Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Announcement of recruitment of Assistant Professor in Granted College

Most of the state’s grant-in-aid B.Ed. And the law college has been running without professors and principals for many years and recently the recruitment process of qualified professors was started by the higher education department after the approval of the education department for the last two months but before the recruitment of professors UGC issued a circular to recruit professors to all universities in the country. Grant in B.Ed. on the other hand. The colleges do not have qualified staff as per the rules. The NCTE (National Council for Teachers Education) has ordered the closure of colleges, which has left the education department in a dilemma as to whether the colleges will be closed if the UGC is to be considered and whether the recruitment will be accepted by the UGC.

The recruitment process of 77 professors in 31 grant-in-aid B.Ed colleges and 46 professors in 21 grant-in-aid law colleges of Gujarat was carried out by the higher education department of the state government for years. In which after the completion of the document verification process of the applicants, the degree of the candidates bringing fake university degrees from other states was not recognized and their objections were checked by the Grievance Cell and reported to the Commissioner of Higher Education. Meanwhile, the UGC has issued a circular instructing not to recruit in universities at present, citing the Supreme Court judgment. On the one hand, the circular not to recruit UGCs and on the other hand, the order of college closure if the teaching staff of NCTE is not filled, have confused the officials of the higher education department.

The direction of the legal department has been soughtNon-Government Aided B.Ed. And what to do now for recruiment of professors in law colleges? UGC's circular is only for recruitment in universities and it is not clear whether it will be applicable to colleges. The direction of the legal department has been sought.

.. so now teaching will work without professors.When not a single university in the world's top-200 is from India, the UGC has issued such disturbing circulars barring the recruitment process in colleges and universities, further raising the standard of education, the academician said. Experts are of the view that if this circular is followed then most of the government and grant aided colleges will now have to run teaching without professors and then it is understandable how skilled students will drop out of the college.

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