Friday, February 21, 2020

Government of India Announces Guideline for Census - Module Download

Controversy has arisen in the country over the Citizenship Research Act, the National Population Register and the National Register of Citizens. While the central government is slowly taking steps towards it, the opposition opposes all three and views it as divisive. Meanwhile, preparations for the census in 2021 have also begun. The Modi cabinet on Tuesday approved the census, the NPR update.
If you are wondering, where will the questions be asked at the time of the census? So please tell us what kind of questions you will be asked during the 2021 census. The Census India website has been uploaded on the Census 2021 form, which provides complete information.
It is noteworthy that the country is census every ten years, the last census was 2011. Now work on it will start in April 2020. In the meantime the training will continue and then by 2021 the census will be completed.

This question may be asked during the census

- Number of homes
- Census building number
- The floor of the building, whether the roof wall is raw or its condition
- House use address
- Number of families
- Name of the head of the family
- Landlord information
- How much room for a family to live in?
- The main source of drinking water
- The main source of light
- Toilet facilities
- Sewerage water disposal system
- Is there a bathing facility on the premises?
- Kitchen, whether LPG / PNG connection?
- The main fuel for cooking
- Radio / Transistor / Mobile / Smartphone
- Television / Dish / Free Dish
- Internet or not
- Laptop-Computer
- Bicycle / Scooter / Motor Bicycle
- Car / Jeep / Van
- Do family members use the banking service?
- Mobile number / photo

It is pertinent to mention that the Central Government has also passed a budget of about 8700 crore for the population, along with the process of updating the National Population Register (NPR). However, the opposition is alleging that NPR is only part of the NRC, so it cannot be implemented.

It has been clarified by the government that the NPR-NRC is different and has nothing to do with one's citizenship. NPR was first created in 2010. Two main objectives were stated along with it. 1. Collecting personal details for every resident of the country, 2. Photographing and fingerprinting of every resident of rural and urban area of ​​15 years and above.
This time around 1 lakh workers will be stopped for census and government employees will go from house to house to get people's economic, social and religious data. The counting will be conducted in all the states of the country except Assam during the census process as there is already work to update the census register in Assam. At three levels the census process will be undertaken.

In the first phase, ie from April 1 to September 7 next year, the employees of the Central and State Government will go from house to house and collect data.

The second phase of the census will be completed from 9th to 9th February and research process will be conducted from March 1 to 5.
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