Monday, October 7, 2019

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The Supreme Court has immediately banned tree cutting in Ore Colony until October 21. The Supreme Court has directed the Maharashtra government, hearing the petition of the Law Students, to immediately stop the trees from being planted and to maintain the status quo till the next hearing.
The apex court said that the situation in the area should be maintained till the Environment Bench makes a decision in this regard. The next hearing on the matter will now take place on October 21. Justice Arun Mishra said during the hearing, "According to what we are convinced, the Aare area is a non-development area but not an eco-sensitive area.
Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said the trees have been harvested as needed. Now, no more trees can be cut down in the colony. The Supreme Court said that every protester who opposed the tree cutting should be released immediately.

A group of students wrote a letter to Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi regarding the operation of the tree cutting in Aare, and appealed to intervene in the matter. It is noteworthy that so far 1200 trees have been cut. A total of 2700 trees were planned to construct a metro shed.
Metro Rail Corporation President Ashwini Bhide's statement comes after protests over cutting down of five trees in Mumbai's Aare Colony. On Sunday, Bhide said that cutting trees was essential for parking a car in our colony. There is a lot of buzz about cutting trees in the area. In this regard, Bhide said that sometimes there is a loss to create something new, but it paves the way for new life and new construction.
It may be recalled that the Bombay High Court rejected the petitions against the cutting of trees. The trees have begun to cut down since Friday. According to the crowd, activists opposed to cutting down trees in the Aare Milk Colony should respectfully accept their defeat in court.

Bhide said that those who are protesting are doing false propaganda. This process has started only after the High Court verdict. While this process of tree-cutting is being strongly opposed by local people, NGOs and political parties in Aare. Since Friday, a large number of people have been holding fierce demonstrations where trees are being cut down. Police also arrested 29 people.

The protesters received 29 conditional bail conditions
Arrears arrested 29 protesters protesting against cutting down trees for metro rail, who have now been granted conditional bail by the sessions court. All of them have been charged with obstructing the duty of police personnel and attacking them. Additional Sessions Court Judge H.W. C. Shinde has granted his bail to these seven performers on a 7000 quality mustache and on condition that they will not be involved in the show. All three protesters were arrested on Friday. They were protesting against cutting down trees in the area
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