Friday, April 10, 2020

now the Hiranagari Surat of Saurashtra gem artists

While speculation that the lockdown will prolong across the country is getting brighter, the state of Hibbazar, which is employing more than a hundred youths, has been in a state of undesirable lockdown. Corona-positive cases are increasing steadily in Bhavnagar, the center of diamond town Surat, and Soirat, the center of the Soi Motu diamond. It is a matter of concern for the diamond market that these two cities are becoming hot spots. In this situation, thousands of jewelers who have come to Saurashtra, who have migrated from Surat, known throughout the state as Hiranagari, are reported to have started farming with the decision of permanent residence in the village.

Bhavnagar, Amreli, Jasdan, Botad, Gadhada, Ladhi are the main centers of diamonds in Saurashtra. Millions of youths in this area have recently returned to their homeland because of corona. At present, the diamond has fallen down. The lockdown has been implemented across the country till April 1. Speculation has surfaced that diamonds are in such a state that even if the government lifts the lockdown, no industrialists are ready to launch a diamond factory for a month.

According to the President of the Jasdan Diamond Market Association, diamonds have recently become volatile. Even if the lockdown opens in the country, the diamond market is unlikely to open for a month or two. In Surat and Bhavnagar, the situation with Corona is bad. Raw material cannot come and ready goods cannot go. Corona risk does not diminish In this case, even if lockdown opens, no industrialists are ready to open factories.

The leaders associated with the diamond industry in Saurashtra said that thousands of youths from Surat have come to Saurashtra with family due to corona. These youths have recently started farming season in villages. They are not ready to go to Surat even if lockdown opens. Farming families have benefited immensely from coming to Surat during the period when there was a shortage of labor. Some diamond artisans have turned to other businesses because the diamond market is shining.

More than one million youth are involved in the state in the diamond market. Millions of youths have become jobless in the lockdown, but there has been anger among artisans who have not announced any help to the jewelers.
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