Monday, January 18, 2021

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 If someone asks you what is the priority of your life, what do you answer? Achieving something in life? Get rich Reaching the top in career?

Becoming a celebrity that everyone knows? Getting a big award? Yes, any of these can be! There is nothing wrong! Is it good to have ambition? The question is, after becoming successful or after becoming rich? Be happy with that The answer is no! Happiness comes only from good, healthy and lively relationships! This is not based on any imagination but after 35 years of continuous study it has come out that true happiness is not realized without relationships! Many people say that if there is money, there is power and there is respect, people come to build a relationship by walking in front of them! Yes, this happens, but the relationship is not true! The true relationship is that no matter what your financial, social or mental situation, your people are with you!

If any of us are worried, that is a big deal. Someone waiting at home, someone sneezing when you sneeze, someone worrying about whether you ate or not, patting your back if you do something good, calming down when you fail, someone laughing when you are having fun, having fun when you are disturbed You are the luckiest person in the world if there is someone who tries, who cares when you get sick, who knows your mood and does not let you feel alone. When does this happen? When our relationship with her is one hundred touches! We have everything but life does not seem to have any meaning at one time if the relationship is not good.

A study conducted in the United States from 1938 to the present day shows that a good life is possible only through good relationships. Robert J., a world-renowned psychiatrist at Harvard Medical School in the United States. "Relationships make life worth living," Waldinger says after the findings of his grant study. Robert Waldring, 69, is the fourth head of the study to run for 75 years. The experience of happiness has been studied over 724 people for seven and a half decades. More than half of those involved in this research are still alive. Most people are now 90 years old.

It is more important to know the essence of all life than to fall into the details of research. Many of these people said in their youth that the purpose of Annie's life was to become rich and famous. Gradually those people said that happiness does not come from being rich or famous, true happiness comes from your relationships. Meet your people. An examination of the mental and physical health of older people also revealed that if you have a good relationship, your health is good, your memory is good, and your toxins are good. Relationships provide a reason to live.

One finding of this study is considered very important. The gist of it is that living and living together is like an elephant-horse fair. The marital relationship between husband and wife should be throbbing. The most important thing is that living with a wife without feelings is even more deadly than getting a divorce! This applies to both husband and wife.

Loneliness slowly overwhelms man. The definition of loneliness given in this study is also understandable. You may feel lonely even if you live with a lot of people, you may feel lonely even if there is a crowd around you. Even if you have many people working with you, you may feel that you have none. Two things are most important in a relationship, closeness and quality. Wavelength is determined by how close you are to your person, how close your person is to you.

One of the arguments in the relationship is that even if we are good, our person is not appreciated? This can happen but we have more of a good relationship. If you love someone, take care of someone, take care of someone, it will resonate. If not here's a new product just for you! Of course, good people always find good people. If not, should we also check that we have no problem? The study also found that the value and significance of a relationship becomes more apparent as one ages. Competitors are told that if you want to be happy, if you want to live a good life, don't let your relationship dry up! It will be fun to live only if there is someone to listen to, to talk to, to shout

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