Thursday, June 4, 2020

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We keep pampering all the problems. There are heaps of events in
our lives from which we may be physically free, but not mentally free.
Our thoughts do not allow us to be free. Liberation is not realized until the thoughts are freed. Our thoughts are the cause of our happiness, sorrow, pain, suffering, pain, trouble and trouble. A man who has control over his thoughts is a yogi. Thoughts cause disorder in us. We have been pumping the incident that happened in five minutes for five months. He spoke to me like this, he treated me like this, he hurt me! We never get out of this!

Man carries two chests with him all his life. One box has bad memories and the other has good memories. Both the boxes are so full. We keep the box of bad memories open. The box of good memories stays closed forever. All we have to learn is which pallet to keep closed and which to keep open. A man kept a hide folder in his mobile. His friend asked, what is in this? Is anything private? The friend said, no it's not. It's like not seeing. There are bitter memories in that folder. I have decided never to open that folder! The friend said, is that so? Then he said, my friend, then delete that folder! What to do by saving what is not open? We are all doing the same thing, saving even what is not worth saving!

Many people also enjoy being sad. He needs sympathy. By talking one by one, he seeks comfort from his people. He also likes to feel sorry for himself. Even with that excuse, they try to keep people on their side. It has become a habit to depend on someone. Who are you dependent on? We all have to depend a little bit on our person. It is not fun without it, it is not like without it, it must be, this is also a kind of dependency. This is natural when there is love. There is a lot of difference between being submissive and being dependent. Dependence leads man to slavery. Be supportive, but don't be dependent. Sometimes man seems to take us for granted when we are dependent. Be dedicated, not surrender.

This is the story of a boy and a girl. Both love each other immensely. The girl depends on the lover on everything. Nothing is visible without it. Not every lover sees such a situation with emotion, it also seems to look at it differently. Where is this going now? It is completely in my grasp. No matter what I do, it's not going to leave me. Gradually he began to take advantage of his girlfriend's feelings. Behavior that makes the girlfriend sad. Many people also do emotional blackmail in such a way that if you don't believe me, I will leave you! What will happen to me if the girl leaves? Being dependent on love also proves that our emotions are out of our control. Do everything for love, but when love is constantly hurting, think, where is going wrong? What's going wrong? Love should give joy! When we are in love, if we are not in the air and drunk, then understand that something is a problem. Sometimes it is normal to get upset or quarrel with someone, but if it happens constantly then you have to think about that relationship too!

There was a boyfriend and girlfriend. In the beginning, it went very well between the two. Gradually, quarrels broke out. The girl remains very disturbed. The boy doesn't care. Seeing the girl's condition, her friend once said, "You are sad." That is understandable. Does it matter? Does he ever think that my girlfriend is disturbed? Persuade him! I don't want to make her sad! True love is that after hurting our person, we also suffer! If it's not fun, we won't have fun either! Many get sadistic pleasure by making us sad. If someone gets sadistic pleasure from our grief, it is not his fault, it is our fault. Man should not give the key of his happiness to anyone. It is possible to have fun if there is someone, it is also reasonable not to have fun if there is not. However, if we don't have fun, then when it doesn't come, we have to understand that it doesn't have to be fun or not! Not only the key to our happiness, but also the key to our sorrow should not be handed over to anyone. To be happy, we need to be careful that no one hurts us.
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