Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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Body and mind are those that directly affect each other. The body responds if the mind is hit.

If something happens to the body, the mind reacts differently. There is a body, so sometimes something big or small has to happen. Even when the seasons change, the weather is likely to affect the body and if nothing else, colds, coughs and general fevers are likely to occur. Medical science goes so far as to say that it is a good thing that the seasons change and affect your body. Not just humans, but every animal and bird is affected by the seasons.By the way, how do you behave when you get sick? What kind of patient do you mean? The types of patients that have been studied say that there are nine main types of patients. The most common are patients who want their personal people to pamper them. 

Even people who choose to do most of their work under normal circumstances, when they get sick, want to have everything they need in bed. At the same time, they also consider themselves in a monarchical mood. This is the story of a couple. Under normal circumstances, the wife would say, "Dude, you do your own thing." There is nothing wrong with that. The husband fell ill once. His wife took care of him so much that, in a light tone of voice, he said, "You have become so kind that you feel sick from time to time." Many wives have experienced that a husband who is careless in caring for his wife will take good care of her when she is sick. That is why it is said that when you get sick, you know how much your person really cares about you!

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There are also some types of patients who do not like to annoy anyone. Most of his teeth are also like, I don't need anyone. I am not allowed to serve anyone. Such people will not even tell anyone when they get sick. So there is no shortage of people who, if they get a common illness, enjoy the whole village. He will tell everyone that I am sick. He also likes to meet well-known relatives and friends. He also gets upset when no one comes to ask for information. Of course, even after asking for information, those people feel the same kind of pampering. It feels good that people are close to me and come to see me.

Some patients are even more curious. When they get sick, they take over the whole house. If there is a general fever, put everyone in business. Even if someone is a little inattentive, he says that you don't care about me. Whatever happens to me happens. You know, there are patients who enjoy the disease. This is the story of a young man. When the brother falls ill, he gathers all his friends and then dies. Even if he doesn't eat because he is sick, he also has a party for friends. While the young man was having a party, his boss suddenly came to inquire about his health. Her eyes widened at the sight of all her friends having fun. He said, "You are partying." The young man laughed and said, "Why should I cry?" My illness is not something that will cause me to die. Does it make sense to cry?

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