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Textbooks for the Arts, Commerce and Science stream | Standard 12 PDF

If a change occurs in a human being, then it is understood that its
association has changed. Change is good and bad. This is a story of a young man. Never lived in that house the same way. It does matter in everything. Suddenly his behavior changed three hundred sixty degrees. It started to stay the same. All believers talk nicely. One day after seeing his change, his father told him, If you have any new friends, bring him home. The son asked, why do you think my friends have changed? The father said, from your behavior! From your behavior, it seems that you are in a good company. The boy confessed that a friend had found a new one. That's great. I have learned a lot from it.

I realized, I was wrongly angry. Think carefully, how much does your behavior affect your friends or those with whom you spend more time? There will be! Our thoughts are influenced by the thoughts of the person we are with. That is why it is said, stay away from negative people. If you feel that this man is not very much to meet, do not meet him. Meet the ones with whom you feel calm, relaxed, and touching. When it happens to us, man, this is true. Stay close to what he says is good. Some people have such an influence, there is no shortage of them. Every man is giving us something. It is not an object that appears, it is an idea, which is implanted. We don't even know what that man left in us!

The story that the Lord Buddha told his disciples is similar to that. There was a king. He set out to roam his kingdom. Suddenly the king was standing near a shop. After inspecting the shop and its owner, the king said to his minister, "Don't know why, but I do mind hanging the shop owner!"The minister was saddened to hear this. Why did the king think so? The next day the minister went to the shop. 

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His business was to sell sandalwood. The minister asked, how is business going? Trader said, very bad! Not a single sandalwood wood is sold. People come and go, smelling sandalwood. Nobody buys. What the businessman said next was shocking. The merchant said, "Now, if the king dies soon, good." If the king dies, he will be burned with sandalwood and all my wood will be sold! If the king dies, my days change and something good happens!

The minister understood why the king had thought of hanging this man. That was what he thought of the king's death! The minister took a piece of sandalwood from the dealer. The next day, the minister took a piece of sandalwood and went to the king. The king said, "Yesterday I went to that dealer's shop." Did you think to hang it? The merchant has given you a sandal gift. The sandalwood wrapped in cloth revealed that the aroma of sandalwood had spread all around. The king was pleased. He regretted why I was hanged for selling something so sacred. He felt sorry for himself. Giving the goldsmith to the minister, he said, give it to him and buy all his sandalwood. Give wood to each house so that the aroma of sandalwood spreads to every house like palace. The minister went to the dealer. He gave the dealer a goldsmith, bought all the timber, and spoke to the king. The merchant also regretted how bad I was for such a great king? He prayed to God for the king's long life. The person with you is the cause for your progress or decline. That is why we need to recognize what we have with us! Lastly, it is important to think about how people are with us, and how should I be? What do I plant in another? Holiness requires holiness!
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