Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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Examination is approaching. Then std.12 Science Practical Exam Next Friday Examination will be held next Friday. Rajkot had arrived on question papers sent by Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board today as it was started on Friday. All of those questions were sealed in the Strongroom raised in the papers Karan Singhji High School. Std in the district. ૧૨ Practical Examination of Science will run for 7 days. Separate seating arrangements have been arranged for the examiners in 3 separate buildings.
Std. 2 and std. Reference to the Board Examination 1 A meeting has been convened to finalize the action plan for the examination in the District Collector's Office. There will be discussion on issues including preventing theft of exams. As well as details of the sensation shell and ultra sensitive examination centers will be revealed. In Rajkot district, Std. This year there are approximately 1 in 5 while std. In the general stream of 3 thousand students and 3 students in science, 3 students are enrolled. This year, compared to last year. કેન્દ્ર The number of candidates in science is also declining.
Std. Regarding thdeclining number of science candidates, the sources said that in Rajkot city, std. સંખ્યા The number of private schools in science is increasing steadily. It is unfortunate that the number of students is decreasing. Which is worrying. Although the science faculty is the best for career development, it has not been successful in increasing the number of students in the science faculty.
Std in Saurashtra including Rajkot. The count down of the board exam will begin with the Practical Examination of Science of Science. Std. In Rajkot district, there are around 3 in 8 while std. ૧૨ In normal flow ૧૦૦ and std. A seating arrangement has been set up in approximately 3 centers in the science stream. The action plan of which will be the final of the action plan.
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