Monday, August 19, 2019

Queen Elizabeth's Birthday Celebration and Death Rehearsal

There was a time when it was said of the British Empire that the sun never set in the British Empire. He ruled over many countries in every continent of the world. Many countries, including our country, have seen or known stories of the dangers of occupation of different English countries and the tyranny of the British. Now there is no monarchy in Britain, but there is still the royal family. Even the people of Britain have nothing left to pay respects to every member of the Queen and the Royal Family. British Queen Elizabeth II turned 93 last Sunday, April 21st. Two birthdays of the Queen are celebrated. At the same time, the royal family, the British government, and the people of Britain are beginning to worry about what to do when the Queen dies. The Queen's death was also rehearsed after the death of the Queen to cross the hamlet and glory according to the Royal Protocol! This is the only incident in the world where death rehearsals have taken place. You might be surprised to know that the BBC even does onscreen rehearsals on how to report Queen's death, so that there is no erosion when delivering real news!

Well, before we talk more about Queen's death, let's talk about her birthday celebration. Queen's Birthday is April 21st, but her celebration takes place on the second Saturday of June each year. Behind this is an incident 271 years ago. King George II was born on November 9, 1683. Britain's Weather General is bad in November. At that time, a good birthday could not be celebrated. Is. In 1748, King George II said, "From now on, my celebration of Birthday will take place on the second Saturday in June, along with the Annual Military Parade." General Weather is good in June. From that time on, King or Queen's Birthday Celebration takes place on a specific day.

Queen Elizabeth is the second most consumed power in the British Raj. For his birthday, he stands in the gallery at Buckingham Palace, shaking hands and greeting people. 1400 Soldiers, 200 horsemen and 400 musicians participate in the parade that day. People stand on both sides of the road with their British flags in their hands. There are 62 gun salutes at the Tower of London and 21 at Windsor Great Park. Now that the queen is old, everyone is concerned about her health.

The best doctors in the world are present in Queen's deployment. His health is being checked daily. Now, due to his age, he has stopped traveling abroad and exiting the palace except for the most important work. However, they still meet certain people. It also works when it comes to their duties. People are very interested to know the story of the Queen and the Royal Family. Even with the small talk of the Royal family, people's ears are closed. There are also rumors and rumors about Queen's health growing. At one point, a BBC reporter had tweeted that the queen had died. The bullying was beginning to retweet. After that the BBC had to apologize. Twitter deleted all the tweets by weaving.
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