Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Current affairs 19 to 25 January | PDF File by ICE

The prevalence of Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hindi and English language has now become digital and according to social trends, writers are trying their imagination to make writing art. Experts said at the symposium organized by.Symposium 1 was organized by Kutch University's Department of English, with the aim of improving the language based on the research and its utility in the future. Experts from other universities discussed current trends and English research and literature at this seminar held at the University Examiner.

This one-day workshop, chaired by VC Dr. Chandrasinh Jadeja, revealed that the digital platform is now becoming a simple medium. Without any management, one can present ideas and ideas that come through this medium. So everyday events like Current Affairs are also being created as a source for discussions arising from such digital media. Because of this a kind of literary material is becoming.
In sum, if one wishes, the ability to present the literature of current affairs or everyday events is to be developed. Meanwhile, Dr Kashmira Mehta, the head of the English department, said that the proudest moment for his department was that five simultaneous English scholars were announced to be awarded the doctorate. These are all five students. Two of whom are cousins. PhD students include Maitri Vyas, Kriti Vyas, Mansi Chauhan, Neerja Vaswada, Meha Sanghavi.
He was paying more attention to the practical knowledge with each subject's theory. Preparing a list of 3 hours of hard work a day has helped me a lot. I believe in reading more than understanding. Along with me, my older brother also cleared the CA Exam which has doubled the happiness of the family. I would like to take a job in a private company next time

My goal was to pass the CA exam as soon as I passed standard 4. CA used to spend 3 hours a day preparing for the CA, as I worked hard for the next 3 hours approaching the exam. Every paper was long but hard work as it has received good marks which is a pleasure. I got 1 out of 5 marks in Financial Reporting. While living in Maninagar from Rajasthan, I studied there and success has given me new motivation. There is a plan to do a private business after wanting to do a job first. -
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