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Big recruitment in Surat Municipal Corporation

 As long as a man is unfamiliar with himself, he cannot recognize anyone. Understanding the

world begins with oneself. How is the whole world? What we see or what we believe? If we believe everything is good then it is good and if we think it is bad then it is bad. How r u You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.Do you know why you do what you do? The man studies to pass, gets a degree for a job. Work to earn money, eat to fill your stomach, but also to live? To fill life? To realize one's own existence? So sure to be yours? What does man do for all this? Nothing special. Everything goes on as it goes. Even our senses become so accustomed to our routine that nothing changes. Nothing touches us.

The eye once asked the man what am I for? To see or to cry? What would you answer if your eye asked you such a question? The man replied to the eye that you are there to show me everything. Only with your help do I see the colors of the world, the good and the bad. I also see beauty and cruelty. I also see touch and wound. I also see sharpness and intensity. The eyes said that it was all right but what did you do to me? Do you just see everything or do something inside you? And if it unloads, what does it unload? Because I see a lot and everything. There are flowers and thorns in the rose bushes, there is mud and lotus in the lake, there is a garden in the village and there is a dump, there is a god and there is a demon, there is a sigh and a wow, there is a sigh and a consolation, there is a shore and Even fun. What do you get out of all this? If you close your eyes for a little while inside you. Isn't something wrong? Did he keep the filter or not?

A man was spinning alum in the water. An elder asked, "What are you doing?" The man said, "Uncle, you said that if there is debris in the water, turn it into alum and the debris will settle down." The elder said that it is true, I told you but do you turn any alum to remove the waste of mind? Man should also keep cleaning the garbage of the mind. Have you removed any traps that have stuck in your mind? No we don't, because we believe it to be true. I believe that's right, I say that's right. How many glands, beliefs, prejudices have become ingrained in us, do you ever clear them?

One child asked the saint, "Maharaj, why do we close our eyes while praying?" The saint said to look at ourselves for a while. We look outside, never inside. Prayer or yoga is an activity of self-identification. The saint said let me tell you a story. There was a diver. Every day I dive into the sea and go deep to find pearls. Sell ​​pearls and revel. One day he was asleep. He had a dream. In the dream, he drowned inside himself. He was looking for pearls. He barely found a pearl. He thought that he would just sell these pearls and have fun. While he was going to sell pearls, he met a child. The child said I am hungry. My father is sick so he could not go to work. There is nothing in the house. If you give us pearls, our stomachs will be full. The man gave her a pearl. Tears welled up in the child's eyes, and a tear fell on the drowning man. The diver thought that this pearl is true that I gave it? He blinked and woke up. Her eyes were wet when she looked in the mirror. What happened to all those pearls? The saint told the child that he had to close his eyes to take a dip inside.

There is love, feeling, forgiveness, empathy, comfort, warmth and intimacy within us but we can never find it and give it to anyone. Our senses are not animated without touching someone's senses. We want love, affection, affection and we get it. But do you love the one who loves you? Man wants rights, he wants dominion, and there is nothing wrong with having such a desire, there is also power and domination, if you do not impose it on anyone.

Two things happen in love. One is when you say we have to do what I say and the other is that I don't have to do anything you don't like. The only difference is that one is what we are saying and the other is what our person is telling us. If you want your person to do whatever you want, just leave it as you want me to do. Everyone wants to love you, to do what you like, not to do anything you don't like, but do you let him do what he wants to do? Or do you just get what you want? That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there.

Only if we do not hurt anyone will we be careful that no one hurts us. Only those who know how to love have the right to love. Dominance is obtained only if one is allowed to be free. We want possession. Where there is possession, there is litigation. Look inside you with your eyes closed, you haven't caught anything in such a suffocating way?

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