Friday, February 14, 2020

Social science Standard 6 to 8 Questions Mobile Application

India has become the No.1 country in the world in downloading the app from the Google Play Store. According to a recent report, app download survey revealed that India ranked first in app downloading. In a report in 2018, 50% of the world's population, 3.9 billion people were using the Internet. Indians had the highest participation. This year, India has the highest download tick-talk app compared to other apps.This short audio-video version of the musical app is chosen as an entertainment app among the masses. There was a lot of controversy in India about this app and it was banned.In India, 4.5 billion apps have been downloaded in 4 months. America is second with 3 billion. This year, a new app has also been installed from the Google Play Store in India. Within a few years, the use of different mobile and mobile apps has increased in India.

Internet access is not available in rural areas, but most people take advantage of mobile and internet. Last year, the Indian people downloaded the most apps. The Tick-Talk App has become an Internet sensation in India. This year 88.6 billion new users have downloaded the app in India.
Nowadays people are confused directly with the 'accessory' after releasing a new car. What to take? What not to do? That question is big. Previously people used cars for comfortable travel. Today it operates as a mobile office and a means of entertainment. That is, whether you are going to the office or going for a ride, the car must be 'connected' to the outside world.

Seat cover, matte, mud flap, perfume, pillows, radios can be found in the hangings from the company, but whatever is running is software! Now gadgets need to be integrated into the car's interior. TV, rear camera, bluetooth, today's style. The company now offers all the buttons in steering, so there is no need to lengthen the hand to change the volume.

Music also resonates with Bluetooth from your mobile device, so the back passenger picks up the album for himself. Now for safety, the airbag is two and then in the above model, it is 3-5.Most cars have WiFi and Bluetooth. Remote control controls the music, so even in heavy traffic the mind is relaxed. USB port can also play songs from PenDrive. Honda now considers the CD Chaucer outdated, so all the CDs are out of the car. In my auto brio, I have to stock a pen drive instead of a CD. But it does not matter if it occupies less space.

The upper model now has the navigation map 'inbuilt'. On the other hand, Google Maps now has a mobile holder of its kind. Which you can stick to the right place in the front of the car.Some people listen to the lyrics of mobile, setting the small Bluetooth speaker back and forth in the car. Safety increases when fitted to a car with a GPS system. Keyless entry and builtin start-stop button increase comforts. Hands-free mobile accessibility better. It doesn't lose your focus and safety when it comes to phones.

In the new car, touchscreen infotainment with navigation and voice commands, email, video have become commonplace. The use of LEDs has increased over the past year. The seat's LED and inbuilt massage are the latest craze. As the car is getting smarter every year, we also have to get smarter!
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