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Social science NEw Textbook -Standard 7 | useful for Govt job exam

Man can never be alone. If I could have been alone, no one would have felt the pain of leaving their homeland. Ask people who live far away from their home, what happens to them? You will hear the story of humidity in the eyes. Every man has some roots. Man is
drawn to the roots of wherever he is. This is very true of an assassin. He fled by killing his enemy. Police tried hard but they were not caught. Years passed. Five years later, it was reported that the killer was caught. The policeman who apprehended the murderer was asked, how did you succeed in apprehending him? That said, I didn't run after him anywhere. I just kept an eye on her house. 

One day he came to visit her and I caught her. Criminology says, "Whatever the culprit, sooner or later he comes to his homeland." In the homeland they have parents or family. Everywhere a man is in a hurry to come home. By fleeing from the wives and children, the one who has escaped is removed from the body, but he is constantly feeling the pull. It's just a matter of knowing or trying to contact them!

We all have the experience that sometimes going somewhere is fun for a few days. However, once in a while, it makes sense to go back home. It is also said that the time has passed, that if these days are over then good. Not only home or hometown, but also the burden of work. The real life is thus a daily routine. What comes in between is a holiday. Have a break. After the break the car will have to wait for the train to return. Holiday fun is only if there is work. Relaxing is just the exhaustion of fun work. Rest is not tolerated to an extent. Man must work for something. A man can not sit in the boat. You should try. One day decide that nothing is working today. Nothing means nothing. Don't even do the things you love! Can't be done. Even during the holidays we have to do something. Listen to music, watch movies or web series, find out some work is pending, and don't care about them!

There is a nature of man. Occasionally doing things that have to be done or being consistent with them are at times disgusting. At that point, it makes sense to leave everything or run away. Sometimes someone escapes, that is, they decide with their mind that they should not do so now. However, this happens soon after. Even if that doesn't happen, we still have questions. Not only are humans Happyly Connected, many people are also painfully connected! We have also seen cases where a couple is struggling every day, even blows, but do not name them separately! He has gotten used to it! This is very true that a psychiatrist has said. A young woman approached him for advice. This young woman's husband used to quarrel with her every day. Sometimes I even lift my hand. If a young woman makes a mistake, she will break it. Suddenly her husband's behavior changed completely. He will not fight or lift his hand. No one talks about work! The wife asked the psychiatrist, "Why does he do this?" Why does he no longer quarrel? Is he no longer interested in me! If a man gets used to hitting or even defecating, then the habit of love will fall? Every man wants his own care. A glass of water on hand is also a compact addition. Doing anything for our person is not a bondage or compulsion, it is also a part of love. The man who works at the office, placing orders at the office or business, also tells his wife, "You sit, I bring you." For the children, it does everything. There is a person in the house!

If you ever feel like running away, take a short break. Do something different from what you do every day. Life also sometimes needs a change. Life should have variations too. Man cannot escape. Neither should run away. Challenges in life are about to come. Dislike is going to happen. Sometimes even the weakest ideas will come. Humans have to move beyond every situation to the intruder. If life sometimes feels dull, find ways to make it interesting. Where is our happiness, our happiness, our enthusiasm and our life's direction? We are the very essence of our chariot. To reach the destination, we have to be careful not to stray from the right path or get stuck somewhere!

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