Saturday, March 9, 2019

Honor Watch Magic

After starting the Gravity Band 4 gym, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei's sub-brand Honor introduced in India the Honor Watch Magic -- a smart wearable which functions both as a watch and a fitness band. 

The watch is constructed from steel and comes in silver and black color options, priced at Rs 13,999 and Rs 14,999, respectively.

a) Design

The Watch Magic includes a solid build with a CNC-processed bezel on the very best and laser-engraved markings on the lower side.  These engraved markers, along with a highlighted reddish color marking on the bezel and menu, go well with the double color textured strap that the watch includes.   

However, the sweat-proof strap has a silicone rubber on the bottom which may not package suit everyone, especially those with skin sensitive to allergies.  Thankfully, the watch is water resistant (5ATM/50 meters) and was created so that it does not accumulate water for quite a while.

b) Display

The watch features a 1.2-inch AMOLED touchscreen, which can be large enough to show pertinent information available on different watch faces, but not so big as to reflect smartphone notifications properly.  Being an AMOLED unit, the display has great contrast and vibrant colors, making the icons on screen pop out.   

The display includes ample brightness to remain legible in bright outdoor conditions.  Though the display is set to show information when the arm is raised, it can be set to remain on from screen settings in the app.  But, turning the display on permanently dissipates the on-battery time

Features and performance

Apart from working as a standalone device, the Honor Watch Magic also works with mobiles through Huawei Health program -- accessible on both the iOS and Android platforms.   

The program enables the telephone and watch to sync data and also shows the information readings in interactive graphics from within the app home display.  The app also can help upgrade the view's firmware, which sometimes comes bundled with brand new watch faces.

Being a smart wearable, the watch is capable of tracking a variety of tasks, fitness, pulse, and sleep.  The watch's has GPS module helps it track movement, though not precisely.  It is also capable of monitoring sleep patterns using the bottom-mounted heartbeat sensor.  Regrettably, the watch doesn't have any storage for songs, something you'd expect from lifestyle merchandise.


The Honor Watch Magic is a fundamental smart wearable which is more of a fitness group and under a smart watch.   

Though it has a good on-battery period of 3-4 times plus a competent AMOLED display that does justice to the 13 dials confronts it comes loaded with, it lacks on-board storage for tunes and third-party app support, and there is no way you can add more dial drives on your own.  

As a fitness group, nevertheless, it excels for its ability to monitor more than fundamental fitness activities.   

The built-in GPS module also increases the total package.  If you are to get a fancy exercise band that can also double up as a watch, this one could be an alternative.
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