Friday, October 9, 2020

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 There is no one as stupid as the youngsters who do not understand that he is not conscious about his life and career. Today's youth are very wise, intelligent, sensible and sensitive.

Some young people may be careless or naughty, but they have always been. It is unfair to think that all youngsters are irresponsible because of a few.When it comes to our country, one thing is often said that our country is a country of youngsters. Our country has more youngsters than any other country in the world. If India dreams of becoming a superpower, one has to admit that only these youngsters can make the country omnipotent. How much do we value the youth wealth of our country? How much do we motivate those people? 

Most of the time we applaud someone only when they have achieved some great success. We overlook small successes. Our hands are low on the backs of young people. Which boy or girl did you last say, "I'm proud of you?" When did you see someone's skills and say that you have the ability to be great or successful? You work a little harder. Have you ever helped someone succeed? Would have done. This is not to say that all people ignore youngsters, which is not the frequency it should be.

Bianca Andrescu, a 19-year-old Canadian girl, has just won the US Open title, beating 23-time Grand Slam champion Serena Williams. Bianca went home with a grand victory. He lives in Mississauga, Canada. The city has a population of eight and a half million. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau was present when Bianca arrived in his hometown. City Mayor Bonnie Crombie gave him the city key. It was circulated throughout the city. Bianca may have been happier with the honor in his hometown than he was when he won the title. Youngsters need appreciation from their own people. There is nothing better than being praised by the people of the house and respected by the people of the city.

What happens to us there? Some people go to the airport and welcome the winner. In this too, the real intention is to appear in the media and get publicity. The question is how many people will be proud from the heart. "One of the reasons our boys don't come forward is because they don't get appreciation from home," said an expert on parenting. Parents who admire their children's small things are paving the way for their children to move forward. Another thing is to tackle the failures of youngsters as well. When it succeeds, many people go to Samarkand Bukhara, but when it fails, they do not pay attention. Today's youth need people more in times of failure than success. How many times have we sat down with those who have failed and said, 'It's OK. It happens. You tried. There are still fewer chances. You have to succeed.

In our country, the efficiency of the youth is in doubt. The country's Labor and Employment Minister Santosh Gangwar has just issued a statement saying that there is no shortage of employment in the country, but there is a shortage of skilled youngsters. Santosh Gangwar may have been told such a thing by a recruiter. Let's assume for a second that this is true, then why doesn't the government think about why this is so? Youngsters have degrees, but if they don't have skills, isn't that a defect of our education system? How reasonable is it to blame young people directly? Even if we have a recruitment of policemen there seems to be lines of graduate and post graduated youth. Don't all those educated people have any other skills? A survey conducted by two Delhi University professors found that 33 per cent of India's skilled youngsters are jobless. Have you seen the mental state of youngsters who do not have a job? He is ready to do whatever he wants. Making a career in any field other than studying there is like chewing iron chana. The work we do there is art to the side. The real work is considered to be the one who gets paid by doing the job. We don't even applaud those who do a little good work in the field of art. Our cats measure how much they earn each month. Youngsters will do something, just motivate them. It needs support, not sympathy. A country that cannot appreciate its youngsters cannot move forward. If we want to move forward, we have to learn to trust the youngsters and pat them on the back.

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