Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Higher Secondary Grant-In-Aid Merit


The state government's education department has initiated proceedings for the recruitment of 7800 teachers in grant aided secondary and higher secondary schools and in the first round it has been decided to hold the second round with approximately 25 per cent of the 7800 teachers present in the recruitment camp. For this Anil Joshiyara, Joint Director Education and Deputy Director KK Rathore held a video conference of all the DEOs on Tuesday and it has been decided to hold a second round of recruitment with the approval of the Election Commission.

Rajkot District Education Officer NA Haryani said that recently the process of filling 5500 posts of higher secondary teachers and 2300 posts of secondary teachers was undertaken by the education department. In which 162 education assistants were allotted for grant aided schools in Rajkot district. Out of which 112 teachers selected the venue, while the remaining 50 teachers were present.

Therefore, it has been decided to hold a second round of recruitment to give a chance to the candidates waiting for the vacant posts of teachers and to hold a video conference for it and take immediate action if the approval of the Election Commission is obtained. It will also get the approval and guidance of the Election Commission
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