Saturday, January 23, 2021

માતૃભાષા શિક્ષણના કૌશલ્યો | Mother tongue teaching skills

 It is good to be important but it is more important to be good. Not every man can be great but every man can be a good man if he wants to. Education makes man sensible but how much does education make man cultured? If only education would make a man better, then no educated man would be a criminal! Education is the most important thing in a person's life. No man in the world can deny this. Education opens many windows of knowledge in front of us. The question then becomes, How do we use that knowledge? One study on criminals says that educated criminals are more dangerous than uneducated criminals. With study, a person can become good and vicious, he can also become clever and he can become a scoundrel, he can make a name or even become famous. What matters most is what a person learns from education. That is why people are now being told to teach your children to be good people along with education. In earlier times, only degree related knowledge was not available from schools and colleges. The teacher was not only the teacher, he also planted the sacraments. The teacher was a true friend, philosopher and guide. Now everything has changed. It is not the teacher's fault. What can a teacher think if the whole system has changed? Schools and colleges now have only education, so the responsibility of the sacrament has fallen on the parents, the family and the society.

Now it comes to mind that a child psychologist and Holocaust survivor is asking for an idea written by Dr. Heim Zinot. Heim, who passed away in 1973 at the age of just 51, has written several books on education and culture. His book, Between Parent and Child, is a bestseller, and his words are still quoted today when it comes to education and child psychology. Dr. Hey there were Jews. He was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Adolf Hitler carried out the massacre with the intention of annihilating the Jews. When Hee was young, he too was captured by the Nazis and taken to a concentration camp. He saw thousands of people dying in front of his eyes. Heina's luck would have been better if she had survived. He was released. Growing up, they settled in America. Dr. who saw death very closely. Hei wrote great things about life. In this too, the talk of education and culture is like meeting forever.

"I was in a concentration camp," he wrote. Survived. No one has ever seen what my eyes have seen. The gas chambers, which claimed millions of lives, were built by well-educated engineers. Very skilled doctors poisoned and killed the children. Nurses who were trained to care for the service would strangle the newborns. College graduates would shoot people standing in line. At that time I was skeptical about education at first, because every man who made people laugh was educated. Then Dr. What Hei said is more important. He wrote: "The more you educate your children, the more you will strive to be a better person." Be careful that your efforts do not make your children a monster or a mentally deranged person. If he does not become a good man, he will continue to be a threat to humanity.

Dr. Heine's words are understandable even in today's context. Research on terrorists who carry out blackmail around the world says that most of the terrorists who took up arms were educated. Every pilot who hijacked and attacked the US World Trade Center was well educated. Our country's enemy number one and the world's most wanted terrorist Hafiz Saeed is a gold medalist of King Saud University in Saudi Arabia. Hafiz has also worked as a professor. Such a list is very long. That is to say, the most massacre in the world has been committed by educated terrorists. On the other hand, those who have received the sacraments with higher education have done benmoon works for the country and the world. Mahatma Gandhiji could have spent his whole life comfortably practicing law but he chose to take the country on the path of independence. Freedom is also through non-violence. That is why it is sung for him that Sabarmati or Sant Tune Kar Diya Kamal.

Now people are alert to give their children a good education. It is a good thing. Education is a basic condition for development. However, at the same time, the new generation needs to be concerned about getting good morals. Love, affection, kindness, compassion, humanity, principle, the ideal is what finally makes a man a man in the true sense. Education without empathy leads to destruction. The reason why man today goes astray, gets lost in life and takes steps not to pay and wastes his life is not due to lack of education but lack of values ​​and sensibilities.

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