Monday, September 23, 2019

`बिनसचिवालय मोडेल पेपर 17 by ICE

Examination on 16th of October next for recruitment to the office of the Assistant Class-3 for the clerk, class-3, cadre and secretarial departments for the Collector offices under the control of Revenue Department as well as clerks, non-secretaries for various Heads of the Government of Gujarat. Hosting a non-secretarial clerk and office assistant to get a job in the city of Junagadh from 30 Nearly 13 thousand candidates on dhu given exam centers. For which preparations have also been started from Gandhinagar, a secondary service selection body.
Not to mention, there are about 2,500 vacancies for non-secretarial clerks and office assistants. For which, from filling Gujarat, millions of candidates are appearing for the exam. In Junagadh, more than 100 candidates will appear for the exam.

The next exam, held on Sunday, October 16, will be of two hours. When the candidates have to attend the exam centers one hour earlier, ie, 11 hours.A written examination of the Non-Secretarial Clerk Cadre Part-I will be conducted by the Jaraat Secondary Service Selection Board. In the examination, the examiners can take the exam in calm environment, keeping in mind the law and order situation. It is also important to have a smooth operation. According to a notification issued by Navsari District Magistrate Remya Moh to the Navsari District Examination Centers of Navsari District and the area bounded within 200 meters of the building, any person (including examiners) is prohibited from carrying weapons, mobiles, playing loudspeakers. In addition, Xerox-Fax Centers within 200 meters of the Examination Centers will be closed from 10am to 4pm on 21st. Violation of the notification will result in punishment according to Article 188 of the Indian Penal Code.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Radar defects of presidential aircraft: rudder fault

President Ramnath Kovind's plane has encountered some faults. However, this defect is considered to be so dangerous that if the aircraft had flown, it would have full potential to crash.
President Ramnath Kovind was in Switzerland when the defect came to light. His plane was able to fly three hours late due to aircraft faults. This defect is known as the rudder fault.

Experts say that the radar fault that President Kovind's plane encountered was so dangerous that if it did not go unnoticed, there was a high probability of the plane crashing.
Earlier, many pilots around the world have failed due to this technical fault and the plane has crashed. President Ram Nath Kovind is currently visiting Iceland, Switzerland, Slovenia. On Sunday their plane had to fly from Juric to Slovenia. President Kovind is due to return on 17th.
Shortly before he flew from Zurich, he encountered a defect. Experts say the rudder fault or rudder hardover is considered to be one of the faults of the aircraft, which also scares the big airlines.
If this defect is created then there is a high probability of a crash. Radar is mounted in the rear to determine the direction of the aircraft. If the fault occurs in the rudder, it is difficult to determine the direction of the aircraft and crash.
There has also been research that if the rudder is not fit and a major defect is made, then there is a possibility of two pieces of aircraft. Due to the radar fault, the aircraft suddenly rotates left or right. Causing a huge amount of air pressure on the rear of the aircraft.
Due to the speed, the wings on the rear of the aircraft can be broken. Even if only two pieces of the whole plane could be made. President Kovind's plane had the same fault, but if it did not go unnoticed, there was a possibility of the plane crashing.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Driver without a seat belt section fined Rs 500

During the police check-up, a driver of Surat Muni was fined 500 rupees for not wearing a seat Best during a police check. The driver of the corpse, who was found guilty of negligence, was the subject of discussion in Munich for the first time. However, time will tell when action will be taken against several municipal tractors violating traffic rules.

Since September 16, the Motor Vehicle Act has been strictly enforced by the police. Surat Police Commissioner's office was checking against traffic violation in the Vulcanis area today when a truck belonging to the Municipality's pressure department passed. The driver of the municipality was driving the truck without wearing a seat belt, as was the truck in the pressure department.

He was not wearing a seat belt when police stopped a truck from the Municipal Pressure Department. However, he was wearing a belt when police stopped the truck. Police fined the driver of the municipality Rs 500 for driving without a seat belt.

The truck has received the first memo from the municipal pressure department. However, there are a number of vehicles that do not have a number plate behind the tractor trailer on the contract in the municipal waste transport and other operations. It will show the time when action will be taken against such vehicles after the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Act.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

The strangest village in the world, people live here underground

The strangest village in the world, people live here underground
When people make their home, they choose a place where the light will shine. People choose the place where the sun shines, the air is there. But today you will find out about a village where people live underground.

People who know about this village are amazed. The village is located in southern Australia and its name is Kuber Pedi. People here live in an underground house. But that doesn't mean they won't get any facilities. Here people get all the amenities that other people get in their own homes The house looks normal from the outside but inside it looks like a hotel. Here is the mine of Opal which is a milky precious stone. Here people live in the empty mine of Opal. There are more than 1,500 homes below ground level. Mining work in Kubera Paddy began in 1915. This is a desert area so the temperature here is very high during the heat days. To avoid this problem and the environment, people are moving to an empty mine after mining.
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation's seven-zone engineer department teams have been rushing for the last three days. Authorities have claimed that the potholes on the road, which is estimated to have been completed on Monday, have been completed by Monday, at an estimated 1.5 square meters of road. In the western zone, the maximum number of pits was 5,3.

In the city, in the last 6 hours, 3 kilns were turned on and 5 laborers were provided with the help of a modern jet pitcher machine. Following the municipal commissioner's directive on public complaints and widespread public outcry over the broken road issue in Ahmedabad, officials who have awakened Safa have begun rampant efforts to prevent the day-to-day road patchwork from being punished.

In the last three days, the city has made it safe for the carriers by replying to the pits in the north zone, 5 in the south zone, 5 in the east zone, 5 in the central zone, 5 in the northwest zone and 5 in the southwest zone.

Navratri and then it is against the Diwali festivals. So, according to the status of the megacity, Ahmedabad has been undertaken on the basis of war road refreshment in order to remain viable. Every year, billions of rupees are collected from the citizens for taxation.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The biggest rise in crude prices in intra-day

Saudi Arabia's drone attack on Aramco Oil Company has affected five percent of global oil supply. Due to this, the intraday rise in crude prices was observed at 8%. For the first time ever, there was such a huge rise in crude prices in Inta Dre. However, crude oil prices began to decline after Trump announced that the US would release oil from its emergency fund, and crude prices saw a 2 percent rise during the recession.

Other oil producing countries other than Saudi Arabia have also stated that we are able to meet any oil shortage caused by the 4 per cent production of Aramco. The announcement also saw a significant impact on crude prices.

Saudi Arabia's crude daily production is down by 3 million barrels due to the attack. Which is 5% of the total daily production. That is, Saudi Arabia's production is down by 5 percent daily.

It is worth mentioning that Saudi Arabia is the largest exporter of crude oil. In addition, it plays an important role in stabilizing oil prices. It can also increase and reduce millions of barrels of oil production in a single day to keep the crude oil market stable.

Meanwhile, Russia has stated that there is a need to convene an emergency meeting of the OPEC countries. Russia's Energy Minister Alexander Novak told reporters that there was enough space in the market to meet any shortage.

It is worth mentioning that the attack on Aramco was carried out at a time when the company is preparing to bring the IPO. In June, the company had 1.8 million barrels of oil.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

For the first time, Trump-Modi will address 50,000 Indians

Donald Trump will join Narendra Modi in the event that will be held in Houston on Sunday, a White House statement said. About 50,000 Indo-Americans will join the program. This program will prove important in strengthening the relations between the US and India.

A White House statement released information about the program. In addition, it is reported that US President Donald Trump along with Narendra Modi will also attend the Howdy Modi event. It is also a good opportunity to strengthen the relations between the two countries. The event is set to take place on September 22, in which both Narendra Modi and Trump will be seen on stage.

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said for the first time in history that US President Donald Trump will be addressing thousands of Indo-American citizens simultaneously.

No such Trump has ever addressed the Native Indians in the United States until now. India's US ambassador to India Harsh Vardhan said it would be a historic moment when Trump Howdy would join the Modi program. The fact that Trump decided to join the program shows how close the friendship between the two countries is.

Heads of both countries will address the people in the program, which will be a historic moment, Harsh Vardhan said. More than 50,000 Indian-American citizens will join the program, most of whom will be Indians living in the United States.

The White House said in a statement that it had accepted the invitation given by Modi to Donald Trump to join the program. Meanwhile, Narendra Modi said that I look forward to welcoming Donald Trump to the Indian-American community event held in the United States.

Congress, on the other hand, mocked the program. Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi said the good thing is, elections are approaching in the US too and a large section of Indian origin lives there which Trump is coming to the program to take advantage of.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Panchayati Raj Introduction

We got the main administrative things like revenue system and police system developed by the British along with independence but development. No exact mechanism was found for the administration. Under these circumstances, a collective development plan was formed by the central government. And Through this scheme, the activities of collective development were started but the cooperation of the people was not available in the scheme. Due to this the success rate was very low. Under these circumstances, the honorable self-sacrifice by the National Planning Board A committee was constituted under the chairmanship of Mehta. The main objective of this committee is to involve the people in the development process One had to think of a mechanism to maximize it, and recommend some plan for decentralizing democracy. Had to do. On December 3, Mr. Self. In the report submitted by Balavantaray Mehta, the three-level Panchayati Raj The method was recommended. The three-dimensional suggested by the late Balavantarai Mehta in the State of Gujarat The Panchayat Raj system has been implemented.
Villages have always been important in our social and economic activities. The village has been a unit since ancient times. Most of the country's population lives in rural areas. Mahatma Gandhi described the village as a unit of Gram Swaraj. Gram Swaraj means a republic completely independent of its neighbors but within the interiors for its own wide desires. The word panchayat can be divided into two parts. 

Punch and import. The word punch is also used in Sanskrit and Gujarati language in the sense of the number five. The Punch holds faith in the mythical nature of God. From Vedic times, the village is considered as the basic unit. It is also mentioned in the Atharvaveda and the Rigveda. Prithu Raja is believed to have introduced a panchayat system during the folk settlement between the Ganges and the Jamna river. During the British session, vile attempts were made to establish panchayats. In its report to the Royal Commission on Decentralization, it has stated that in the past, these villages had suffered a great deal of autonomy. According to the views of the Gram Panchayats and leaders during the national movement, local self-government institutions up to the top level are welcomed by the local Swaraj Yojana and the government will take immediate steps to support it with adequate financial support. The beginning of Panchayati Raj in the state of Gujarat started with the implementation of recommendations of democratic decentralization of the Balwantaray Mehta Study Group ie Panchayati Raj. Subsequently, after the implementation of various committees and its recommendations from time to time, the system of panchayati rule in Gujarat has been further strengthened. After the amendment of Indian Constitution 1, Panchayat Act-2 has been implemented in Gujarat. The system of three-level panchayati raj system has been continued in the state of Gujarat.