Tuesday, October 27, 2020

GPSC Exam calendar 2020 2021 | New Update

After you upload anything on social media, you are tempted to see how many likes you got. Who made the comments? Did you comment Yes, such a temptation is bound to happen. It is also verynatural for that to happen. Many people keep looking at it from time to time, how much did the likes increase?
Are you upset if you got 200 likes in the previous post and 125 likes in the last post? What do you think when you like someone else's post? Does it make you like it, or is it really like your post? Many people look at a photo and say that it looks like debris, they will like it even after talking so much! We are now doing well on social media too! The boss's post means you have to like it. We even gnash our teeth to keep the boss happy and say, wow what a thing!Are you angry if you wrote a post for someone, even tagged it and didn't see it? It happens that he doesn't care? Suppose he saw it and did not respond, then you feel sad? Not everyone needs to be the same. There are different reactions to each action. What happens if you upload status and don't get any likes? Most people like the status quo first. Like us first! The account should be opened by us. Are you jealous if your friend gets more likes than you?

Social media also runs for all likes, comments and followers as if any competition is frozen. This is considered a criterion. Her popularity is measured by how many followers or friends she has on Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Celebrities are different, but ordinary people often get frustrated when they join the race. The subconscious comes that, I have no importance at all.

Given the psychological problems caused by social media, Facebook is considering making a decision. From now on, only you will be able to see the likes you get on Facebook. Only you can read the comments that your post receives. Facebook has also made its pilot start in Australia. The results obtained in Australia will be used to decide whether or not to apply in other countries. By the way, do you like it or not? The likes we get are also seen by other people. Not only likes, but also what comments are made. Discussions and debates continue over the comments.

Facebook's research found that those who get less likes are disturbed and form different opinions about themselves. Many people delete the post if they get less likes. As Facebook says, we don't want people to see this as competition. Facebook and Instagram are owned by one, Mark Zuckerberg. A similar experiment has taken place on Instagram in Canada. Youngsters have turned to it since the advent of Instagram. Facebook is now called the social media of youngsters mom-dead or uncle-aunt. There is a lot of talk about Facebook. Many people believe that they do not get as many likes as they used to get. There are also rumors that not everything that people post reaches them. Facebook wants money to promote the post. Now God knows how much is true and how much is false in this and Facebook knows.

The most important thing is that whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media, do not consider it as your qualification or disqualification standard. Don't let social media get on your mind. Social media is just a means to stay connected with friends. Don't look at someone's fun photos and think that everyone is partying and I'm sad to be alone. Who is happy or who is unhappy can never be guessed from social media. Man has more to hide than what he shows. Stay in touch with people close to you live. Have a few relationships where you can speak your heart out. Social media is a virtual world and what is virtual is never true. If we believe it to be true, it is not our fault, it is ours. Also keep track of how much time you spend on social media. If you spend more time on social media than your people, then you are on the wrong track. There is nothing wrong or bad, technology is for us. If you like social media then definitely be active, just keep the balance and be aware of the effect on the psyche.

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