Tuesday, November 3, 2020

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Sajan re juth mat bolo, khuda ke paas jaana hai ', is such a song in the old Hindi film' Teesri Kasam '. At that time it was just a matter of going to God and being punished for lying. Secondly, do people speak the truth?

He was swearing to know. I must swear. Many would even swear falsely, saying, "Just swear." People used to give different recipes to make a true confession. Now times have changed. Technology has made it difficult to lie and do wrong. The risk of getting caught is highest if you do anything wrong. CCTV cameras capture your presence. Your phone gives an account of where you were and where you went from. Technology has now reached the point where it can catch your lie in a sixth of an hour. The latest news is that now the technology has come that, if a man is lying, his facial expressions will tell him that this is the number one lie.

Facebook, a British startup company, has developed technology with the help of artificial intelligence that will catch a man lying. This technology will bring out the facial expressions with micro expression, which will tell whether it is true or false. You know, when we laugh, the rhythm of our laughter matches our eyes. Happiness, anger, resentment and our other emotions draw certain lines on the face. Now if a man is lying his lips make a different statement and his eye expressions are different hi. Gestures of more than 300 million people have been uploaded to this technology. There are 80 points on each face that differentiate one face from another. The numeric code is based on it. If we do not fall into other details and speak directly in Sut language, it can be said that this technology will expose the wrong child. We are thinking everything from the negative side, we are talking about the wrong side, but if we think on the other side, it can also be said that even the one who speaks the truth will prove to be the truth. It is also not a good thing that the truth teller will get the support of technology.

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Now this Facebook company will test this technology together with the London Police and our Mumbai Police. If this technology is successful, it will replace the polygraphy test i.e. lie detector. A polygraphy test is performed by injecting a chemical called sodium thiopental, ethanol or cannabis into the body of the offender. This chemical is also called Truth Drugs. Polygraphy tests are performed in very rare cases. This is a new technology software base. At present, even if this is only for the police and is to be tried on criminals, technology experts predict that sooner or later this technology will be available to the general public as well. So much so that, if you upload someone's video, it will tell you whether it is true or false. It would not be a surprise to see such an app in your Play Store in a short time.

The biggest question is, what will happen to human relationships if that happens? Whatever we say, the fact is, many relationships are based on lies. It is not a matter of man getting better overnight. Thus honesty is a must in a relationship. No matter how wrong you say it, you have to leave sooner or later. Technology never completely deletes your communication history. Sin screams from the roof. One cyber expert went so far as to say that if a man falls behind, he can know the transactions from you to the end. It is good that not everyone doubts us! However, with the passage of time and with the advancement of technology the suspicion of each other has also increased. This has been happening even in jokes since the advent of mobiles. The first joke was probably that, the wife asked, where are you? Husband said, driving the car. The wife said, eh? Play a little horn! This is a joke, but now checking mobiles and deleting messages or history has become a daily routine for many.

The University of Lancaster in the UK has also claimed that a wrist belt that can read emotions will be available soon. Such emotion reading instruments are needed when there is no one to read the emotions. As far as technology is concerned, it has been predicted that sooner or later it will take over the human intellect. Speaking of emotions, maybe technology will capture man's emotions, but emotions will remain man's own. Artificial intelligence, no matter how artificial it may be, can never be real. Man is a sensitive animal. It lives by sensation. When so many different technologies come along, when will the technology come that keeps man's senses alive? However, there is no need for such technology if we can keep our emotions alive. Be truthful, honest, loyal and playful with yourself, the number of such people is constantly decreasing!

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