Saturday, October 12, 2019

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This day was launched by UNESCO on April 9, World Book Day, April 7. World Book Day is celebrated in more than 8 countries around the world. First released in Book 2. However, the plight of many libraries in Kheda district is being witnessed today on World Book Day. The Gujarat project was released by the then Chief Minister of Gujarat state, Narendrabhai Modi. Through which people can develop reading skills and understand new things.
 At present, the project has paused .April is the birth day and death day of great writers, such as the gift of good books by great writers like William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes. Have tried. Lions like Abdul Kalam, President Swami Maharaj have contributed It elo. Nadiad is known as the literate Bhumi. Many great writers and poets like Govardhanram Tripathi, Indulal Yajnik, from Nadiad have dedicated their contributions to the country. 
The Expert Committee will look into the quality of the books written by the professors and decide to make a grant. 500 copies of the book which will be printed by the professor's book will be printed and 50 of those books will have to be given by the professor to the university, while the rest will be sold.

 professors applied to write books. About 23 applications have been received from Saurashtra University Bhavan professors and college professors for writing and publishing the book. The Expert Committee will decide whom to grant from this application.
Publishing a book will benefit professors in merit
Each professor does, however, publish at least five books. They get a mark from a book and these marks are counted in merit. This is why it is easier for promotion and higher positions. It is also necessary to get an ISBN (International Standard Numbering System for Book) number. Which can be obtained from Delhi's Rajaram Mohanarai National Agency for ISBN
The Dahi Lakshmi Library in Nadiad has been in existence for over two hundred years. Through which efforts are made to increase people's interest in reading. The library invites a passionate person on the first Sunday of every month. By this time, many anonymous people have been fascinated by their expression. About 3,700 books are still burned in this library. Books are also included. Besides, about 3 years old manuscripts and texts are preserved. Is obtained. Thousands of rupees are given to the schools every year for the purchase of books by the government.
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