Tuesday, February 23, 2021

ફૉન્ટ ડાઉનલોડ | પ્રથમ સત્ર પરિક્ષાની Excel File માટે

 Do you know how to write If someone asks such a question, what kind of question is this? If you write, you will come! It's not about writing on a computer, laptop or mobile, it's

about writing by hand. He will be a little older, he will still have a good handwriting, tell a teenager to write a little on a page! He will get bored. If you ask him to type a message or anything else on his mobile, it will be quick but it will be difficult to write by hand. We still have to hand-write the exams there so youngsters still have a bit too much habit of writing. Notes are also written in school and college so writing is maintained. The time is not far away when school and college will have to carry laptops or tablets and not pens and notebooks. In many institutes, such digital education has already started. Parents raise their collars and say that our children do not have the clutter of books. Gazettes are now taught only in many countries of the world. In the near future, there will be different gazettes for each standard. There will be a new gazette every year as there are books from first standard to higher studies. If you don't want to get a new one, get it updated every year!

Everything changes over time. We also say that change is the law of the world. Man's habits also change with time. One prediction is that in the future man will forget to write by hand! Our Terwa now finds the keyboard and touch screen more fun than holding a pen. It has been said that writing has a connection with the heart and mind. 

ફૉન્ટ લિંક અહી આપી છે.

ડાઉનલોડ ફૉન્ટ -1 

ડાઉનલોડ ફૉન્ટ -2  

Now it is being said in lightness that the man will also find the connection with the keyboard. Another thing is that you don't even have to type from the keyboard or touch screen, you will speak and you will write. This technology is still there, not even writing or typing, finally speaking!

Many people now use the pen only to sign. This pen will also become a decorative knot at some point! The signature is also going to be digital. After two centuries, it will probably be in the Pen Museum! Parents will take the boys to see the museum and then say look this is called pen, in ancient times people would hold it and write it by hand. Ink was also sufficient. Showing the ballpoint pen and refill, he would say that this refill had to be changed. The boy will not feel refill! Man has a relationship with the pen. What a pen is also in love with a pencil. The digital pen is something now, the question is how long it will last. In the past, keeping a pen in the pocket of a shirt or coat was a thing of the past. Mabla, Pierre Cardin, Cross, Schaefer, Waterman and Parker were all different! Now if you keep a pen in your shirt, it will look desi!

The art of handwriting is slowly disappearing. Writing will go away so the beauty of the letters will also disappear. The crooked letters were unmistakably praised. Nice letters become a man's identity. That being said, who? The one whose characters are so beautiful? Calligraphy competitions were held in schools. There was a practice book for twisting the letters. The third and fourth ABCDs were taught to write without lifting the pen. The art of calligraphy is about to become more rare. Mahatma Gandhi has said that bad character is a sign of incomplete education. Gandhiji's characters were clumsy. There is also a scripture of signature. Many people still go to signature and handwriting experts who tell us about our future, from our signature to our mentality. There are also people who believe that changing the style of writing also changes one's destiny. Experts say that your character is your identity. From your instincts to nature comes an idea of ​​what turns you make in writing, what words you break and what words you add. If there is no signature, will the experts read it?

Digital devices are reducing people's relationship with words. We use emojis to express happiness, sadness or any other emotion. Ever wondered how many words an emoji eats? The use of words is also declining. How many of the total words in our dictionary do we use? Very few. Sometimes when a word in our own language comes in front of us, we ask, what does this mean? This is a big issue with the new generation. We have begun to associate with limited words. People are already obsessed with grammar or spelling. With the advent of spell checkers in other languages ​​like English, people are forgetting to remember the correct spelling, grammar or spelling. You cannot prevent changes over time. You keep writing, handwriting will also be an art in the future!

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