Thursday, February 25, 2021

ભારતીય રિઝર્વ બેંકમાં Office Attendant માં ઓનલાઈન ફોર્મ ભરવાની લિંક

 Everyone talks about physical immunity, but what about mental immunity? When the

delicate veins of the mind are broken, the sound does not come, the attack of existence comes. The pain of suffocation is more excruciating than the suffocation. The mind also has to be given a dose of immunity. Every man has a living self counselor. You have to reassure yourself. We have to get some comfort from ourselves. Everything will be the same. This time will also pass. There will be a smile on his face again. A little brightness in the eyes will come again. Even a competent man is sometimes afraid. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. It is difficult to carry the corpse of a dead mind. There seems to be a load that is unbearable.

Sometimes the environment around us becomes so cumbersome that we feel constantly confused. This is the story of a man. He was going through a bad time. It felt like I was going to break down. Just then a person close to her was confused and fainted. This brother found out. It just so happened that he needed me right now. The problem was, he was upset too. In some cases, we may even tell ourselves that we are not going to break it. You have to be strong. If you break, what will happen to your people? He decided that I would take care of myself. Going to his own person, he said, ‘Everything will be fine. Everything will be fine. Don't worry about anything. I’m sitting here! ’We sometimes have a big smile on our face. Even if we don't know drama, we are better than we are! The only intention is that no one will drown! There is a saying among us, ‘A drowning man finds a swimmer!’ Sometimes we just swim for someone, but someone swims. Words have the power to be lifeless, they just have to come from the heart. The words that are uttered in love, affection, affection, compassion, intimacy and affection have wonderful powers added to them. Words sometimes become the basis for not letting anyone fall. The broken man just needs support.

ઓનલાઈન ફોર્મ ભરવાની લિંક 

There was a girl. She was slowly getting sad. He understood that there is no fun anywhere. Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally. Not wanting to talk to anyone. That was sensible. It just so happened that it would be better for me to talk to someone than to sit in the moonlight. He remembered a friend of his. It happened to him, let's talk to him. Picked up the phone, but the next moment he started talking. What happened to him, even those thoughts are going through critical time now. Where to make it more miserable? If we are not having fun, is there anything to annoy others? Sometimes we even feel sorry for someone like that! He didn't talk, but his friend found out that my friend was not happy. He came to meet a friend. He said, ‘If it wasn’t fun, why didn’t you tell me? When are the friends going to work? ’The girl said,‘ Where can I tell you? Where are the fewer titles? ’The friend said,‘ Yes, so what? If there are titles, then why not listen to one's own person? Dude, no matter how upset a person is, he can still listen to the person! I may not be able to laugh, but I can cry a little with you! In our study, it turns out that the negative becomes the negative. It is possible that this will happen to us too. It is also possible that you can remove my negativity and I can remove negativity from you. Dude, every once in a while a little push is needed, but it's not a small thing. Sometimes it seems to me that a little upset can make us feel better than we are when we are not happy. He is aboard the same boat in which we are. It is also possible that what is fun makes us feel weak or weak. That is why we have to talk about our heart without worrying about the personal person! Do you remember me when i'm fine Then don't think that it's already cool, so don't disturb it! Not to mention the bad mood of those who do not have fun worries! To tell No matter what your condition is, listen to me, because you are to me. I have so much right over you! 'Sometimes there is nothing wrong with exercising certain rights. It is an inalienable right of our relationship and our affection to give voice to our person when we are not having fun. Certain rights in relationships are automatically acquired. One of the rights is to call out to your person, "Come on, I need you!"

There was a husband and wife. The husband had a problem in the office. No matter how much he cared, there was nothing in the work. The boss kept shouting. Anne's wife had an issue at home. She talked to her husband. The husband's brain was not already in place! A tadukyo, ‘Do you understand anything or not? Do you have your problem Do you know what kind of situation I am going through right now? 'Hearing this, the wife said,' If I don't tell you, who should I tell? ' He apologized to his wife. The wife then said, ‘You can talk too. Talk to you soon and keep up the good content. '

Sometimes you

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