Saturday, November 21, 2020

Syllabus PDF Official Assistant (Sahayak), Class-3,

 The eye blows away everything. The eye is the ion of the heart. The reflection of what is going on in the heart catches the eye. The eyes also get a little watery when the heart is pounding.

The speed of breathing and the state of mind also keep beating in the eyes. Even after we close our eyes, a lot of scenes continue. Even if we are asleep, dreams do not let the eye jump. Morning eyes describe the fact of how the night went. The eyes have a language. The language is simple, but not everyone understands it. To understand the language of the eyes requires more vision than the eyes. Not everyone has that vision. We also don't like it when all our eye language is solved. That right belongs to certain people. We do not give that right to everyone. That’s why we’re looking for an angle to cry. Some corners of the house are living witnesses to our suffering. Even in the heart there are some corners where not everyone gets access. Its doors are open only to certain people. Where is the wetness in the corner of our eye?

Crying is also a lot of fun. If there is a shade keeper! Tears may well well up when there is no shade. Tears are unfortunate as they dry on the cheeks. Our tears also bring salvation to our person. Tears also have an eye. Tears falling from the eyes to the ground are also a small shock to the earth. Earthquakes also cause slight tremors in the eyes. Do you ever feel like crying Can you cry when you feel like it? Where can we laugh when we feel like laughing? This is what a girl said. Yes i cry All alone Only in my presence. I let go of my feelings when something bad happens. Only a tissue witness has a dignity to cry. I let the doomo in my throat flow through my eyes. No one knows. Sometimes the thought comes, who cares, with my wet eyes? When the monsoon sets in or the summer dawns, where does one ever soak or melt?

Man needs the most privacy just to cry. This is the story of a young man. When he felt like crying, he would take the car and walk away. The car stopped in a place where no one could see. He would light a cigarette and then weep over the smoke. It is a thrill to see the smoke in the rain. There is also a trauma. My wet eyes felt the smoke rising from the cheetah as my person was leaving the cemetery. When I remember it, I look for it in the cigarette smoke with wet eyes. Smoke is also a wonderful thing. It goes up and takes us down a little inside us. The monks smoke, perhaps it is in the smoke that they find the meaning of the whole aykha. It is only in the smoke that he realizes the shape of the soul. Smoke is the ultimate truth. Our eyes witness the smoke of many dying events in our own lives. There is an indescribable grief when Samvedana Murray.

Can you cry instinctively? The man who can never cry is probably separated from a supernatural feeling. Crying is also a wet dialogue with oneself. In solitude such dialogue becomes more intense. Tears are as transparent as water. Tears taste different than water. Tears flowing from the eyes to the lips reveal the taste of our mood. A postmortem of tear drops reveals the cause of many life events. Tears are also of joy. Tears of pain and joy may taste different? The taste may not be different, but the sensations are different. When we are praying for someone, wanting to see someone somewhere, and when that makes sense, it seems like my prayers have been answered. At that time, the tears that come out of the eyes are very cool.

We don’t cry for ourselves every time, sometimes we even cry for our person. It is sad and our eyes get wet. This is the story of two sisters. When a sister cries for some reason, her friend also starts crying. The comfort of tears is also found in tears. We can’t see everyone crying. How much does someone's crying touch us? Why do we feel overwhelmed when a baby is crying? The baby sometimes cries and laughs. Why can't this happen when you grow up? Does maturity fool a man? Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally? Seeing a young man's eyes, his friend said, "Did you cry?" His friend said to avoid talking, no, his eyes are burning! His friend said, do his eyes burn or his heart burn? Tell the truth, what is it? Do you have someone who can tell you the real reason for your crying? Anyone who has someone to cry with is lucky. A man who can laugh with all cannot cry in front of everyone. Crying requires a special person.

Just as laughing in every conversation seems strange, crying in every talk also seems strange. Many people are born with a well in their forehead. He cries in the air. No one even takes the cries of such people seriously. This is the story of a husband and wife. The wife immediately starts crying no matter what. Her husband often told her that she could not help but cry. Some people even have the tension that we will start crying now! Once the wife started crying, the husband said, "Why are you crying?" Hearing this, the wife said, you should cry! Why can't you cry What do I do if I cry? Everyone has their own understanding and mindset about crying. Everybody accepts someone's cries either

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