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Standard 4 Textbook PDF File | English Medium

Sampling trends are expected in most competitive exams. In addition, the knowledge of current trends is very important for those who do not give competitive exams. Compared to other topics, this topic is considered to be a bit complicated as it does not have any specific reference book to read, but the events covering many topics are happening on a daily basis. So the following suggestions can be considered for the preparation of this topic.Source of reading: Usually blogs are available in many magazines and the internet in this area, but for the best preparation, careful reading of newspapers is required.
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In addition to reading, it is important to write down your own dated notes of important issues, which can be revisited quickly during the exam. Apart from this, analysis of some topics on DD News, Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV can be used by experts, etc. Wikipedia can be accessed on the Internet. However, no more than 3-4 hours daily can be given for this subject. Giving proper justice to other subjects as well. (2) How long to prepare ?: 

In some examinations, at least 6 months of current trends should be studied. Events for 6 months for GPS and UPSC for at least 3 years should be studied. In addition, a strategy can be formulated to take into account the area you are examining. For example, if you are examining the bank, the economy, RBI and monetary policy, inflation and related questions are important to his career. In the examination like LIC, the field of insurance, the role of IRDA, any recently announced regulation etc. 

should be studied intensively, while for the field examination like FCI, the PDS system, subsidy schemes etc. are considered as important issues. (2) Classification of events: Constitutional amendments to political events, newly created laws, judiciary rulings, government schemes on economic matters, issues such as trade wars, bitcoin and impacts on India, budget, foreign trade, recent news persons (who have received any awards). Having been appointed to an important place, who has recently passed away, in a dispute), a moment of science New discoveries in the field, laboratory of nut particle, nutrient laboratory, weapons developed by DRDO, space program and ISRO achievements, nuclear energy program and Indo-US nuclear war, India's visit to various countries in the field of foreign policy, Prime Minister of India and Prime Minister of India. Prepare with classification and analysis of topics according to the benefits that can be obtained from India
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