Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Fajal Raxan Babat Gujarat Government Press Note -Official

 Tell me one thing, if you were asked to forget one thing, one event or one occasion in your life, what would you choose to forget?

Something has happened in our life that we are constantly thinking of forgetting. Much else is forgotten, but what is to be forgotten cannot be forgotten! Even if we don't want to, it is constantly in front of our eyes. No matter how hard you try, your face will not fade. Any dialogue echoes in the ears constantly. Any event keeps the eyes wet. Some events we cannot forget because we have lived them to the fullest. Being overwhelmed, it is difficult to separate from it. Sometimes an event feels like a dream. After that dream is shattered, its crumbs bite all its life. A tease has arisen. Meteor showers occur in the delicate veins of the heart. The whole existence is scattered. It looks awkward. Life does not seem to have any meaning. The question arises only against the lines of the hand when the one who has understood the reason for living is gone. Complaints against fate arise. When a heart is broken, the whole man is torn to pieces. We keep trying to put the pieces together. Nothing is arranged. Nowhere to be found. Nothing to like. One girl said, ‘When I was studying, it seemed like it was hard to remember, but after I fell in love, I realized that it is harder to forget! It's easy to forget and can't be forgotten! '

It happens to us after someone leaves our life that now I don't let anyone come into my life. Don't have so much attachment with anyone that it hurts! This is the story of a girl. A young man working with him proposed to him. The girl said very politely, ‘No! I don’t want to get into a new relationship right now. ’The boy asked the reason. The girl said, ‘I haven’t come out of an incident yet. I had a breakup. After that man is gone, I have closed the door of my heart. There is a board on the door saying, no entry! No problem with you You will be a good man! But that man seemed good to me! Not only that, I thought it was mine! It is very difficult to forget. Still falls. There is no mental preparation for a relationship with a new person. No entry board intended to be removed. Please forgive me! '

Sometimes it even happens that, if there was a certain formula, a way, a method or a ritual of forgetting, how good would it be? There are only a few ways to forget! Avoid thoughts! When the idea comes, push it hard and let it go! But it is difficult to avoid thoughts! When I remember that, I think I don't have to remember anything, but it reminds me more. Someone even says, do what you like! But if you don't like anything? Was with Annie or was with Annie, loved everything. I don't even like what I used to like now! Let's do something if we want something, but what if we don't want anything? This is what a young man did. ‘I used to love going on long drives when I was alone. Driving alone. Standing where the mind is. It came into my life. We went on a long drive together. Realize for the first time that a long drive can be so wonderful! Love makes you feel supernatural. You feel good about everything. It happens to us that I have changed. I have become good, I have become pure. 'A feeling that is unimaginable, supernatural or unimaginable can only happen in love! There are moments when life becomes hectic and hectic. After the hand is released, everything dries up with a bang. A thirst, thirst and longing remain. Chas in the heart comes up on the eyes and face. The young man said, "I can't stand the same long drive after it's gone! It's the same road, it's the same car, but there's a blanket of silence and sadness all over. '

Sometimes there is an intention to forget. It doesn't matter. There is also no resentment. Yet it is difficult. There were two lovers. The two fell in love while they were in college. College completed. Both were sensible. The social background of the two was such that it was not possible to live together. Rebellion was unlikely to bring happiness. They both lovingly decided that we would break up. The last time we met we decided that we would not meet again, we would not talk, we would not even text! Hugging each other, the two parted with wet eyes. Both had good ideas for each other. The only prayer was that he would be very happy. A few days passed. The message between the two was off. Suddenly one day the girl called the boy. The girl said, ‘One thing was asked! The boy said, "Ball!" Tell me what to do to forget you? What are you doing to make me forget You helped me when I needed you, so help me a little! The boy said, don't remember me, stop looking at my status, don't look at my last scene, delete the photos of me or us in your phone. Stop judging facial expressions by opening photos and enlarging them! The girl listened and asked, "Can you do that?" The boy said, I wish I could do that! Both eyes were wet. A deep sigh seemed to confuse the creature! Neither could speak more! He hung up the phone saying 'Bye'! How many things remain connected even after being cut!

Man sometimes does not even forget the happiness that is hindered. This is the story of an older couple. After the two got married, the husband came to know that his wife had been married to someone earlier

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