a very true story of a husband and wife. She has a daughter. Unfortunately the daughter was mentally unstable. The sole purpose of the couple's life was to take care of it. Even if the mad daughter was smiling, Ronak would appear on both their faces. He kept his hands on her head all night while she slept. Gradually the daughter grew up. He had no sense of worldliness. My parents were also getting older. As they got older, they began to worry about what would happen to their daughter after we died. Who will save it? At an older age his wife fell ill. Even when she was on her deathbed, she was worried about what would happen to her daughter. The husband reassured her, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." The wife walked away. The father then took great care of Gandhi's daughter. Gradually, he too became ill. He was also worried about what would happen to his daughter after I died.

When he felt that there was no more time in his life, he came up with an idea. After poisoning and killing my daughter, I will also eat poison, so don't worry about my daughter. The next day he went to a saint. In the conversation, the saint's words came true that I am going to do this. I will kill my daughter. Hearing this, the saint started laughing loudly! The man said, "Why are you laughing at such a serious matter?" The saint said, I want to laugh because your daughter is not mad, you are mad! If you had to kill her, you would have killed her when she was young, right? At least you and your wife can live in peace. The man said, "How can that be?" That was our life! "We don't even have the right to take the life we ​​have," he said. You too live your whole life and let your daughter live too. You have done your duty. Let even a little nature do its duty. We sometimes want to keep everything in our hands. To understand life, it is also necessary to keep it as long as possible and then give it up!

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 But Sahu is so addicted to mobile that we can't even imagine life without mobile.

So why should such an idea be made? Anyway, mobile is a very useful thing. In a way, there is no such thing as a mobile. It helps you in any task. The question is, how much do we use mobile when we need help or contact someone and how long do we sit with mobile without work? One thing that is heard in everyone's mind these days is that they are so busy that they do not have time for themselves or their family! 
Well, if this happens to you, check once and for all, how much time do you give to mobile? If a man gives as much time to his mobile as he gives to his person, many issues of relationship will be solved. Now there are many apps that keep track of the time spent on mobile. Try it once and see how much time your phone consumes.

Digital detox is the currency of America nowadays. We have a lot of people out there now experimenting with digital detoxification. We do detoxification to get rid of toxins in our body. The method of naturopathy we have there is detoxification. What about digital toxins that remove toxins from the body but also damage the mind and brain? Digits detox is for that. Well what to do in it? Very easy. To voluntarily decide for some time that I will not touch the mobile for such a long time. Turning on for an hour or two and then increasing the time. There are many people in America who keep their mobiles completely off on holidays. We keep the phone twisted all day on holidays.

Man has started moving away from nature due to mobile. Naturally, we do not enjoy the beauty that surrounds us. That's right, people are suffering from various mental illnesses because of mobile phones. All people live in anxiety. Keep looking at the phone for a few minutes. Waking up in the morning, the first thing to do is to look at the mobile. Do you turn off mobile data at night? Many people's data is running round the clock. When we wake up in the morning, there are many good morning messages on WhatsApp. It's like doing a job. Every morning after you check the message, think, what is the message in this that is really important to me? Most likely not at all!

Four things are important in a person's life. Family, Friends, Health and Work. In these four matters, mobile should not come anywhere. According to one expert, a person should be divided into three parts 24 hours a day. Eight hours of sleep, eight hours of work and eight hours of free. Free means doing what we love. Keep mobile, do socializing too, but also set a time. According to a study, the efficiency of people who use mobile constantly decreases. For those who do creative work, it is necessary to keep the brain a little more free. Man is so busy with mobile that he doesn't even have time to think about anything in peace. Mobile keeps our brain occupied. Do people check every five to ten minutes for any message even while working?

We also talk like, what if there is an emergency? You know most emergencies are imaginary. Think about it, the last news you got that you can put in the emergency category? And if there is an emergency, should the person message or call directly? Another thing is that whoever has your job has to find you. Diwali is coming. If you are thinking of taking a resolution in the new year, it is like doing a digital detox. There is nothing left in this, everything has to continue. Just to control the use of mobile a little. For themselves and for their own people. Decide what is important in your life and who is important and give it your time. Also do a digital fast one day if possible. Nothing is going to stop, on the contrary if something is stuck it will come alive. If you try, it will be fun. Happy Diwali and Happy New Year from now on

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The nature of time is constantly shifting. Time moves continuously in a rhythm.Our time may be good or bad, but time has nothing good or bad. Time for time is forever the same. When our time is good, it seems to pass quickly. One moment feels overwhelming when times are bad. Sometimes time takes wings, sometimes time's legs also get crippled. Not all can keep pace with time. Those who can't keep up with the times get worse. We often do not recognize time. Time feeds us. Time remains constantly chickens games. Sometimes we don't even know when time is out!Time suddenly changes curve. 

Time turns away from us in a way that we do not know. It happens to us that it is better if this time passes. Sometimes it happens that it is better to stop this time. Where do we think time is like this? Time is ours but not ours. Time sometimes feels like a friend then sometimes becomes like an enemy. It keeps coming up in different forms. Kachinda is so clever in changing color over time.

Went to a young philosopher. "It's not fun anywhere," he said. My time is going badly right now. The philosopher said, What do we do when something bad happens to us? Either we clean it or we repair it! The same has to be done in a matter of time. Will it happen to you that time is a little something or a machine? How to clean or repair it? Time is within us. We have a mechanism within us. We have an inbuilt system of repairing within us. It has to be activated. When there is no fun, there is fun to be had. Put your tool to work. If you know it's not fun then you must know why it's not fun. Avoid it and think of ways to have fun. Happiness or sorrow, joy or anxiety is mostly the result of thoughts. If I think it's not fun, it's not going to be fun! It's like lying in the water and then saying I don't get dry. You have to get out of the water to get dry!

You know, how much time do you have? We don't know! However, all we know is that one day time is running out. Life is a part of time that we get with birth. As life goes on, time goes by. Time is precious. We preserve the precious thing and use it wisely. Time is back which cannot be saved. It has to be used. Care must also be taken not to waste time. We are spending our time behind someone. Who do you spend your time behind? We often do not give to those who should be given time and waste time behind those who should not be given time. We should give it our time by checking the qualifications of those around us. There are some people who don't care about time. Not only our time but also our life is for that. There is no accounting or calculation for such a person. A friend called his friend and asked, when to meet? Friend said, when you feel like it! Not everyone has to say that. When you give time to some people, they also take your time for granted. A young man did not have a job. One brother said, "Where do you have any work?" Hearing this, the young man said, "I am lazy, but I am not married!" I have many other things I do. The world has started to consider only those works which earn money! We call earning only work!

It has also been said for time that our time is ours! True, but do we ever think about how much time we spend on ourselves? How much do we do to have fun? Jobs are nothing but the return of our time. We sell our time. Everyone has their own beliefs about the use of time. Everyone evaluates the misuse of time in their own way. A man of one man wasted an hour. It is gone. Then the man said, "I'm sorry he wasted my hour." Hearing this, his friend said, don't waste your time regretting now. We are wasting more time regretting what went wrong. Some relationships are such that when they break up, it happens to us that I wasted precious time of my life with him! Not to be outdone, though! In life, you also have to decide what to chew and what to forget!

This is the story of a young man. He was just trying to make money. His friend once said, you don't give your people your time! Hearing this, he said to the young man, "You know that for time it is said that time is money." I understand this a little differently. I give my money to my people instead of my time. He is happy with my money so I don't give him my time! Why spend time on money? One brother was living abroad. There was an occasion in the country. He was thinking of going to this event or not! He calculated how many days would go by and how much work would be wasted. It occurred to me that I should send him money instead of going. The husband will go to the occasion! He sent the money and said sorry! The young man laughed and said, "I have finally benefited from sending money!"

We must g where our presence is noted. How the world is, noting our absence, but not caring about our presence! Also an understanding of where to go and where not to go

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college start guidelines -Official GR PDF

Every day something happens in our life. We label the event as
good or bad. We keep evaluating each event in our own way. A bad event can start to feel good in the future. This incident would not have happened if it had not happened. We cannot accept an event as just an event. We directly consider the advantages and disadvantages. We get disturbed by small incidents. We want everything according to our convenience.A young man was riding a bike. Was in a hurry to arrive. The bike had a puncture. He was in a bad mood. We have to accept that something bad is happening. We don't have to walk in it.
Our happiness and sorrow depend on how we accept it. By disturbing, we are only making our mood and brain worse. He went to the young puncturer. The young man was throwing punches while the puncher was puncturing. All this happens at the right time. Nothing happens when you are married. Obstacles come only when there is haste. The puncture was about to fall. After hearing all the talk, the puncturer said, "Thank God the puncture occurred." The young man said, "What is there to be thankful for?" The puncturer said that given the condition of the tire, it looks as if the tire would have ruptured! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Suddenly the bike crashed and had an accident! This is just a puncture! You survived!

What is our mentality like? If we know we're going to get worse, we're starting to think less is better! The other is a young man. He was riding a bike. Fell asleep. Kicked in the leg. The swelling went away. There was severe pain. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The bed will come in fifteen days. Went to the hospital. The doctor took an X-ray. That said, no fractures! The young man was hashed! Thank God, no fractures! Why do we compare what happens to us to more serious events? Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Again, we don't even see the event as an event! There is life. Events are about to happen. It can be both good and bad.

A girl went to the saint. He asked the saint, good and narcissistic events happen in our life, what to keep in mind? The saint said, to prolong what we think is good and to shorten what we think is bad! Stretch a good event. Shrink a bad event. If something good happens, extend the time. Try to have a little more fun. Don't let the intoxication of happiness and joy go down in a jiffy. What do we do? Good events are quickly forgotten. We keep the bad event at bay. In fact there is a need to reverse. Bad events do not leave the brain quickly. Why do you let go

This is never going to happen the way we want it to. There is also a lot to dislike. Went to a young philosopher. He said to the philosopher, "Pray for something good to happen!" The philosopher asked, why what happened? "There is always an issue in life," the youth said. Barely there is another problem. Dad's health has deteriorated. He felt dizzy and fell down. Taken to hospital. All reports made. We were afraid that something serious would happen. However, all reports came back normal. All this goes on. The philosopher started laughing! Asked the young man, why are you smiling? The philosopher asked. Did all Dad's reports come back normal? Said the young man. Yes, quite normal. The philosopher said that this meant that nothing bad had happened! Isn't it better not to be bad now? You think it's a problem when Dad falls, but you don't mind if the report is normal! There are so many types it's hard to say. How we understand an event is also often the cause of our happiness or sorrow!

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What is the ultimate goal of human life? Happiness! Everything we do all day is for happiness. Where does happiness come from?
Everyone's view of happiness is different. Someone gets happiness from success, someone gets happiness from wealth, someone gets happiness from relationship, someone gets happiness from peace. Man is happy even after getting all this, right? Every human being has a sense of happiness. The problem is, happiness does not last long. Success? Yes, found. The joy lasted for a while. Everything was back and it happened! The joy of a balance sheet or pay slip fades in a few moments. Take something, have fun for a while then the excitement is over. This is what happens. This is what has happened to everyone.
Went to a young saint. Saint asked, how is life going? The youth said, everything is routine. Nothing new! The saint said, Wow! What a wonderful way to screw people over. You don't enjoy routine? You don't feel that God has arranged everything so well that everything goes smoothly. Aren't you constantly satisfied? Life has to be monotonous. Everything else that happens is events. It's just as fun to breathe evenly. An increase in BP is also a problem and a decrease is also a degree. Our biggest problem is that we can't be happy in routine. A man who has a sense of happiness does not need a kick for fun. The young man said, how far all are moving. I think, I am left behind. The saint said, Whom do you want to overtake? Is ahead of you When you go beyond that, you will see that there is still someone ahead. There is nothing wrong with wanting to move forward. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Don't be jealous of what is ahead of you. Do not compare yourself with anyone else. If you keep comparing, you will not fall in love with this for the rest of your life! If you keep looking for the man who is better or more successful than you, you will always consider yourself weak.

Comparisons never end. A man who compares himself to another is considered to be the best or ideal of the other person. Keep trying to be like that. We don’t live like us when we try to be like someone else. We cannot accept that I am different, I am different, I am unique. I can't be like anyone else! So I have to be just like me. I have to think, why should I be the best in myself! One college had a campus interview. The company was interviewing everyone at once. Everyone in the college who came out on top thought that this was going to be the highest paid job. When the job details came out, it was found out that the fourth number in the college has got the best position and the highest salary! The first number came and this thing shocked him! A went to the selectors. Why didn't you choose me for the top post even if I was first? The selectors said that what is in it is not in the stars! I asked you and Anne the same question, what would you do after being selected for the top post? You said, I will work hard and one day M.D. Will reach. I also asked him, what will you do after being selected for the top spot? That said, I will enjoy my work. I will create an environment where my team has fun working. I will feel where I am. He also asked another question, aren't you jealous of the number one? Doesn't it mean that you can't score as much? He said, no Ray, not at all. He has brought only two marks more than me, will be. He must have worked harder. I have done sports and much more along with studying. I have enjoyed the study. I was not bothered to come first! That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there. He did not compare himself with you and you still compare yourself with him! Only by knowing yourself can you be happy.

We are constantly comparing ourselves to someone. Who do we often compare ourselves to? Only those who are close to us! We keep comparing ourselves to our relatives, our friends, our colleagues and our neighbors! She has a big house. She has a better car than I do. How many of us think I have enough, right? If we think from a microscopic point of view, we have enough to be happy and happy. This is the story of a lover-lover. Both were childhood friends. Grew up together. Came to college. College completed. Both got good jobs. The company where the lover worked gave him a two-room hall kitchen flat. He was always jealous of his seniors. I am smarter than senior. The company has given bungalows to those people. The car is given. Once the boyfriend and girlfriend were sitting. The lover was talking about his office. That said, I work harder than my seniors. I am waiting to get a bungalow. The girlfriend told him, don't compare yourself with anyone! The rest is up to the bungalow! You remember when we were in college you used to say to me, just get a good job and a small flat! Our Life Set. That's all you got right now. Think, is your life set? If not set, why not? Your life is set, you just aren't ready to believe. You work Work hard. You have to get a promotion and a bungalow. Tell me so, are you happy? Enjoy what you have before! If you live like this, you will get a bungalow, but even then you will be senior to you, envious of the farmhouse.

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sbi recruitment 2020 Notification

 At one school the teacher asked the students, who do you want to be like? Each student named the person who wanted to advance in the field. I have Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachchan, P.T. I want to be like Usha or Narendra Modi. Ronak, a student, stood up and said, "I want to be like Ronak." There is nothing wrong with having an ideal or a role model in life but in the end everyone has to be like themselves. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has never tried to be Sachin Tendulkar nor has Virat Kohli ever tried to play like Dhoni. Everyone has their own style of playing. It's not just about cricket, take any field of the world, people who have proved to be great have made a name for themselves with their outstanding identity and outstanding talent.

I am me I can't be like anyone else. I can be just like me. It is easy for those who have such an understanding to decide their own direction. An incident that just happened is the reason behind such talk. Noah Lyles, 22, of the United States, competed in the World Championships for the first time. He finished the 200m in 19.83 seconds and won the gold medal. Liles came number one in the first championship so the world's media covered Samarkand Bukhara. The media played the guy and said that the world has got another Usain Bolt. Under normal circumstances, if a new player is counted with a great player, he would be happy, but Lyles turned out a little differently. "Please don't compare me to Usain Bolt," Lyles publicly requested. I am Lyles. Bolt's decade is over. Now is my time. I don't know if anyone ever won a gold medal at the first World Championships, but I did. I don't care what anyone does, I know what I have to do.

Lyle's words may make someone proud, someone might even say, brother, you still have only one gold medal, you are nowhere behind Bolt. Whatever it is, Lyle is right instead. It is possible that Lyle may or may not have respect for Usain Bolt, but he knows that I have to be Lyle.

Keep the goal high, keep doing the great work that no one has ever dreamed of, find out how much and how hard the person who became great in that field was, but in the end, keep it just like your own. Create your own ideals and your own principles. One of the top IAS candidates went to a youngsters' seminar and was asked, "How many hours did you work?" What was your way of reading and remembering? "I will tell you, but first I want to make it clear to you that none of you follow my style, just adopt your style," said IAS Topper. The reason for saying this is that I did not adopt anyone's style. I worked hard in my own way. Try to make it easy for you to work hard and have fun. If you go to do like me, maybe you will not be like me but you will not be like me.

This is what film actor Naseeruddin Shah said. "After taking acting training at the Film and Television Institute of India and the National School of Drama in Pune, I used to get frustrated when I stood in front of the mirror," he said. It occurred to me that I was tired. I don't have the height of Amitabh or look like Shah Rukh, how can I survive in the film industry? One day I thought, you can't change the look you have and the height you have. You can only do something with the acting art you have. Then I stopped working hard and started working hard.

We sometimes find fault with any of us that stand in our way. We have to make our way out of whatever situation we have, whatever circumstances we have and whatever conveniences we have. No one ever has anything perfect. No one can stop him from moving forward. Two things need to be understood in order to move forward. Don't complain about your situation and don't compare yourself with anyone. Just decide that i have to work hard and be like me

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Deputy Section Officer Deputy Mamlatdar, Class-3 Syllabus

We keep pampering all the problems. There are heaps of events in
our lives from which we may be physically free, but not mentally free.
Our thoughts do not allow us to be free. Liberation is not realized until the thoughts are freed. Our thoughts are the cause of our happiness, sorrow, pain, suffering, pain, trouble and trouble. A man who has control over his thoughts is a yogi. Thoughts cause disorder in us. We have been pumping the incident that happened in five minutes for five months. He spoke to me like this, he treated me like this, he hurt me! We never get out of this!

Man carries two chests with him all his life. One box has bad memories and the other has good memories. Both the boxes are so full. We keep the box of bad memories open. The box of good memories stays closed forever. All we have to learn is which pallet to keep closed and which to keep open. A man kept a hide folder in his mobile. His friend asked, what is in this? Is anything private? The friend said, no it's not. It's like not seeing. There are bitter memories in that folder. I have decided never to open that folder! The friend said, is that so? Then he said, my friend, then delete that folder! What to do by saving what is not open? We are all doing the same thing, saving even what is not worth saving!

Many people also enjoy being sad. He needs sympathy. By talking one by one, he seeks comfort from his people. He also likes to feel sorry for himself. Even with that excuse, they try to keep people on their side. It has become a habit to depend on someone. Who are you dependent on? We all have to depend a little bit on our person. It is not fun without it, it is not like without it, it must be, this is also a kind of dependency. This is natural when there is love. There is a lot of difference between being submissive and being dependent. Dependence leads man to slavery. Be supportive, but don't be dependent. Sometimes man seems to take us for granted when we are dependent. Be dedicated, not surrender.

This is the story of a boy and a girl. Both love each other immensely. The girl depends on the lover on everything. Nothing is visible without it. Not every lover sees such a situation with emotion, it also seems to look at it differently. Where is this going now? It is completely in my grasp. No matter what I do, it's not going to leave me. Gradually he began to take advantage of his girlfriend's feelings. Behavior that makes the girlfriend sad. Many people also do emotional blackmail in such a way that if you don't believe me, I will leave you! What will happen to me if the girl leaves? Being dependent on love also proves that our emotions are out of our control. Do everything for love, but when love is constantly hurting, think, where is going wrong? What's going wrong? Love should give joy! When we are in love, if we are not in the air and drunk, then understand that something is a problem. Sometimes it is normal to get upset or quarrel with someone, but if it happens constantly then you have to think about that relationship too!

There was a boyfriend and girlfriend. In the beginning, it went very well between the two. Gradually, quarrels broke out. The girl remains very disturbed. The boy doesn't care. Seeing the girl's condition, her friend once said, "You are sad." That is understandable. Does it matter? Does he ever think that my girlfriend is disturbed? Persuade him! I don't want to make her sad! True love is that after hurting our person, we also suffer! If it's not fun, we won't have fun either! Many get sadistic pleasure by making us sad. If someone gets sadistic pleasure from our grief, it is not his fault, it is our fault. Man should not give the key of his happiness to anyone. It is possible to have fun if there is someone, it is also reasonable not to have fun if there is not. However, if we don't have fun, then when it doesn't come, we have to understand that it doesn't have to be fun or not! Not only the key to our happiness, but also the key to our sorrow should not be handed over to anyone. To be happy, we need to be careful that no one hurts us.