Friday, December 27, 2019

UGVCL Vidyut sahayak Bharti Notification 2019

According to the Sarpanch, the company intends to build a sub-station on 5 acres of land from 5 acres. The people of the village are against it. There are 3 dams and 2 lakes around this land. Thousands of cattle from around seven villages come here for grazing. On behalf of the villagers, the Sarpanch has also objected to the letter to the District Collector, Deputy Collector of Nakhtrana, Mamlatdar, Taluka Development Officer and DILR of Bhuj.The fasting also happened earlier According to the Sarpanch, the land that the PowerGrid Corporation of India Company is trying to forcefully measure is the land of the village of Jadodar. It was introduced in writing about a year and a half ago in relation to the measurement and record making of the land. 

One year before it was not disposed of, the taluka development officer of Nakhthrani, who was sitting on the fast of Asmarant, had written in writing that action would be taken in two to three months.
North Gujarat Electricity Company uses drone for the first time in pre-monsoon planning. With the help of a drone, a total of 21 feeders in Mehsana, including 21 districts, were surveyed on obstructive trees, tilted piles and loose wire. Along with this, pre-monsoon work has been initiated in all areas of North Gujarat as well as Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad districts, including the removal of barrier trees, which will be completed by June 15.

AK Mangal, chief engineer of North Gujarat Electricity Company, said that in the pilot project of pre-monsoon planning, drones were found in Mehsana 7, Palanpur 6, Himatnagar 3 and Ahmedabad Sabarmati 5 in drone, 13 in agriculture and 13 in village level, 8 in Falala Nakhla. And was surveyed on the issue, including loose wire. If this pilot project is successful then the use of drones will be increased in the coming time. 
On the other hand, under pre-monsoon planning, the 52 kV 4970 feeder has been started by 5200 line staff, repairing and repairing tiled pillars and repairing loose piles, keeping in view 32.27 lakh customers in 7 districts. Which will be completed by June 15.
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