Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Secondary Revised PML-1 Merit

 Relationships are considered the basis of happiness. The man whose relationship is alive is lucky.

Man cannot live without relationship. Man needs man. Man walks without all but man does not walk without. We all need someone. To speak, to express, to relax, to evaporate, to evoke! We get overwhelmed sometimes, even man has to be emptied. The doomo that fills the throat melts with the hand moving in the bamboo. Man sometimes gets absorbed, sometimes gets overwhelmed, sometimes gets stuck, sometimes gets lost! Every such incident requires some accompaniment and some hand. When he is about to fall, he holds his hand, and when he is stuck, he pushes it forward. When we are overwhelmed with thoughts, someone asks us angrily, ‘Hey, where are you?’ Such hands bring us back to us.

Relationships remain more than signing our survival. Relationships have a reason to live. There is something in each of our lives that we are living for. Attendance is fine, absentee thoughts are also coming. What will happen if I don't? We are also someone's support. Even on our basis, someone survives. Even if our phone is switched off or no reply is received, someone's breath stops. This is the story of a lover. The girlfriend was constantly calling her boyfriend. Each time the phone rang. The lover's soul clung to his palate. This will never happen! My phone will pick it up under any circumstances! Definitely something unexpected must have happened. Didn't live with it! What can I do? Eventually the girlfriend called the boyfriend's sister. Asked, where is it? The lover's sister said, "She is at home! Stand up, I’ll check. ’When the sister went to the brother’s room, the brother was asleep. He woke up his brother and said, "Why don't you pick up the phone?" The girlfriend had ten missed calls! He did not know how and when the phone went silent! "I was terrified," she told her boyfriend. What kind of thoughts came in a few moments! 'The boyfriend asked,' What thoughts came? 'The girlfriend said,' Think that something happened to you or not? ' 'Please don't say that!'

What fsomthing happens to your person? It is true that no one dies without someone, but living is like life. There was a boyfriend-girlfriend. The only thing the girlfriend would say when she was going anywhere was, ‘Judge me when you go!’ The boyfriend once joked, ‘When will I go upstairs?’ The girlfriend's eyes flooded.

He said, ‘I have to go before you. You don't have to take me, you have to drop me off! ' That's why it makes sense to say that when there is a quarrel with your person, when there is resentment, just think that, if it is not? Ask him who has no one to quarrel with, no one to persuade, no one to cover!

Some relationships in life are short-lived. Lifetime is where there is nothing in life? Relationships also have a lifespan. Some relationships are short-lived. How much has everything survived even in these short times? There are times in life when life is hectic and hectic. It's the best time we've ever lived with someone. It was like living life when you were or the best time of life was when you were. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally? Most of the time when we don't have the value, value or understanding of what we have, we realize how important it was in life!

A boyfriend and girlfriend broke up. The two fell in love because they could not live together. After a long time, the two unwittingly got together. The two met with great love. The girlfriend smiled and asked, "Did it feel different after I left?" Just as much as bubbles and bubbles! The tenderness of the bubble became like the pain of a bubble! Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me, Looks like Al that sounds crap to me I also thought that chewing on good memories with you. Only then will it be realized that good memories probably cause more pain! Happiness is remembered, it is also sad! Where do relationships go even after a breakup? Your name was written on the page of the notebook. He tore up the page and threw it away, but there was a wrinkle of your name on the page below.

This is the story of a husband and wife. Both lived in love. At times there were quarrels between the two. The wife had a habit of writing diaries. Whenever there was a quarrel with her husband, she would write down all the anger in her diary. A few years later, her husband died in an accident. She also wrote a good diary of her husband. She would sit down to read the diary when she remembered her husband! While reading the diary came the pages in which she had written when she had a quarrel with her husband. It happened, ‘There was so much anger, so much anger! There was resentment in word for word! She started crying! He decided not to keep these memories. He immediately tore the pages of the diary! Then the thought came to him that, I wish I hadn't let that time come, how good would it have been? It is difficult to say who is together for how long

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