Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Textbook PDF File | Standard 8 | Gujarati Medium

The most privacy a man probably needs is to cry. This is a story of a young man. Whenever I would cry we would take the car and
drive away. The car stopped in a place nobody could see. One lit a cigarette and then cried at a smoke witness. Saying that is a thrill to see the smoke in the rainy eyes. There is also a shock. When my person was leaving at the crematorium, I have felt the wetness of the cheetah in my wet eyes. I look for him in the cigarette smoke with wet eyes when I remember him. Smoke is also a buzzword. It goes up and takes us down a few inside us. The monks perform a fumble, perhaps meaning the whole aura in smoke. Perhaps in the smoke he may feel the figure of the soul. Smoke is the ultimate truth. Our eyes witness the fumes of so many deadly events in our lives. Mourning can be described when the sensation dies.

Can you easily cry? A man who can never cry may be left out of a supernatural feeling. Crying is also a wet dialogue with oneself. Such dialogue becomes more intense in solitude. Tears are transparent like water. Tears are different than water. Tears flowing from the eyes to the lips reveal the taste of our mood. Post-mortem of tear drops is the cause of many life events. Tears are also happy. Will the tears of suffering and happiness be different? The taste may not be different, but the sensations are different. Whether we are praying for someone, wanting to see someone in a place, and when it is worthwhile, it seems that my prayers have been accepted. At that time, the tears that appear in the eyes give a shiver.

We are not always crying for ourselves, sometimes we are also crying for our person. Sad is it and wet eyes are ours. This is the story of two sisters. When a sister cries for some reason, her friend also starts to cry. The consolation of tears is also related to the tears. We can't see everybody crying. How much does someone's crying touch us? Why do we feel anxious when a baby is crying? The baby sometimes even laughs while crying. Why can't this happen after I grow up? Is Maturity Fooling Man? Do you feel like crying and being caught when someone comes up? Looking at the eyes of a young man his friend said, did you cry? Her friend told her to avoid saying no, eyes are burning!

 eyes are burning or hearts are burning? Tell the truth, what is? Do you have someone whom you can call the real reason for your cry? Lucky to have someone who can cry. The man who laughs together cannot cry in front of everyone. Crying requires a special person.

It seems weird to laugh at everything, just like laughing at everything. Many people are born with a well in the forehead. That conversation is crying. No one takes the weeping of such people seriously. This is the point of a spouse. Whatever the case, the wife starts to cry immediately. The husband often told her that you would cry even in ordinary things. Some people even have a tension that will cry right now! Once the wife started crying, the husband said, "Do you sit and cry? Hearing this, the wife said, You want a cry! Why can't you cry yourself? What do I do if I cry? Everyone has their own understanding and mindset about crying too. Where can everyone even accept someone's cry? What happens to her, what does it mean to cry? A lot of crying also makes us angry. If this started crying back! You have nothing to cry but to cry.
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