Monday, July 13, 2020

Monthly Planing 2020 std.3 to 8 by GCERT | 2020-2021

Every day something happens in our life. We label the event as good or bad. We keep evaluating each event in our own way. A bad event can start to feel good in the future. 
This incident would not have happened if it had not happened. We cannot accept an event as just an event. We directly consider the advantages and disadvantages. We get disturbed by small incidents. We want everything according to our convenience.A young man was riding a bike. Was in a hurry to arrive. The bike had a puncture. He was in a bad mood. We have to accept that something bad is happening. 

Our happiness and sorrow depend on how we accept it. By disturbing, we are only making our mood and brain worse. He went to the young puncturer. The young man was throwing punches while the puncher was puncturing. All this happens at the right time. Nothing happens when you are married. Obstacles come only when there is haste. The puncture was about to fall. After hearing all the talk, the puncturer said, "Thank God the puncture occurred." The young man said, "What is there to be thankful for?" The puncturer said that given the condition of the tires, it looks as if the tires would have ruptured! Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Suddenly the bike crashed and had an accident! This is just a puncture! You survived!

What is our mentality like? If we know we're going to get worse, we're starting to think less is better! The other is a young man. He was riding a bike. Fell asleep. Kicked in the leg. The swelling went away. There was severe pain. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The fifteen-day bed will come. Went to the hospital. The doctor took an X-ray. That said, no fractures! The young man was hashed! Thank God, no fractures! Why do we compare what happens to us to more serious events? Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly. Again, we don't even see the event as an event! There is life. Events are about to happen. It can be both good and bad.

A girl went to the saint. He asked the saint, good and narcissistic events happen in our life, what to keep in mind? The saint said, to prolong what we think is good and to shorten what we think is bad! Stretch a good event. Shrink a bad event. If something good happens, extend the time. Try to have a little more fun. Don't let the intoxication of happiness and joy go down in a jiffy. What do we do? Good events are quickly forgotten. We keep the bad event at bay. In fact there is a need to reverse. Bad events do not leave the brain quickly. Why do you let go

This is never going to happen as we wish. There is also a lot to dislike. Went to a young philosopher. He said to the philosopher, "Pray for something good to happen!" The philosopher asked, why what happened? "There are always issues in life," the youth said. Barely there is another problem. Dad's health has deteriorated. He felt dizzy and fell down. Taken to hospital. All reports made. We were afraid that something serious would happen. However, all reports came back normal. All this goes on. The philosopher started laughing! Asked the young man, why are you smiling? The philosopher asked. Did all Dad's reports come back normal? Said the young man. Yes, quite normal. The philosopher said that this meant that nothing bad had happened! Isn't it better not to be bad now? You think it's a problem when Dad falls, but you don't mind when the report is normal! There is so much good in life, we don't think it's good. How we understand an event is also often the cause of our happiness or sorrow!

Some of life's events are like forgetting. You should know how to put a cross on events like deleting. Memories are also responsible for happiness and sorrow. Some bad memories have to be erased. Many people cannot be free even after being freed. Trying to hold back the flowing water is futile. There are also some life events that are regrettable. How much to regret and how long to regret is up to us. This is the story of two friends. Both work in the same company. Its boss was stubborn. Annoys both at small things. It doesn't work every day without being annoyed. Both friends were fed up with this job. Coincidentally, the two got another job together. The joy of getting rid of this job was shining on both their faces. It was the last day of the job. The two sat together for a while while parting. A friend said, I will never forget this boss for the rest of my life! Hearing this, another friend said, "I am going to forget it as soon as today is over." I don't even remember such a man coming into my life. What will you do with it? You have nothing else to remember? How much do we have to spend in life? The ones who keep kneeling are the ones who keep kneeling. Life gives you the opportunity to remember your choices and forget what you don't like. Discernment is nothing but the skill of what and how you chew.
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