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હું બનું વિશ્વ માનવી -જનરલ નોલેજ બુક ભાગ -2 PDF | HU banu vishva manvi

There are three types of people in the world. One rich, another poor and a third middle class. The rich have no worries about money.
The largest class is the middle class which collects two ends of blood and water together. Poor people have a problem of filling two tanks every day. We have been hearing that the fate of the poor is also poor. Is that really so? If so, why? Elder Schaefer, a professor of behavioral economics at Princeton University in the United States, has authored a book, Scarcity, on the poor. By studying how the lack of money affects the human brain, he wrote that poverty weakens a person's thinking. Even children raised in poverty have a weak brain!

When we get the results of the exams there, we read the news that the son or daughter of a rickshaw puller, a vegetable seller or a laborer came in the top ten on the board. If Elder Shafir's story is true then why is this happening? Is it because those children do not allow their financial situation to dominate their minds? For one thing, those who have nothing work hard to get out of it, considering their situation as a challenge. Yes, there are such children, but the number is probably very small. Elder writes that those who do not have enough money to meet the necessities of life, their thinking is weakened, the reasons behind the thinking process are responsible. They live in the same anxiety and the same thoughts, how to run the house? How to satisfy the desires of the people in the house? How to celebrate festivals? The biggest concern is how to get treatment if you get sick. If a person keeps thinking like this, then where will good ideas come from? Man's self-confidence is strengthened by his thoughts. Just think if there is weakness then man can do nothing.

In sum, the idea comes up again and again. As we know, ideas have tremendous power. One whose thoughts are pure, sattvic and competent can well experience happiness and be successful. We have the late former President. There are countless examples, from Abdul Kalam to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who come from poor families. The only thing that mattered to them was that they thought about what they had decided, regardless of their circumstances or financial situation.A program called 'The Inquiry' is aired on BBC Radio. Ruth Alexander is the host of the event. During a program, a school teacher named Mrs. Murphy said that poor students are left behind in exams and the children of the rich are killed. After this question Ruth got details about this. Carrie McClough, a professor of psychology at the 

University of Washington, did research on children in an orphanage in Romania. Kerry's study found that the orphanage lacked adequate facilities and the children's mental condition was not very good. The children who were adopted from this orphanage and went to happy homes were smart and happy. The greatest development of a child's brain occurs in childhood. Childhood is most affected by the situation around him. It also says that if your situation is bad, don't let it affect your children. Don't let his thoughts weaken at all. Even if you can't give it all the features, you can give it good and strong ideas.A study was also conducted on sugarcane growers in Chennai on economic status and mentality. It said that two months after the harvest of sugarcane, farmers are very happy because they have money in their pockets at that time. Then, along with her financial situation, her mentality gradually deteriorated. 

હું બનું વિશ્વ માનવી | Part -2 

A study on the same subject by Adina Jackie Al-Hajuri, a professor at the University of Miami in the United States, says that those who live in deprivation for a long time also have a weakened ability to think and act. He loses interest in life.After all this is now finally one of the most important things. A study of people who are poor or middle class and yet are very happy says that they have no complaints about the situation. Those people are as happy as they are. Our scriptures also say the same thing, if you enjoy what you have, that is enough. If you cry over what is not, you will not be able to enjoy what is. Thoughts make a man happy or sad. It is not a matter of changing if there is wealth, but it is possible to live well even if there is less. Nothing can spoil the fun of living.
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