Saturday, November 7, 2020

Government HIgher Secondary Bharti FInal Merit list Declare

 Man changes a little every day. Not only nails and hair do not grow, only age does not increase, but also a lot grows or decreases.
A few breaths are added to us every day. That breath makes us sometimes light and sometimes heavy. The creation or dissolution of sensation is a daily process. Every day adds a day to our lives. How much do we grow every day? How different are you today than you were yesterday? The mirror shows the outside. What about the beauty inside? Do we nod or faint inside? How much do we realize the direction of change in us?Man is constantly trying to identify the other. Who is how What does he think? We keep trying to read our person’s thoughts. Thoughts can never be read in their entirety, because thoughts change every day. Sometimes there are questions about a person who has lived with you for years. 

Do I know him well? Sometimes man seems incomprehensible. Our footsteps of measuring it fall short. A young woman went to see a philosopher. "My husband and I have been together for ten years," she said. He is a good man. However, sometimes I don't understand its behavior. Sometimes I feel like I can't figure it out! The philosopher said, "Do you recognize me?" Have you ever thought that he can recognize you completely? Another thing is, what is recognition? Man's identity changes every day. The truth is, man needs to be adopted, not recognized. Man has to settle, not measure!

There was a husband and wife. It was the couple's fifth marriage anniversary. The two sat together. The wife said, you have changed a lot in these five years. Husband asked, what has changed? Now you are giving more importance to your work. You were as crazy behind me as before, not so much now! The husband said, OK, what else? The wife continued talking. You are more mature. Behaves better with all. Life is getting more serious. Understands your responsibility. The husband said, "It is good that you have taken into account my weaknesses as well as my strengths." The wife said, "If I only look negative, then I will do you injustice." Nothing is one hundred percent good or one hundred percent bad. The wife then asked, what has changed in me. Husband said, to be honest, I don't think much about change. That is a daily occurrence. All I know is that you were mine yesterday, you are mine today and you will be mine forever. If we think of change, sometimes there is a lack, I do not let a lack come. It is just as important to have faith in a relationship. Even if the mood changes, the roots should not change. Man has certain basics. Being basic does not change. Man is good, but we also have the responsibility to maintain the goodness of our person!

How much does a man trying to identify himself try to identify himself? How much are we aware of our mentality? How honest are we with ourselves? What would you say if someone asked you about yourself? A boy went to meet a girl for a wedding. We are told there, the girl went to see! Are we going to see or understand? The boy said to the girl, Tell me something about you. Talk about yourself Talk other than biodata. I have read about name, age, study, family members. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! The girl said, I'm a little capital. I have some points. Sometimes I get angry. Ignorance is not tolerated by me. I am afraid of the darkness of night. I cry when I see a tragic scene in a movie. I also have a little bit of jealousy. I get jealous if someone does a better job than me. Sometimes I even feel like, I’m stupid. I will put my trust in all of them very soon. When someone cheats on me, I get angry at myself. When I am very angry, I also use cheeks. I don’t judge anyone. I don't like anyone judging me. I hope you don't judge me by this.

The girl asked, about you? The boy said, I am not very angry. I prefer to get away from it than to quarrel with someone I don't like. I'm a little workaholic. Sometimes I am afraid that I will not be able to give enough time to my life partner. I'm a little stubborn. Can't put one thing down after another. My nature has struck me many times. I am loyal. I don't like cheating on anyone. I have my own understanding of life, my own philosophy. Peace and happiness should be experienced in everyday life. By the way, if someone asks you about yourself, you can tell the truth. We also have so much honesty, right? How much treasure do we have inside us? We are constantly evolving from within! We often do not even speak our heart out to our person!

A boyfriend did not tell his girlfriend that there was a quarrel in his office. The girlfriend asked, why didn't you talk to me? The lover said, so don't be disturbed! Girlfriend said, why shouldn't I be sad? You do so much to be happy! One thing to remember, those who have the right to be happy should not mind being hurt. I not only want to be happy with you, I also want to be sad with you. If we are not together in sorrow, where will we experience happiness together? We should also be able to cry with those with whom we can laugh. Even if we can't cry in front of everyone, our person should not hesitate to cry. A true relationship is one with which we can remain as we are and express ourselves as we are. There’s no ‘I’

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