Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Compilation of questions to prepare for the examinations

Our first duty is to climb higher than it is to perform, and thus attain a higher role by attaining successive power. A young hermit went into the forest. There he meditated, worshiped and practiced for a long time. After many years of hard work and sadhana, one day he was sitting under a tree, while the dry leaves on the tree fell on his head. When he looked up, a crow and a herd were arguing at the top of the tree. 
Seeing this, the hermit became very angry. He addressed both birds and said: 'Why do you put dried leaves on my head? You seem to be doing this now! ' As he spoke these words, he saw the ravens and the herdsmen with an angry look, where both birds were burnt to death! The hermit was very happy to see this. He was delighted with the fact that he could only burn the crows and the herd in a moment by glance. After some time the hermit has to go to the city for begging. He went to the city. 

Stand at the door of a house. He said: 'In, beg me.' A voice came from the house: "Son, just pause a few times!" Upon hearing this, the hermit's brain was shattered: 'Hey! You tell me to wait You still don't realize my power. ”As he was thinking, there was a voice coming from inside the house: 'Son! Do not boast too much of penance. There are no crows or bugs here. ' Yogi was surprised. He also had to wait. Finally the woman came out. The yogi fell at his feet and asked: 'Ma, how did you know about crows and herons?' The woman replied: 'My son! I do not know your yoga as well as sadhana. I am a normal woman. 

I had to wait for you! My husband is sick. I was in his service. All my life I have tried to do my duty. When I was a virgin, I did the duties of my parents; Today, when I am married, I owe it to my husband. This is the only yoga I have done. But doing my duty has brought me wisdom, so that I can know the thoughts that are in your mind and understand the forest in which they did it. So if you have the curiosity to know more, I say go to the village market. There you will find a hunter. It will tell you something that you enjoy very much. ' At first this happened to a monk: 'What work should I do in the village and next to the tiger?' 

But what he saw made his eyes wide open. It's gone. He spotted a bag in the market. The hawk was chopping meat pieces on a large knife, talking to different people simultaneously. It happened to the young monk: 'Lord! What do I have to learn from such a man? This is like a monster! ”At that point he looked high and said: 'Swamiji! Did the woman send you here? Sit down until I'm done, 'The hermit shone:' What's going on! ' He sat down and the tiger kept working. After leaving work, he took the money and told the monk: 'Come, Swamiji, let me go home.' Thus, Vaughan went home. Vyadh bathed his parents in the house, set them up and did everything possible to make them happy.
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