Tuesday, February 2, 2021

ચૂંટણી 2021 ને લગતી માહિતી | મોડ્યુલ | Election 2021

  What is it about your life that you never tell anyone? Even more important than this question is, why don't you tell someone this? What fears haunt you? Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh! Everyone has something to say.

Where can everything be written on social media? We all have something in our hearts that makes us jump out. We tap it and put it back. Don't tell anyone! Does anyone care? Does anyone have anything to fall for? Sometimes the heart becomes so heavy that the breath swells. Unspoken words sometimes cause tears in the eyes. Even a man who claims not to lie one day when someone asks why? So he is lying that he is fine!There were two friends. The two met after a long time. A friend asked, why? Another friend said, I'm fine! That friend was not fun. When he left the house, his wife said, "You are a personal friend." Talk openly about every confusion in your mind. The husband said yes. The husband came home at night to meet a friend. The wife asked, how was it? 

Did you talk about your heart Husband said, no! The wife asked, why? The husband said, he asked me why? I said I'm fine! He thought I was fine! Not every man can easily open up! How much do we believe or assume about our loved ones? What's the matter That's fine! Every man needs a space to open. There is an invisible veil that has to be removed with a light hand. The face has to be read. Do you know how to read your person's face? If so, consider that you know how to solve the language of the heart! The language of the heart is not hard. Only the heart should be used. We use the mind more than the heart.

The most miserable and unfortunate person in the world is a man who cannot speak his heart out to anyone or who does not have the heart to speak his heart out. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This is the story of a man. He went to a psychiatrist. The doctor asked him, is there a problem? The man said, "I don't know the problem." I tell you what I want to say. You are a doctor, you find my problem. The man spoke with all his heart. The psychiatrist listened to everything. When the talk was over, the man asked, "Do you have any problem?" The psychiatrist said, yes! The man asked, "What?" The psychiatrist said, find a friend with whom you can speak your heart out. The man is looking in front of the doctor. The doctor's diagnosis was absolutely correct. He had no friends! For the first time, the man realized that not having a friend was not a disease, but a misfortune!

The man told the doctor, "No one trusts me!" The doctor asked, how did you get here? The brother said, taking my car! Well, did you trust the car or not? Why didn't it feel like this car would have an accident? If we don't stop driving for fear of an accident, then why can't we trust someone for fear of something happening? Sometimes a man cannot speak his heart out to anyone because he has never listened to anyone's heart! You can share everything with someone who shares everything with you! Man is getting more and more suffocated as he becomes more and more modern. Now not only is the story told, it also goes viral! The man is also afraid of the message. What if the screenshot starts to rotate? What if the call is recorded? Having someone speak from the heart sometimes sticks to the wall of social media. Now the betrayal has also gone digital. Communication has increased, but commitment has decreased.

Sometimes there is a person in life who has a loose heart. This is the story of a boy. He found a friend. At first I talked very formally. One day the girl said, you live by beating everything. Tell me, what's going on in your heart? Trust me, what you said will not go anywhere! The boy said one or two things. Often a man is testing before trusting. Can this person talk in his stomach? His friend did not tell anyone. The boy relied on his friend. Then he started saying the biggest thing from the smallest thing to the biggest thing. It felt good talking. As it happens, I have found a friend in life who can tell everything! In a short time, due to the issues of the girl's personal life, she became estranged from her friend. The boy now felt like talking to his heart! The friend had no other expectations! We have become accustomed to saying certain things to certain people. When that person moves away, a different kind of emptiness is created. An emptiness that is by no means sufficient. I keep talking to him in my mind that this is what happened today! It happened today!

The friend walked away so it happened to the boy that there is no one else, now who should I talk to? He came up with an idea. Made a stone statue. He named the idol after that friend. Every day he would sit in front of the idol and talk. Doing so made him feel a little relieved. After a while, her friend suddenly found her somewhere. He asked, "Do you tell anyone what is in your heart?" The boy said, should I say yes? The girl asked, to whom? The boy said, He has made a stone idol! The girl said, the move is good. There is something you can all talk about! The boy said, that's right. There is only one problem, the idol does not answer! Comfort to hear

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