Saturday, January 4, 2020

The circular was a matter of checking the vowel speed of students of standard 3 to 8

According to a circular made by the District Primary Education Officer by the GCERT, as per the decision made by the Department of Education, this year the reading campaign for the students' reading comprehension skills development has been started from Std. The teachers, principals, BRCs, CRC coordinators, education inspectors etc. have been trained in this regard during the teleconference. Since the beginning of the reading campaign to conduct oral language-based activities for one month, his booklet has been prepared and sent in a copy by SSA through GCERT. 

This booklet has reached every school. And every teacher in Std-1 to Std-8 needs to make a copy available. In the second phase of the reading campaign, reading and other activities will be carried out from the second session on November 1. All activities of the reading campaign and the implementation of the classroom which the class teacher of that standard would have to do according to his or her own convenience.
It is said that such thoughts as reading and thinking like that. “Tell me what you read,” says Frances Moriad, “so I can tell who you are. But if you say that you are repeating well, I can teach you. ”That is, reading affects the person's speech and overall personality. Just as healthy physical growth requires a nutritious diet; As such, healthy reading requires decent reading. Impressions on the mind of a spiritual, critical, ecclesiastical, or thought-provoking reader, anonymously enable a person to find a way out at a difficult time in life. Teach us to choose life. Reading is an indirect guide of the individual.
The current era is about explosions of knowledge, science-technology and communication. In today's Internet, the role of reading is also important for acquiring and disseminating information. The study article presented the BAD trainees' reading activities during the year 2016–17 and the desirable behavior changes they saw in them.
Meaning of reading:
Generally, reading means speaking sequentially by solving the sounds of the letters in a sentence or word. Meaning to speak out loud. But this definition of reading is not scientific. Without utterance, only the pronunciation process becomes meaningless.
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