Sunday, August 18, 2019

Password Problem: Now the password will have to be entered in the will too! -

A password and a PIN number are a fact connected to everyone's life that will never get rid of them. The password is our hidden identity. There is a time when we cannot reach ourselves without a password. Need a password to open the phone. Then all the work is done by password. Gandhiji said, "My life is an open book. The lives of all of us are closed mobile, laptop, tablet or computer, which does not open without a password. Our communication is hidden. Password is a big plus for most people. Can't remember password. Keeping the password simple, the answer is, your password is not Strong. Also place special symbols with alphabet and number. There is no guarantee that no one can crack our password, even after putting it on. Hackers have password cracker software that can crack any kind of complicated password.

The password was just discussed again when Geralt Cotten, CEO of Canada's Cristo currency firm Quadriga, India, passed away. Geralt came to Jaipur with the good intention of opening an orphanage in Jaipur and died of a serious bowel disease. Her dead body arrived in Canada, until all the rituals were done, nobody knew about her. The password has made him known all over the world, not just in India. The only account worth Rs 9.82 billion was the password of the currency in the account. More than one million people lost their money. Hackers have sought help. Maybe it will crack the password. This event has triggered new discussions. Should every person give the password to a personal person? However, it is dangerous. Where is one to be trusted today? What if it gives us a password after we give it a password? The thing is, until now, when a man makes his will, he will have to write down some of his password so that his heirs do not mind.

At one time, Swiss banks were at the forefront of saving black money. Now people are turning to other tax haven countries to save money by changing the rules. In Swiss Bank, all transactions with cash are done with a code name and password. Doesn't even have a real name. No one knows who the goods are except the money stopper. Now if the person who has put a large amount of money suddenly dies? Swiss banks have billions of dollars that are unclaimed! A few years ago, Swiss Bank announced about unclaimed accounts. There were 3500 accounts that had no deposit. It consisted of six account Indians. 300 crore was deposited in those six accounts. Swiss banks are honest. All the money has to be washed and returned. The problem is who to give? There is also the practice of giving the names of the heirs, but if anyone gives it! After passing along the code name and password, after taking the guess that money was lost!

We have also seen cases where a man knows a lot of financial secrets and when he suddenly leaves the world many questions arise. One-time Bharatiya Janata Party leader Pramod Mahajan was shot dead by his brother Praveen for personal reasons. There was a lot of talk at that time that only he knew about the BJP's many funds. All the secrets went with them. When he was living about the BJP fund, he was asked, "Do you raise money for the party?" At that time, Pramod told Mahajan, "I am not a treasurer, but I get a lot of funds from my businessman friends." There are also events happening around us that, after some people leave forever, they do not know to whom this brother or sister has given money. This happens only with talk or trust-driven transactions. Now for the password it happens, we don't even know where it is.
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