Thursday, October 10, 2019

Current affairs 29 sept to 5 oct - Particularly useful for all exams

Immediately after the rash of these ants, and the determination that they were born in my child's heart, immediately after that, it would have been far more likely that the decision would have been stunned. But fate must have assumed something different that refreshed my pain.
Information about current affairs is provided.In the meantime, I would be about twelve thirteen years old. And he was also an active member of the Nature Club which was started in the village. Strong decision to get rid of anything about the snake. The words of the young men who killed the snake constantly echoed in their ears, "If you had so much knowledge and the snake had a burning in the stomach, did you have to catch this serpent?" Finally a little investigation revealed that a serpent named Ramulus Whitaker had published a field guide of Indian snakes, but there were two major pitfalls. One of the books was in English, which doesn't particularly interest us. Another disadvantage was that in the days when ten kg of salt was found, the price of this book was between one and a half hundred rupees. If I have seen honest Dad save me for buying the entire poetry collection of Umashankar Joshi for only fifty-five rupees, then why even ask for such a book worth Rs. Say the grace of nature, and if you say fate. Books in our village panchayat library eat dust. Two or four like-minded readers would also take a few puppets for the sake of the pomp. I was not a member, but in such a small village, all such doors opened for us as the sons of the elder of the railway train! Suddenly in this library, 
I saw the book "The Serpent of India" by the National Book Trust. Done. The raider, like the raider, looted the library and its librarian for almost a month. What does a librarian do, how much he cares or doesn't care, when he feels urine, thirsty, when he goes to drink tea, etc. Finally one sunny day, we mustered up all our courage and loaded the book into the pants of the Nefa, and then slowly, from where the smiling smiles disappeared.
On seeing this book at home, I realize that the information in this book is leaked, but all the snake photos are black and white. But what is wrong with non-matter particles? We have studied, how toxic, how toxic. What are the toxicities, what are the toxicities, what are their nature, behavior, what to do if the bag is filled, types of toxins, physical characteristics and so on. Interestingly, the information given by each serpent according to their gender also included their physical descriptions. After reading these descriptions, I intend to assimilate the colors of the snakes into the black and white photos by painting them into imagination. This Black and White book became the Getaway Way between me and the serpent, and the accumulated knowledge I received through this book taught me that knowledge was the strength. The subject or thing you are ignorant about, you must be scared of, and like a flash of knowledge that immediately fears. Now hang on to the Practical. By looking at photos of some snake, knowing it was the waddy variety and knowing who was poisonous and who was non-venomous, the snake was going to get caught in front of the snake. In our village a Gurkhaji guards and patsyu. But his special identity was that he would catch a snake. There was also a saying that Gurkhaji used to subdue the snake through mantras and then catch

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