Panchayati Raj Introduction

We got the main administrative things like revenue system and police system developed by the British along with independence but development. No exact mechanism was found for the administration. Under these circumstances, a collective development plan was formed by the central government. And Through this scheme, the activities of collective development were started but the cooperation of the people was not available in the scheme. Due to this the success rate was very low. Under these circumstances, the honorable self-sacrifice by the National Planning Board A committee was constituted under the chairmanship of Mehta. The main objective of this committee is to involve the people in the development process One had to think of a mechanism to maximize it, and recommend some plan for decentralizing democracy. Had to do. On December 3, Mr. Self. In the report submitted by Balavantaray Mehta, the three-level Panchayati Raj The method was recommended. The three-dimensional suggested by the late Balavantarai Mehta in the State of Gujarat The Panchayat Raj system has been implemented.
Villages have always been important in our social and economic activities. The village has been a unit since ancient times. Most of the country's population lives in rural areas. Mahatma Gandhi described the village as a unit of Gram Swaraj. Gram Swaraj means a republic completely independent of its neighbors but within the interiors for its own wide desires. The word panchayat can be divided into two parts. 

Punch and import. The word punch is also used in Sanskrit and Gujarati language in the sense of the number five. The Punch holds faith in the mythical nature of God. From Vedic times, the village is considered as the basic unit. It is also mentioned in the Atharvaveda and the Rigveda. Prithu Raja is believed to have introduced a panchayat system during the folk settlement between the Ganges and the Jamna river. During the British session, vile attempts were made to establish panchayats. In its report to the Royal Commission on Decentralization, it has stated that in the past, these villages had suffered a great deal of autonomy. According to the views of the Gram Panchayats and leaders during the national movement, local self-government institutions up to the top level are welcomed by the local Swaraj Yojana and the government will take immediate steps to support it with adequate financial support. The beginning of Panchayati Raj in the state of Gujarat started with the implementation of recommendations of democratic decentralization of the Balwantaray Mehta Study Group ie Panchayati Raj. Subsequently, after the implementation of various committees and its recommendations from time to time, the system of panchayati rule in Gujarat has been further strengthened. After the amendment of Indian Constitution 1, Panchayat Act-2 has been implemented in Gujarat. The system of three-level panchayati raj system has been continued in the state of Gujarat.

Introduction to Gujarati Literatures and Types of Literature

Here is a nice and Useful file containing information about the types of Gujarati literature and some of the special contributors to Gujarati literature.Narasimha Mehta is one of the best Adi devotees of medieval Gujarati literature, not in terms of time, but in quality. This Vadnagara Nagar was born in Talaja. At the age of three, his brother lived there in Junagadh, where he lost his father, and the monk used to frequent the saints. Narsingh Mehta left the house with the bride-to-be and started to worship Mahadev in the deserted forest. Ashutosh, Gujarati Literature and Literary Types who was pleased with his worship, offered him a rally of Krishna. It was only the integration of Rasilananu and Krishna that became a business. The Yogkshme of such a homeless Narasimha is saved by Krishna. The marriage of son Shamaldas, the daughter-in-law of Kunwarbai, the father's devotion and the haundi written on Shamaliya as well as Raja Ra's desire to defeat the idol at Dalek's will do all these acts, and the devotee is ashamed of Gujarati Literature and Literary Types Vatsal Krishna Bhakta, and thus, of Bhajan and Harijanas. The citizens were also humiliated. So. His life became the subject of numerous literary epic the next.

Narasimha Maheta is the preferred form of the composition of the verse. The variety and swing-off used by the new countrymen is significant. Gujarati literature has been found in the form of beautiful aerodynamics that can be used as heaters. Gujarati Literature and Literary Types. The 'Sudamacharitra', written in retail terms, Gujarati Literature and Literary Types shows the seminal power of the architect. Among his autobiographical works, Shamaldas's marriage is related to the events of Hundi, Mamoru and Shraddha, in addition to the 'defeat' Samana Padau. Particularly remarkable is the depiction of Gopio's devotion and his passion for Krishnanurag.Gujarati Literature and Literary Types . In the title of 'Shrungarmala', Krishna Aa is the maker of gopis in Kali's description. The devotion to his hands is inscribed with passion and passion. The title of 'perennial' is in the season. 'Balleela' has a beautiful appearance of Vatsyalarias. Balakrishna's stereotype for the moon in the sky is attractive.

Digital Sensations: What Does a Tribute to Social Media Mean?

Film actor and writer Kadarkhan, who lives in Canada with his son Sarfaraz Khan, has just died. He was hospitalized for more than four months. With the passing of Kadarkhan, the people of the film industry showered a tribute rain on social media. Amitabh Bachchan wrote a nice post. Govinda even wrote that Kadarkhan was like my father. After reading and listening to all such stories, the son of Kadarkhan said that no one had sent a phone call to congratulate him. Neither Amitabh, nor Govinda nor anyone else. No one even knew what condition Kadarkhan was in? Well, no regrets. My father Kadarkhan used to say, Bollywood has forgotten me. It is the world that everyone forgets. He also said that he did not expect anything from anyone. He also did not expect that anyone would remember him, he saw the world closely and he knew what that world was like!

Thus, this is not new for Bollywood or the show business world. This is what has happened to many artists. A Bollywood front man said that now, even when Stars write about someone on social media, their donation is a must! Lastly, it is the number of likes, how many comments, and how many followers have increased. The measure of popularity is now measuring the number of folders. Radio RJs and others are given the promotion of social media based on their target of increasing followers. Although some people do not like them, they have to commit genocide. Everyone in this world knows how selfish their relationships are! The pain is that everything has now reached the general public. We too are beginning to feel satisfied by writing on social media.

Now Parth Prajapati, a young poet from Ahmedabad, has died. Parth committed suicide. There was no job, no income, so he was frustrated. A lot has been written about it in social media. His poems again. His frustration with Perth's composition was blurred. Not a friend or friend guessed it? Many people on social media paid tribute to him in nice words. How many people went to their home to condole with their younger sister, who had died of her mother, father and brother's death? Very few! Talking to Parth's father Prahladbhai, he said that I do not know who wrote what. Tejasbhai Prajapati, who created Parth, said, "Someone told me that many have written about Parth. However, we do not know if these people are not my Facebook friends. How can it be said that the families of those who do not know about it?

There is no denying that he wrote on social media. The question is, should we go to the person who has lost a son or write condolences on social media? How much do we touch the senses of those we write about? Such events also need to be viewed a bit differently. No matter what you do on social media, keep your relationship with people close to you. The last one will be with you. Sometimes we take our people for adoption. How live are people living on social media with their own people? One celebrity said lightly about people taking selfies with her, "When I go away, these people will upload pictures with me, no one goes to my house to rave!" It is now necessary to distinguish between real and virtual relationships.

Working hours: Learn how to dedicate quality time to life

Life cannot be divided into different pieces. We should work for hours, rest for a long time, kill our hours or live for just such moments. Sometimes it can not even be decided whether we are drawing life or life leads us? Something is supposed to happen and it becomes very different. Planning beds go again. Respectful work remains incomplete. In all these situations, man must work. In people's mouths, it is possible to eat two times a day and so much hassle. Most people today are working hard to survive. When it comes to some surveys or studies, how good it would have been if it had been!

How many hours a week should a man work? There was a study by the Australian National University about this. In that study it was revealed that a week should not work more than 39 hours. Working longer than that increases the likelihood of endangering physical and mental health. If we count the remaining six days to 39 hours, except Sunday, it would be six and a half hours each day. Five days per week is 7.8 hours. Some companies abroad have a five-day work system. Get two days leave. Even in our country some companies have a five day job. The people who work in a company are fortunate. 
There are some companies that call for jobs on Sundays. People who are killed are going to work for free. Eventually they have to run a home. Most people have to work six days a week. Now the job is not eight but nine hours. An hourly lunch break is considered. While on the job, there are also some bobs going on while on the go. If the office is away from home, then it has to be counted. My total time is ten to twelve hours after work. When does man rest in this? Now job related mail is coming due to smart phones. Some mail replies have to be answered immediately. Boss notifications keep coming up on WhatsApp too. Now the situation is such that even if you have taken leave, it does not look like holiday. The job is on the phone.

Tell us where we are working, we will work for hours, then at the next moment it will tell us to come. In some companies, there is no time for you to go. Just go home when the work is done. When people ask today, it is heard that there is no time to die. Even if you do not have the time to die, you should take the time to live. Ultimately life is ours. If you can love work, that's a good thing. Don't get bored with work. Those who have the strength to work should once meet people who have no work. The NSSO, a National Sample Survey Office report, says that for the first time in the country's history, fifty percent of the people have no work. It is difficult to imagine the mood of those who do not have work. Well educated people put their degree aside and get ready to do the work they do. So don't complain about working hours. Even if you complain, you have nothing to do.

The pressure of work must remain. One thing to understand with this is that life also has to be fulfilled. Learning life management has become a must for everyone now to make a living. You give yourself and your people quality time. Enjoy the Hendred Pursuit as long as you can. Life is sweetened by small pleasures. Stay away from mobile when you're with your people, stay in touch with mobile when you're not with your people. Mobile has all the makings, but it has its advantages. Mobile is a blessing for being in a long distance relationship. One of the reasons why relationships are at stake today is the lack of time. 
You do not give me time or do not give me the problem. One who has a good life, takes time out of his life. What are your working hours? Whatever the case, you cannot escape it. Do planning so that time is available for those who want to make time. One thing to remember is that if there are donations we can manage the time for our people. Don't give up work excuses, our people need our time, not reasons.

GPSC Dy. Mamlatdar Dy. Section Officer (Class 3) Exam Syllabus 2019

The direct examination of the Deputy Mamlatdar and the Deputy Section Officer, started from 1, with the structure different from all the main examinations conducted till now, has been completed by the GPSC on 7th. As expected, the level of the test was more than a candidate's memory test.
Previously, there were only 2 marks in the main examination of this class. Therefore, it would not be possible to ask other types of questions other than questions that demand direct facts / facts. But now, from this time on, the exam also has structured questions of 3 marks and 3 marks, which have to be answered in 3-5 and 3-5 words respectively. In the main examination of Class 1/2, the structure of the questions of 3 marks and 3 marks has been established. It can be said with certainty that the examination of the Deputy Mamlatdar and the Deputy Section Officer can no longer be counted below the examination of Class 1/2.
The deficiencies in the evaluation of the main exam are often outdated. Apart from the shortcomings such as the need to have sufficient space for answering some questions and not having enough space to answer some questions, it can be said that the choice of questions is praiseworthy. This environment is emerging where candidates are justified in making the right preparations to avoid confrontation.
The variety of questions suggests that the reading should also be customizable.

Particularly in such topics as ethics, public administration, the Indian economy, the Indian state system, it can be very difficult to answer without thorough study.Most of the questions in the second question paper are discussed at Constitution Career Academy and SPIPA. But some questions require special note so that students can expand their readiness.

The first question asked in the second question paper was about 'the difference between law and ethics'. This can be linked to discussions of Code of Ethics, Code of Conduct and Conduct Rules somewhere. But these types of discussions I personally saw in a book I bought for the first time in Year 1. The name of the book is 'An Introduction to Ethics' written by William Lillie. It was purchased in Delhi from Delhi for the first time when the ethics question paper was first introduced in UPSC's main exam. The ropes of this kind of reading have not yet begun in our Gujarat. Students still use some material and clumsy videos for public administration and ethics

Mathematics and Reasoning Book Bharat Academy

Papers for the Mathematics and Reasoning Points along with important questions from the Minister and Junior Clerk Exam. Very useful for all the recruitment tests conducted by the Gujarat Government. This book is useful in all competitive exams. An image is put in this book to see what topics are covered. Orthodox definitions identify mathematics with its signs and rules for working on it. Haskell Curry gives a straightforward definition such as "the science of system-based structures". 
A structure based on a system is a set of symbols or symbols, and the rules for combining these symbols. The rules for why formulas can be created. So there are a set of symbols that do not need to be represented by the rules.The whole world is going through a strange rope right now. Our relationships are falling apart. People are now living virtual relationships. There are thousands of friends on Facebook and millions of followers on Twitter. Inside the man is left alone. Success does not bring happiness. Pain alone has to be sustained. When the mind is anxious, it can be difficult to call and express it. Forwards are being uploaded to the group, with some discussions and even jokes. 

This book is useful in all competitive exams. An image is put in this book to see what topics are covered. Orthodox definitions identify mathematics with its signs and rules for working on it. There is something going on in everyone's life that cannot be said and signed. One or two incidents from now on make you think, if this world is a mill, then where is it? This is a time when man has to think about relationships. In the end, there are only two to four and five to ten people who are transformed by our happiness, our suffering and our ups and downs. Also, it's like thinking, how am I? Have I not become a Tamashabin somewhere too?

What are the ways in which man shows his affection for man?

What are the ways in which man shows his affection for man? Lots! The practices of every country and every society are different. The best way is to respect the way we feel in ourselves. We shake hands when someone is found. How much frustration does it take to get a hand? Kiss is also considered a noble symbol of respect. Someone says hello. Somewhere Zuki is respected. In some countries there is a tradition of hugging, hugging or even having a bath. The hug is not just a touch of two bodies, but a union of two souls. A sense of contentment is felt when we hug someone close to us. We don't all hug, but there are some relationships that seem incomplete without a hug.

Tomorrow is January 21st, hugging day. One day is also celebrated as Hug Day at Valentines Week. However, this hugging day is different. Thus, this day is America's gift. Although we think America is a forward country, there are people who do not hug and meet in the open. Kevin Zorby started celebrating Hugging Day with Cleo of Michigan State in the United States in 1986 to increase intimacy among people. In this world, the world has become popularized. Some countries also observe the holiday on this day. The only reason is, there are huge benefits to hugging. There have been heaps of surveys and research that prove that hugs are beneficial for a happy life and good health. Hugs don't just have to look at a boy and a girl with a hug. 
Of course, that is also important. Spouses who hug each other while going to work have a happy couple's life. In our society, we find that even if husbands and wives want to hug, they cannot. Elders may also say, "What is this? Love is like you do! Hugs do not break the limits. One study also says that spouses who are regular hugs also have a better couple's lives. Children also see how to live with their life partner. For a child, a hug with a mother and father is a blessing. Researcher Jay Gordon, who writes the book 'Brighter Baby', writes that a mother's embrace makes a child smart and sensitive. Studies on it indicate that the baby that her mother kept away from herself was weak. As much as a baby needs breast milk, food and water, mother and father's hugs are just as important. When we grow up there, the baby starts to fall down. When was the last time you hugged your father or mother? Many offspring cannot express their love for their parents. If those people are hugging, the heat of both of them is enough. The habit of hugging even in the sibelings does not allow one another's feelings to fade. We have the custom of hugging in many families there. Something seems incomplete until the hug does. A lot of the displeasure goes away when a man hugs.

Hugs release oxytocin chemicals into the body. It creates a feeling of happiness. Stress is removed. Hug types are also provided. Some countries are hugged later, which means that I am with you in all circumstances. Chig hugs are also made to show sartorial distances, to show intimacy. Side-to-side hugs show intimacy with just the shoulders or waist. Intimate relationship reflects in tight hugs. When meeting a sick relative, it is advisable to hug. 

This will cure the sick person soon. There is also a lot of discussion about the duration of the hug. The general has a hug of 15 to 21 seconds. However, then it depends on how close the person is and how often they meet each other. Great views of the embrace at the airport, train station and bus station. Virah and Milan are spoken to when someone is different and someone is meeting. The eyes also explain a lot.

One thing in common with all of this is, don't hug if you don't have the mind. Now people are starting to play hag too. People who have no feelings, nothing left to provide for each other, are often met in a way that makes us feel good. What your hug is like and how the donor is behind it is very useful to the hug recipient. A hug that does not relax, a hug that does not give a vibrating heart, and a hug that does not feel relaxed at all, is a kind of deception. 

The sattvic hug is always simple, intuitive, and calming. By the way, how do you meet the loved one you are? Hug it wholeheartedly, it has the strength of sound. Touch language is very talkative!