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Whose life is it? We say, It's my life! Thus, everyone's life is their
own. If so, why do we think of others? Why worry about anyone? 
Why don't we think that Annie has a life, she will take a break! We don't do that. We are by his side when needed! Sometimes we even want someone to be by our side! We make our decisions not only with us in mind, we also think about our people. We also sacrifice our desires for the good of our people. Sometimes it is difficult to decide whether life is individual or collective. We all know, come alone and go alone. No one to come up with and nothing to come up with! Yet we are connected to our people until the last moment of life. That is life. If not here's a new product just for you!

Man does not live only for himself. He lives for others. Man not only has to make himself happy, he also has to make his people happy. You think, for whom do you live? A few faces will come into view. You will be ready to do anything for it. Parents sacrifice themselves for their children. He is willing to do anything to make his children shine. This is a very true story of a husband and wife. She has a daughter. Unfortunately the daughter was mentally unstable. The sole purpose of the couple's life was to take care of it. Even if the mad daughter was smiling, Ronak would appear on both their faces. He kept his hands on her head all night while she slept. Gradually the daughter grew up. He had no sense of worldliness. My parents were also getting older. As they got older, they began to worry about what would happen to their daughter after we died. Who will save it? At an older age his wife fell ill. Even when she was on her deathbed, she was worried about what would happen to her daughter. The husband reassured her, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it." The wife walked away. The father then took great care of Gandhi's daughter. Gradually, he too became ill. He was also worried about what would happen to his daughter after I died.

When he felt that there was no more time in his life, he came up with an idea. After poisoning and killing my daughter, I will also eat poison, so don't worry about my daughter. The next day he went to a saint. In the conversation, the saint's words came true that I am going to do this. I will kill my daughter. Hearing this, the saint started laughing loudly! The man said, "Why are you laughing at such a serious matter?" The saint said, I want to laugh because your daughter is not mad, you are mad! If you had to kill her, you would have killed her when she was young, right? At least you and your wife can live in peace. The man said, "How can that be?" That was our life! "We don't even have the right to take the life we ​​have," he said. You too live your whole life and let your daughter live too. You have done your duty. Let even a little nature do its duty. We sometimes want to keep everything in our hands. To understand life, it is also necessary to keep it as long as possible and then give it up!

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Our relationships are a major source of our happiness and sorrow. Relationships are a wonderful thing. Relationships that are
extremely happy can sometimes be unbearable. The happiness of a relationship is supernatural. The pain of a relationship is hard, stiff, hard, unbearable and melts our very existence. The biggest problem with relationships is that maintaining a relationship is not just in our hands. The person in the relationship has as much stake in the relationship as we have. Not everyone understands the responsibility of participation and partnership. 

The scales of a relationship sometimes sag to one side. At such times a storm of questions has arisen. Why did that person change so much? Why don't I care now? Why is he who used to hate me every moment now indifferent to my hours and my days? Gradually doubts are added to these questions. Is he no longer interested in the relationship? Has a new person come into her life?

Sometimes we can't ask questions. It is scary to ask questions. What if the answer is contrary to our expectations? Somewhere it will say that now I am not interested in this relationship? When someone comes into our lives, we assume that this relationship is forever. Someone gets so close that we feel like they have a relationship with Bhavabhav. There is something to be gained from the last birth. The same person sometimes gets away with a jerk. Those who can read our thoughts then do not even hear our voices. Echoes are created when shouts and shouts are not heard. Some silences are ear-splitting. Peace is also sometimes laughing. The delicate veins of the heart break with explosions.

Relationships sometimes break and sink in front of our eyes. We keep looking with open eyes and a person slowly becomes ozal. Feel a jolt. Nothing goes unnoticed. As the candle goes out and suddenly it gets dark, a blackness rises and wraps around us. No matter how hard we try, it doesn't reach us or the sound! We feel that something is missing. This is the story of a boy and a girl. The two were slowly approaching from the heart. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to embark on their play activities. Liked each other's words. There was something wonderful about being together. There were likes and comments on social media. Chatting was happening on WhatsApp. Suddenly something happened and the hand that seemed close began to move away. The girl said to Anne's friend, something seems to be missing. He told his friend, "If anything happens, take care of me, don't let me break!" His friend asked, why do you think so? The girl said, "I am not happy anymore." In the past, if I uploaded something, the first response would come. Now he doesn't even know that I have uploaded any status! He doesn't even care about my status. Even when the last scene stops watching one should understand that now someone is disappearing. If I woke up late earlier, he would ask me the next day, did I not fall asleep? Your last scene was too late! Now that doesn’t question the last scene. When a man does not ask a question, we sometimes think that he does not want an answer! We have to answer, but what if the other person doesn't ask? Friend said to him, you just ask what is the matter? The girl said, not everything has to be asked, some things have to be understood, accepted and experienced. The girl said, well done that it happened so early, if it had happened late maybe it would have been more difficult! The more intense the intimacy, the more intense the trauma.

How alert are we to a new relationship when it begins? We have been saying and hearing that where is love, feeling or affection created by thinking? Someone seems to like it, hangs out with it, has fun with it, and a relationship with it is nurtured. Do we think that what is flourishing can sometimes fade? What determines when the fawns stop? It is said that I am no longer with you! Why not The answer is no. There are so many reasons not to! When someone says, I don't like you, we say, I like you! A pro fave makes no sense.

This is the story of a young man. All the people were saying about a very wise and sensible young man, if there is a boy, then come! Treats everyone with kindness, does not hurt anyone's heart, is perfect in his work. No fuss at all. Maturity is seen in every behavior. It was always said that the girl who would marry him would be lucky. Where to meet such a good boy? The parents found a nice girl and got her married. For a while, everything went well, but gradually his wife began to move away from him! Her complaints began to grow! The girl told her parents one day, "I can't live with her, I want a divorce!" Parents asked, what is the problem with you? The girl said that Pantuji is number one! What is life like? There is no thrill in her life. Is it necessary to behave wisely in all? Anne, I am fed up with a comfortable lifestyle. Living life to the fullest can sometimes have moments! Husband was shocked when he found out that my wife wanted to get a divorce. Am I so good and what happened to me? Such things happen even if we are good according to our thoughts. Thoughts are good for two people

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Not every dream of life comes true. Some dreams come true. When
a dream is shattered, there are a few explosions that shake us. There comes a time in every man's life when a few questions arise. There are no answers to this question. That is the question we have to face. One theory of persuasion is self-counseling. Life is, everything is going to be our little assumption? We often have high expectations of ourselves. There is nothing wrong with expecting, we should have the strength not to fall if the expectation is not fulfilled.

A week has passed since the suicide of film actor Sushant Singh Rajput. There was a lot of talk about the causes of suicide. A lot of people also talked differently on social media. Sushant Singh was depressed. Whatever the cause of depression, suicide is not the only cure. In the case of suicide, the question arises, who is ultimately responsible for suicide? The person himself? Relatives who do not understand the person who committed suicide? Failure? The question also arises as to whether one is responsible for one thing or another. Even after all the reasons have been put together, everything seems to be in vain. If everything could be understood, no one would be allowed to commit suicide! Sushant Singh was a Rajput wellnon actor so there was so much discussion. Hundreds of people commit suicide every day. More than 300 people have lost their lives due to the Corona and the lockdown. About 30 students die every day.

If we look around us, we see sadness on many faces. Even a strong-minded man suddenly seems to fade. Everybody says, if something goes awry, tell me? Have a few friends who can relax. Fact. Not everyone can do that though. If he doesn't speak, can we call him? How many of us are present even after saying I am always there for you? What do we do even after someone talks? Mostly we start giving exhortations. We don't understand that it doesn't need discipline, it needs affection. What is needed is a realization, not words, that I am with you.

This is a very true case. After a quarrel between the husband and wife, wife Pierre came. Sometimes there was talk of reconciliation and sometimes there was talk of divorce. It so happened that the young woman fell into depression. Much of the blame for what happened was on the young woman. The girl's father took care of her. The father knew that it was his daughter's fault but it was not the time to blame her. If I was to blame, my daughter might feel that I had none. Forcing a man to think of not feeling like I have none. He said to his daughter, "Don't worry, we are all with you." One of the problems we have there is that our own people don't even know that a family member is depressed. On the contrary, it is said, is this lost? Depression There is no such thing as depression. Don't think like crazy. Far from being taken to a psychiatrist, he even tells me not to. Even if a person is about to recover, he is in deep frustration. The true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints is to change one's tone.

We are not taught to tackle failure there. The same thing is said at home or in school-college, show something. Horror for success. If you are careless, you will be left behind. We put youngsters in a race that has no end. He gasps, gets tired, yet we don't tell him to relax, do as much as he can. How many parents or relatives teach their children how to tackle failure? Even if he has failed a hundred times, he will tell his children that success is everything. We need to change some definitions. In learning everything else we have begun to forget to live life. There is a strange atmosphere of sadness in Corona's time now. Many people have lost their jobs, many have lost their salaries, many are in tension due to business-employment. How much do you think people close to you are going through? When a man is depressed he cannot come out easily in his own way. Keep thoughts strong so that frustration does not overwhelm you. If the mind is confused, relax by putting your heart in front of a friend or a close person. Take care not to weaken your own people. There is nothing you can do but regret what you did, so keep doing what you feel like doing. Affection, comfort, closeness and empathy have tremendous strength, it does not allow anyone to weaken, maybe even if someone is weak, it makes him sit back!

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The most difficult thing in this world is to keep everyone happy if there is any work. One who wants to keep everyone happy can never be happy himself.
We should try our best not to offend anyone. Even if we think well, not everyone will speak well of us. There are some people who do not look good. There should be objection to this. You have done fifty good things, but if one goes wrong, some people will catch one. We cannot decide who will say what, who will do what, what will be the response. A man's maturity is determined by what and how he reacts to a matter, event or event. The measurement of our vision depends on what we see.

Humans have two options for what to do with people's reaction. If it is true, then accept it. If it is incorrect, ignore it. Went to a young saint. They said, I think of all the good, but all speak of my bad! The saint heard this and said, can you stop people from speaking? The young man said no. The saint said, do not let all that talk come! You stop it! Many people also do it by beating their mouth. If he finds out that someone is talking nonsense about me, he will immediately pick up the phone and say, why are you talking about me like this? I have done so much for you. By doing this we are wasting our energy.

How we take what someone says is also important. This is the story of an artist. His friend once said that the man used to say about your art that you don't know much. You make some mistakes again and again. The artist said, what mistakes was he talking about? Friend made mistakes. The artist immediately picked up the phone. "Thanks for pointing me out," said the critic. you are right. I often make the same mistakes as you say. I did not even pay attention to that. The man said, "I didn't mean your displeasure." I like that you took it in the same sense that I wanted to say. When the talk was over, the artist's friend said, "When you picked up the phone, it happened to me that you would fight now." The artist said that when someone speaks weakly about you, you should also think about who is speaking. Why do you speak? The man is a scholar. It is also a great thing that he thinks a lot about my art. What he said is going to improve my art, isn't it? The artist's friend said that he also makes no less mistakes. If you criticize others, why don't you see your mistakes? The artist laughingly said, "Man, where did I see my mistakes?" I knew when he showed up? It is not my job to find fault with it. My job is to correct my mistakes.

Our relationship capabilities also depend on how we view an event or thing. We sometimes think of someone. Believe it or not, it makes me angry. This does not happen every time. This is the story of a girl. He does the job If work is running late it means going to bed late. Woke up too late. Used to live with mother-in-law. Once the pier was gone. Was talking to her mother about the house. "Before I get up, my mother-in-law is in the kitchen," she said of her mother-in-law. He got up early. Make your own tea. Then everything would disintegrate. I have to get up and do everything right The girl's mother said, son, why do you think negatively? What do you say when you wake up late, do you sleep comfortably? You make your tea, no? He must have told you that you have to wake up early and make me tea! Maybe you are resting. I will get tired of working. The good of man should also be seen.

The day after returning home, the girl tells her mother-in-law that she is fine. Do not wake me up to make tea. I get a little more sleep, it feels better. You will do me a favor Would you please enter where it came from? Mother in law said, Ouch! What's in it I didn't mean that everything should be in front of you when making tea! If you see it organized, I will do it. Lack of openness is often the cause of relationship failure. It should be broken only when the glands are broken. If we do not break the gland, it starts turning, then the gland does not break, the relationship is broken.

There are many people in our lives. There are some things that make us feel bad. Those people are also different from us. Some are his own, some are familiar and some are parka. What matters most is the category of the person who speaks for us. Many people are taken seriously and saddened by the fact that it does not matter to us, which has nothing to do with us. We sometimes give too much importance to a man. Give importance only to those who deserve it. Went to a young philosopher. He said that those who do not know me speak ill of me! The philosopher said, we also have to make some circles of relationships around us. Some people are in the first circle and some in the second or third. The rest are out of the circle. Not to worry about them. There are some people who bother you. They are just looking for your aching vein. They also want to distract you. The more we bother, the more we see it