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CTET Dec.2019 Paper.2 | Maths science 60 Questions

Have you ever felt that life has moved on? There are also events happening in life that we do not even notice! It looks like
everything's gone. When there is a shock, it fails that I will never get out of it. When it comes to failure, it seems that the career is over. Nothing is ever finished. All possibilities are alive until the last breath. Life runs in a certain rhythm. The greatest key to the rhythm of life is that it never stays the same. Everything is changing. Everything happens slowly. Whether it is joy or sadness, it also comes slowly and slowly. Sometimes we have to, when will this end? When do you get rid of this?There are some events that take place frequently. Life also requires time to settle down. Even life sometimes says, give me some time! I'll change too. 
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Nature, too, takes enough time to maintain its own order. The morning rises slowly and the evenings gradually subside. Even after ringing the bell in the temple, its sound echoes for a few moments. We are in a hurry. We need everything very quickly. Life should be given some time without getting lost or tired. How long life will take depends on our mentality.

The events that are happening in our life give us the opportunity to prove ourselves. How does a man become intelligent, intelligent, smart, or a matcher? Only certain circumstances, situations, and beliefs form us. There was a man. Very jealous No matter what the brain loses. Same every time. One young man once asked him, "Why do you stay so healthy?" You are not affected by anything? The man said, the effect is the same every time. How we allow a thing to affect us all depends on what we do. When a bad thing happens, a person cries in awe. Someone goes silent. No one has been practicing solitude for some time. No one is afraid. We respond to every event. React to everything. How we react is measured by how we are!

Do you know how you are? It is easy to be neutral with someone else, but to be neutral with oneself is a noble one. Not everyone can be neutral with themselves. We are being biased when it comes to ourselves. Our prejudices do not only shake off others, they also scare us. What we believe may be true for us, but it does not have to be true for all. Each one has its own truth. When two truths collide, a conflict ensues, in which both are defeated. Was a spouse. There was a dispute between the two. Both were understandable. They both decided that we should seek the advice of a wise man. The two went to an elder. First the wife spoke for herself. After the talk is over, the wife said, is my word true or not? The elder said, Your words are true. Then came the husband's turn. The husband also asked himself, "Is my word true or not?" The elder said, Your words are also true! Hearing this answer, both spouses said, "If you say that both of us are right, then what about our quarrel?"

The elder said, "Not every time there is a lie, there is no dispute, misunderstanding or disagreement, it is often because of being true." Both of you have the truth in your talk, but remember one thing, when there are two people, the truth of both can only seem like living together. It doesn't matter who is right or who is wrong. To be willing to dissolve my truth for your truth is the truth of the same relationship.

One wound and two are easier to cut. Any man can do that. What after tearing the ends? Something is broken when the ends are broken. Something's missing. The ends are getting smaller. The longer the draw, the greater the chances of a tumor falling. If a tumor falls, it does not have to be broken. Even if the knot is broken then attach the knot, then the knot must remain. The knot should be carefully pulled open. Opening the knot requires patience. Anger hurts a man. The wise man has said, "Don't make any decisions when there is uproar." Our decision is our commitment. Take time to make some decisions. Thinking decisions are only sustainable. Otherwise, the decision taken in the morning does not last till evening.

Never expect that everything is going to be good, everything is going to be the same. The situation can change at any time. Relationships can break down at any time. We want certain relationships to last a lifetime. Relationships do not last alone. The relationship also depends on the other person. It is not necessary that the other person thinks the same as us and wants the same as us. A young man's breakup happened. It was very disturbing. I have wanted to have this relationship my whole life, ”she told her friend. I lost a lot. That person has changed. Friend said, how can you prevent this change? Just because you do not change does not mean that it does not change. The reasons for this change will be their own. That may be true and even false! In a relationship, suffering is such that we cannot accept another person's change. How can we hold it in our hands if it is not ours?
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