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 Life is for living. Life should be lived to the fullest. So everyone in the world knows this.

Everyone has to live their life happily. The question is, how many people really live life to the fullest? How much time do we waste in complaining and regretting? Where can we have fun even when it is time to have fun? Something, some event, some instinct dominates us so much that we can't live what we want to live. Someone asks you, are you satisfied with the life you have lived so far? So what do you answer? It is natural to expect something to happen in life, to prove something or to live a long life but the question is how long do we live today to realize the dreams of tomorrow? When can a person reach a state where I have lived my life happily, no regrets if anything ever happens. No regrets!

There are certain events in the world that make us think, is this really possible? Now there is a similar incident in Belgium which has made even those who define life think. Ninety-year-old Lady Suzanne Hoilerts developed a fever. The throat was irritated and there was a cough. Corona's test revealed that he was positive for Corona. Treatment continued at the hospital. The speed of breathing was slowly slowing down. Even if oxygen is given, the speed of breathing does not increase. You have to take it on a ventilator, the doctors said. Hearing this, Suzanne said very lightly, "Let the ventilator stay for some young man, I have a very good life!" The doctors were also amazed to hear Suzanne speak. Suzanne died just days after the incident. In the meantime Suzanne never complained, never expressed any regrets! There was a look of satisfaction on his face, there was peace. Relaxed he left his body. Suzanne knew that her life would not be possible without a ventilator, but she said, "Keep it for a young man who has yet to live." When the doctors talked to Suzanne about her daughter Judy, Judy said, "My mother was something different!" Generous, kind and cheerful!

We hear some people there saying that they are not worried about death tomorrow. My whole farm is green. It is one thing to be anxious and quite another to be content with life. We call fulfilling responsibilities life. This is also a good thing, but many people say that it doesn't matter if they die after dying on the road all their lives. There are very few people who say that they have lived with Jalsa all their lives. The meaning of Jalsa is also understandable. Jalsa does not mean profit, Jalsa does not mean to be careless towards everyone else, Jalsa does not mean to run away from all responsibilities, Jalsa means to live life well, to feel life! It is not like smiling every time, sometimes even wet eyes express the wholeness of life.

It also happens that after reading Suzanne's story, she was ninety years old. The question is, will we be like that? It is possible that she will have enough to live comfortably, here we have to face all the challenges. We are looking for excuses even in such things. More important than how old you are and how many years you have to live, are you satisfied with the life you are living today? If there is no satisfaction today, to be a little at the last moment of life? Another thing is, does anyone know how long life is? One thing is also done, live every day as if it is the last day of life! Is there any need to think like this? Why think last day? The truth is, live life to the fullest without thinking of anything else. Most of the time, as people get older, there are more and more complaints that I have been stumbling all my life, I am worn out for all. I did it for everyone but now everyone turns their backs on me. No one was killed. Man's mentality can reach the level of spirituality only if life is lived on a daily basis. Can you live a life without any stress? If the answer is yes then you are a saint, a mahatma and a great man! Welcome to life, smile, be relaxed, make mistakes, forgive those who have done wrong, apologize if you have made a mistake. Decide that I don't want to waste my life but want to live. Life is all about standing with your arms outstretched, a little closer to it, it's just waiting to meet you

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 One thing that is very common in a relationship is that no one lives with them in bad times. Happiness or sub-companion, sorrow, no one, such things always happen. Everyone

has had experiences in their life where no one is present when they really need someone. People change with time. What we have done so much for is also lost. People who make us feel good every day in good times do not even show their mouths in bad times. Nothing like this is happening now, it is already happening. Really, is that so? If this is the case, then what is wrong with the statement that even if the time is right, the people who are ours will always be ours.

We say that this is also true. No matter the time, whether we are in the light or in the darkness, the flags of our names are flying or our stars are in orbit, there are some people in whom there is never any change.

A tweet from Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan on August 25, 2020 has sparked controversy. Amitabh wrote that the bitter truth of life, struggle or time does not come close to anyone, and after success or success, no one has to be invited! As of this writing, about 3,000 people have retweeted Amitabh's statement and more than 30,000 people have liked it. More than 1450 people have commented. Most of the comments are the same, very true. This is what happens. We also feel that this is one hundred percent true. Many also say that we are alone in times of bad times, failure or anonymity. If there is no one with us in bad times, we are also to blame. If we haven't been able to build even a couple of such true relationships, we should also think, why is that?

We don't give importance to anyone when our sun is rising and burning, if we hug the true and good people around us, if we start to understand ourselves, if we start to despise everyone else, then when our sun is setting we will fall alone. Even though Amitabh said such a thing, many actors and people close to him have accused Amitabh that he is a benefactor. They are not present when needed. Well, we don't fall into Amitabh's personal life, we have to think a little differently and with a little neutrality that we are not with anyone in bad times. We must have a few relationships that are guaranteed and proven. There are people who love us, who have nothing to do with our position, power, wealth, popularity or reach, whether we have anything or not, they are with us. We have to be very careful not to do anything that will make them go away. We also have a responsibility to keep our people close.

When talking about the fact that no one is on the sidelines in bad times, one should also think, whose bad times were we with? Why don't we change someone's time with it? If we are doing this, then we have the right to say such things for someone? It is very easy to talk about others. We also need to look and keep an eye on ourselves. I am sitting, I am there for you always, in the middle of the night Dejane, how aware are we when we say this? If you don't do anything for someone, don't do anything, but don't set false expectations!

We have also heard and spoken that every relationship comes with an expiration date. This expiry date is most likely the same day we lose our position, position or power. Such relationships should not be mourned. Those relationships are just positions and powers. What is broken is not a true relationship, if it was true, it would not be broken! Why regret a relationship that was not ours? You don't even need a crowd to live life to the fullest. Who was by your side when you really needed it? Are you on it right now We too often forget what we have. One thing to remember is that in order to be happy, happy and fun, have a few relationships that don't feel like an air of time, keep grooming such relationships, finally being with the same!

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GUjarat Government Press Note | 4 september | Bharti

The mood is sometimes up and sometimes down. Mood is directly related to sensation. If

something good happens, the mood will improve. If something bad happens, the mood is going to get worse. Sometimes the brain escapes by listening to something. I don't like it when someone says or asks something. If the phone rings, it may or may not be picked up. Looking at the mouths of many we ask, are you ok? How much are we aware of our mood? How much do we realize that our mood changes? There are times when you don't have fun for no reason. No pain, no worries, no problems, no fun! 

Sometimes the mood is so bad that it is as if something bad is about to happen. Very few people have control over their mood. How much control do you have over your mood? Does the mood overwhelm you? A little too much is to be dominated, if too much is to be dominated, sometimes it is in our hands that we do not want or what we have not imagined. Understanding mood is also a sign of understanding. Anxiety, resentment, sadness, anger, disgust and many other moods come and go. We are human. All events are bound to have an effect. What matters is how healthy we are at that time. This is the story of a boy. He had to go to a program. Her friend called. Are you coming The boy said no. I'm not in the mood. I don’t want my mood to be disturbed at all. His friend said, good thing. You know your mood is not right. If you know so much, then why even think about why the mood is good? Don't you think that if I go, the mood will change? All you have to do is change your mind. Staying at home is not an option to improve your mood. Yes, it's okay if you can get out of your bad mood in your own way, but that's not your nature. When you know that I can't change my mood, you should take the path that changes your mood. Our mood also affects the people around us. This is the story of a husband and wife. The wife had to talk about making some changes in the house. She was waiting for the opportunity to talk when she was in a good mood. The relationship that needs to be talked about by looking at the mood is living on a strange axis. We do not have so much intuition that our person speaks to us without any load. There was a couple. The husband does not pay attention when the wife speaks. You are not interested in me. You just have to fall. Such quarrels between the two continue to occur. Anne's wife once spoke to her friend. My husband is not interested in me! Her friend said, how much are you interested in her? Don't think that he is not interested, think a little about why he is not interested. We are mostly thinking of ourselves. How much do we know when our person is not in the mood? What do we do even after being informed? We leave it to its mood. We avoid talking thinking that it is not worth spending now. We try very little to change his mood. Sometimes we are afraid of the mood of some people. There was a group of friends. All the friends were to gather one evening. A friend's brain was weird. Everyone is having fun and behaving in a way that spoils everyone's fun. Before everyone has to meet, someone has to explain to him that Joje Ho doesn't change everyone's mood. However, it does not matter. This time no one said anything before the friends were to gather. All gathered. No one said anything that would upset her. All the friends took care of it. When they were about to separate, he asked everyone why the atmosphere was different today. A friend said, "Before you came, we all decided to take care of your mood today." We kept. However, one thing to understand is that not all stars are going to pamper the mood every time. We are friends Don't hurt me You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. Don't let small talk make your mood worse! Everyone has a problem, everyone is disturbed by something. We get together so that we can relax together. Understand that you need to change your thinking, behavior and mindset if you can't relax with what you want to relax or where you want to relax. Our mood reveals our personality. Everyone has a certain mood. Some people do not allow their mood to dominate their personality. This is the story of a brother. He came to meet a man. He needed some advice. The brother listened quietly. He was also advised to take appropriate action. The man walked away. The next day, she learned that she had received bad news before I went to see her. This disturbed him. Surprisingly, though, he listened and gave advice. The man called the brother and said that he had entertained me even though he was not having fun yesterday. The brother said, "I was not in a good mood. What's wrong with you?" Why should I make your mood worse? It is also a fact that not everyone has anything to do with our mood. He is interested only in his own work and in his own words. Man must also expect consolation from some people. One should not beg for comfort. Not every shoulder is meant to cry. Only certain shoulders should be given that right. This is because our head and our tears also have a pride. Empathy may be for all, but suffering must be for some. Only a person who can understand our pain, can feel its depth, has pain

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 It is not difficult to imagine a world without music, but it is impossible. Music has been associated

with life since the beginning of mankind. When no musical instrument was invented in the world, people used to make music by hitting stones and moving wood. Nature has filled music in every creation of nature. The rushing river produces melodious music. The sea plays different music according to its mood. Clouds make roaring music. Rain serves music. Various sounds of music flow in the sound of birds. There is music in the whistle and there is silence. Today, any occasion is considered incomplete without music. The world has been worshiping song and music since time immemorial. Every year in Belgium there is a music festival called Tomorrowland which is loved all over the world. Tomorrowland is considered one of the largest music festivals in the world. This year's Tomorrowland Festival is coming to an end today. Every song-composer in the world has a dream to get to perform in Tomorrowland. The best DJs from all over the world arrive at the Tomorrowland Festival.

Tomorrowland's popularity is such that all tickets are sold out within minutes of Anne's tickets being sold out. Music lovers are wondering when the sale will start and when the tickets will be available. People who get tickets consider themselves lucky. Let's talk about the one who gets a chance to perform in this too. This year, more than four lakh people thronged the music festival. The festival has won all the awards for organizing the best music event not once but many times. Thousands of people from our country also participate in this festival. Hardik Shah from Ahmedabad went to the Tomorrowland Festival with his wife Chaitali and friends. He said that this festival is a privilege for music lovers, but even those who have no interest in music should not be overwhelmed if they go to this festival. There is something wonderful about this festival! The whole Boom City is engulfed in music. The scene that emerges when performing on stage 13 together is supernatural. M's 'pulse' currency runs in Boom City. Once you get the ticket, you get a basket with a digital band with a chip. Payment of 'Pulse' from the same band after you have charged Pulse with your currency. Cash transactions are nowhere to be seen. The funny thing is, no one lets you take a selfie there alone! It's as if you raise your hand to take a selfie or the crowd is arranged behind you! Even though no one knows each other, everyone seems to know! This proves the fact that music connects everyone. The tagline of the festival is, Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is Mystery, Today is Gift. People come here with the intention of enjoying music and learning to live.

There is a saying among us that where there is a village, there must be garbage. Even in this festival, the contamination of drugs has penetrated. After one or two cases came out, the Belgian government and the festival organizers have become very alert about drugs. It so happened that a 26-year-old British girl who was at the festival in 2016 died. The postmortem revealed that he had died from an overdose of drugs. After that, before any man goes to a concert, his limbs are taken inert. Is it also checked by taking off the shoes that the drugs are not being hidden somewhere? However, the deaths of Indian youngsters over the last two years have raised questions. Just last Sunday, a 27-year-old man from India died. Last year, in 2018, a 26-year-old girl from India also breathed her last at the festival. The organizers had to reveal that the deaths of the two were not due to drugs but other reasons.

After the music festival became a hit in Belgium, a festival called TomorrowWorld was also launched in the United States. Tomorrowland was also held in Brazil. People who can’t go to the festival have fun following Tomorrowsand on Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Dream Villa is set up in a space equal to 128 soccer grounds in Boom City, where people live in tents. The tent is also a part of the ticket. After the festival address you can take the tent and other items provided for convenience in the tent as a souvenir. The people who perform there, while narrating their experience, say one last thing that it is a paradise of music. This year's festival is coming to an end tonight, if you are a little interested in music, at Indian Time