Friday, March 27, 2020

Current affairs 15 to 21 March 2020 by ICE institute Rajkot

Diwali festivals are over. Sweets must be eaten. Apart from that, there is no focus on eating and drinking. The weight may have
increased a bit too. Many people may have decided in the New Year's resolutions that there is something to eat and drink from now on. Don't let weight gain. Many may also have thought of joining a gym to lose weight. If you ask anyone who is sweating to lose weight how they are suffering, then you know. Mental issues are more likely to plague a person than a physical problem that causes weight gain. Sometimes the mirror may even look awkward because of the weight. If you comment about weight in a fun way, it is a bonehead.

One of the true events of the moment is the event itself. A girl was told by a relative of hers. Hearing this, the girl said, "I am not fat, healthy. Do you want to see my body checkup reports? I have no problem. You don't have to worry about my weight. Not all are so strong. Some people cannot bear the joke about weight. Thus, it is said that no comment should ever be made about one's weight or appearance. The appearance and to some extent the weight is not even a matter of the hands of a man. It is natural. It is not, however, that one who looks good comes out ahead or has a good personality. Appeared heroes or heroin-like looks may also be a bit dodgy. People who are normal in appearance or overweight are also talented.

That is to say, intelligence, skill, understanding, humanity or personality are not a matter of weight or appearance. The problem is that most overweight people have their own weight on their brains. A study was done on people who were overweight in Britain right now. Heavyweight ones were split in two. One that had a lot of weight tension. There were other people who had no problem with weight. They were from Happy Go Lucky. People who were distressed with weight were suffering from the psyche. His career was not too bright. In comparison, those who took their weight easy were the ones who were at the forefront of their careers. On top of this, psychiatrists say, don't let weight gain too much on you. He said that even though overweight, it is not often a matter of man. Weight and appearance are natural.

Yes, if weight is high then man should try to lose weight. Weight loss is also a problem. Some people try and lose weight. However, even though some people work hard, their weight does not change significantly. Those people get frustrated. Every man's body also has a nature. It is not necessary that our bodies believe in everything. As much convincing as you believe, not to worry about. We are talking about people who are thin, that are just like a saddle. The same applies to overweight. Those people are naturally like that.
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