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B.Ed.Admission 2022 | BKNMU

B.Ed course is a very important course to become a teacher, the full form of B.Ed is “Bachelor in Education” (BACHELOR IN EDUCATION). Friends, as you know that becoming a teacher is a very good career in today's time. may be an option. Because you get a lot of respect in the job of a teacher and along with that you also get good salary, although I have also told you about the salary that if you do BEd then how much salary you will get. To know all these things, it is necessary that you must read this article completely.

Another biggest advantage of becoming a teacher is that even after a job, you get a lot of time for yourself, in which you

can do whatever you want. The course will have to be done because according to the new rules of the government, the course of BEd is mandatory to become a teacher. Who can do BEd? All those people who want to become a teacher can do BEd. To become a B.Ed, you must have passed at least 12th and you must have at least 50% marks in 12th, only then you can do B.Ed. If someone has completed his graduation, then he can also do B.Ed or have done his post graduation, even then you can do B.Ed course but in all you must have at least 50% marks. 

For admission in any college, there should be 55% marks. There is a slight difference in all of these and what is the difference in this post you will know further. The form will have to be applied online, this form comes in the month of February-March.You have to pass the entrance exam then only you will be able to get admission for BEd course. Admission is done in some college even without entrance exam, but before taking admission, you should get to know about that college very well. All the states conduct their respective BEd exams such as UP BEd, Bihar BEd, Rajasthan BEd. etc.

In all the states, the process of online application of D starts almost in February-March, It may be a little different in some states. Whenever the application process of B.Ed is started in your state, you can apply. You can comment and tell which state you are from, I will tell you about your state. When will the form come? How long is the B.Ed course? Friends, now there has been a slight change in the course of BEd, where earlier you had to do graduation for doing BEd, but now it is not so. Also read: How many subjects are there in graduation? According to the changed rules of BEd, even if you have not done your graduation, you can still do BEd ac course very easily. 

B.Ed.Admission 2022

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The course of B.Ed can now be done in three ways and the duration of B.Ed course is different for all three. If you want to do B.Ed after 12th then you have to do four years course in B.Ed. If you want to do B.Ed after graduation, then you have to do two years course in B.Ed. If you want to do BEd after post graduation, then you have to do one year course in BEd. Earlier there was an option to do BEd course of only two years but now it has changed. How much will be the fee for doing B.Ed? Now let's talk about the most important thing, what is the fee of BEd course? You all would also like to know that if you want to do B.Ed, then how much will it cost? 

આદર્શ નિવાસી શાળા પ્રવેશ 2022 | Adarsh Nivasi school

Facilitate students and provide them with incentives to pursue post-primary education. Objective | To provide free education and accommodation facilities to tribal students Getting Started | 13 Partner organization | No one Geographical Territory | 6 schools in 12 districts Expected Beneficiaries | Students studying in Std. 9th to 12th Criteria for Admission | Students who have obtained 90% or more marks in primary level for admission in standard 9 and students who have obtained admission in science subject in new SSC for admission in 11th standard will be given admission on the basis of merit. 

The following benefits of the scheme | Accommodation and meals will be provided free of cost. Key Achievements | 8 Adarsh

​​Residential Schools have been established and under this scheme 4 students have been admitted in them. About e-welfare The main function of the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment of the Government is to promote economic development and empowerment of the backward class persons. Scheduled Castes Evolving race Socially and economically backward classes Minority communities Individuals with physical and mental disabilities The department is implementing schemes for the welfare of orphans, destitute persons, beggars and elderly persons. 

The welfare schemes implemented by this department can be mainly classified as under: Education Economic welfare Health and Accommodation Other plans E-Welfare Project: The Department of Social Justice and Empowerment (SJED) has taken all measures for the noble cause of social and economic security for the development of the backward classes of the society. The Department of Social Justice and Empowerment has set five criteria for this responsibility and dimension. Which are as follows. Accessibility Economic Punctuality Transparency Capacity Aims and Objectives: Details for the aims and objectives of the target beneficiaries of the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment are as follows: 

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Making services as close to their home as possible Making the services affordable Making services available in a timely manner Making the service delivery system transparent and We are making services more efficient in terms of cost To meet the above goals and objectives, the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment also plans to use ICT-enabled services through the implementation of "e-welfare" project through development of G2C portal for automation of all its 240 schemes. The e-welfare project is an ambitious project in which more than 240 schemes of various department heads / boards / corporations are going online. 

આદર્શ નિવાસી શાળા પ્રવેશ 

શાળાઓનું લિસ્ટ -1 

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The project also involves computerization of internal processes. E-Welfare is not just an IT project. It is a Governance 2.0 project where information and communication technology (ICT) is used for effective governance. E-Welfare is the largest social e-governance project in India. Importance of e-welfare project: The following are some of the most important schemes by the department: Certificate of race A person with a disability Free bus travel plan and i-card Scholarship schemes Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme Assistance Scheme / Housing Scheme for building construction Indira Gandhi National Old Age Assistance Scheme

ગ્રામસેવક ભરતી પરીક્ષામાં અગાઉના પ્રશ્નપેપર | Gramsevak Old Paper

Before becoming a village servant, it is very important for you to know that what is a village servant, then these officers work for the development of the village and it is in the form of a link between any village and the government, which is a link between each other. We work to keep them connected and work to reach the government benefits to the people of the village.

Gram Sevak is appointed in every Panchayat of the village, which is a government officer and it is appointed for the development of the villages and to help the people there, who reach any kind of problem etc. to the government and Whatever benefits are received from the government, they reach the villages.Educational Qualification to become Gram Sevak : To become a Gram Sevak, first of all you have to pass out, after that you have to pass graduation from any recognized university, only after that you can apply for it and the candidates who have done graduation in any stream can apply for it. can.

age limit to become gram sevak : The age limit has also been fixed for applying in Gram Sevak, on the basis of that you can apply in it and to apply in this, your minimum age should be 18 years and maximum age should be up to 35 years and reserved categories are eligible for this post. Age relaxation will be provided.Gram Sevak Selection Process :If you want to become a Gram Sevak, then it is very important for you to be aware of applying for it and its selection process and the selection process is kept in the following way.

Application – To become a Gram Sevak, you have to first apply in it and its applications are taken out by the state government, in that you have to apply for the post of Village Development Officer, you can apply online only after applying in it. The process of becoming a Gram Sevak begins.Written Examination – When you apply in this, first of all you have to give written examination of 100 marks and in this you have to get good marks because your merit is made on the basis of your written examination and according to the rank obtained in it. You are given a job for this post.

Training – When you clear the written exam, after that you are given training of gram sevak, in which you have to do office work and field work, in which all the work you have to do gram sevak are taught.When your training is completed, after that you are appointed as a Gram Sevak in any Panchayat and you are given some tasks which you have to complete, such as the task of adding 100 people of the village to BPL. Gramsevak Exam Old Exam Paper Puran gondaliya. If given, you have to complete that in the given time, when you take new joining, then you are given small tasks so that you can work continuously in your post.

village servant salary : The salary of Gram Sevak is very good and there may be different salary for this post in all the states, on this post you are generally given a salary of Rs.52,00 to Rs.20,200 and on this post you are given a grade pay of Rs.2400. And for its detailed information, you can see its official of village servant :The village servant has to do many different tasks, we are telling you about some of the main work of the village servant which they have to do and it is as follows.Here they are responsible for the development of the villages.They keep a record of the clerical work and money done in the village.

ગ્રામસેવક પ્રશ્નપેપર 

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Gram Seven propagates the government schemes in the villages.It acts as a link between the government and the villages,

which keep both of them connected.t keeps records etc. of the resolutions passed by the Panchayat and implements them.Apart from this, there are many different types of work that they have to do, their main work is related to the development of villages, due to which they have to do all the work related to the development of villages.

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પરીક્ષા 2022 કોલ લેટર બાબત | GPSSB Notification


It is very important for all breastfed babies to complete the supplemental diet on time for their overall development after completion of 6 months. Therefore, in order to improve the timely onset of upper

dietand to educate mothers about proper upper diet habits, Annaprashan Day is celebrated on the fourth Friday of every month between 12 noon and 5 pm at each ANWA center. In which children from 6 months to 6 months and very low weight children from 6 months to 6 months are given child sacrifice to start feeding.

In the scriptures, food is called the life of animals. Only pure, sattvic and nutritious food keeps the body and mind healthy. Only when the diet is pure does the conscience become pure. Therefore, in order to ensure that the child consumes pure and sattvic food for the rest of his life, Annaprashan Sanskar is performed in the sixth or seventh month with a religious ritual.Annaprashan means to make the child bright, brave, brilliant. The rice is cooked in curd, ghee and honey and the child is given the first meal. This is followed by a small amount of easy to digest and energizing food. As the baby gets new teeth, the body needs salts. If the food does not contain the right amount of salt, the child is tempted to eat clay, as the soil contains a lot of salt. Therefore, alkaline food should also be provided to the child in moderation.

On the day of Annaprashan Sanskar, food is cooked sacredly with Vedic chanting. Sacrifices are made to the gods in Yajna. After the Yajna, the father of the child puts prasad-like food in the child's mouth. This sacrament is completed with Brahmabhojan.The digestion of a six- to seven-month-old baby also becomes predominant. At such times the body is bound by the same type of food that the child eats. Human behavior, thoughts, aspirations, etc. depend on food. Food is the natural food of human beings, so food should be considered as an offering to God.

There is a saying in Gujarati that, ‘mind like food’ and ‘belch like food’.A story in the Mahabharata says a lot about the sacraments of food. Grandfather Bhishma was preaching to the Pandavas lying on the bed. At that moment, Draupadi suddenly starts laughing. Asked why Pitamah laughed, Draupadi said, “Pitamah! The essence of deep religion is hidden in your teachings. Listening to you, I remembered the meeting of the Kauravas, in which my clothes were being stripped. I shouted and begged for justice, but a pious man like you was sitting quietly at that time. Why didn't you explain to Duryodhana at that time? It made me laugh. ”

પરીક્ષા કોલ લેટર બાબત   

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કોલ લેટર ડાઉનલોડ
 Hearing Draupadi's words, the grandfather spoke seriously, "Son! At that time I was eating Duryodhana's food. Just like the ugly nature of Duryodhana, the same nature was mine at that time by eating his food. But now Arjuna's arrow has shed the blood made from the food of sin and my thoughts have been purified. So at the moment I'm talking about religion. "