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 Life forces a man to make a decision many times over. We have to make a decision at every stage of life. The main basis of what a person becomes is ultimately the decisions he makes.

What to eat, what not to eat, where to go, where not to go, who to have a relationship with, who not to have a relationship with To get married or not to get married, to get married, to have a love marriage or an arranged marriage, to give birth to a child or not, even if the child wants, the question arises as to how many children to have, to decide for the future after the child is born, to change jobs or not, city To give up or not to give up, to stay in love or to break up? Life is nothing more than making decisions!

Making decisions requires understanding. Even a well-educated man fails to make decisions. The uneducated man often decides to confront even the wise. Ingenuity often proves to be more powerful than ingenuity. Was a young man. He goes to an elder whenever he has any confusion. The elder gives him accurate guidance. The young man once asked the old man, ‘How much did you study?’ 

The old man said, ‘I have read more men than books. The heart is more important than the degree. Learning is necessary, but it should be useful for us to make good decisions and good ideas. True education is that which takes a man to a higher level. Man's motion should be upward. Only he who is in control of motion and mind can make progress. Getting up is not the only thing that matters. The coconut tree is very tall, but it cannot provide shade. You have to be a father to give shade. '

Does man do all things with understanding and thinking? Offcourse is done with understanding and thinking. How much does a criminal think before committing a crime? There was a thief. Absolutely perfect in his work! If you want to steal somewhere, you have to plan it thoroughly. Thoroughly study the bungalow to be entered. Who does Reiki exactly when he comes, when he goes. Also check if there is a CCTV camera. If so, think of ways to avoid it. He breaks into someone's house to steal only after he has done his homework. His friend once said to him, "If you were as focused on stealing as you are on other good deeds, where would you be today?" The thief said, "Everything I do is done with perfect planning. I do everything with understanding! ’His friend said,‘ No doubt, you do everything with understanding, but you know that your understanding and your thoughts are wrong! When a person thinks of something, he should also think that my thinking is on the right track, isn't it? '

Not all ideas are necessarily true and good. Thoughts keep coming. We have to come up with ideas. Weak thoughts have to be avoided. Thoughts only lead to our downfall if we do not come to the conclusion and avoid them. Sometimes when we listen to someone's karna, it happens that we have not thought of anything before doing so. He may have come up with an idea, but he doesn't realize that what I'm going to do will not work out! Most offenders believe that they will not be caught. Those who are in prison are living examples of wrong decisions.

This is exactly what a police officer said. He said, "Every criminal thinks that he is clever, he is clever. It is his cunning that drives him to make mistakes. When he commits crime for the first time, he has planned on a full scale. He commits a crime and succeeds in it. Just as confidence comes from practice in good deeds, so does confidence come from bad deeds. The modus operandi is what makes it the way it is once successful. The style of committing the crime is gradually becoming the same. This sets them apart from other criminals, and sooner or later they are caught. Surprisingly, the criminal's mind is brighter than a good man's. A vicious mind is needed. Good men don't have to worry too much, because they don't do anything for fear of getting caught! The culprit has to be in constant fear that if he gets his hands on it, it will be his turn! '

There are times in our lives when we have made a decision and talked to a personal person about it. After listening to us, he may have said, 'Whatever you do, do it with understanding!' After someone says that, we give a second thought to our decision, right? We always ask those who say so, what would you do if you were in my place? There are also many friends who say, ‘Don’t think like that! There is nothing we can do about it! ' He fell in love with a girl. The girl's family was rigid. The girl told her boyfriend, "My family will not believe me under any circumstances. All we have to do is run away and get married. 'The boy talked to his friend. His friend was sensible. He said, "Where is your messenger?" Pelli said and you decided to run away. Talk to her first. If he can't talk, do it. If you can't do it, tell your family. The decision to run away should be final. ' The easy way out

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