Wednesday, February 24, 2021

સરકારી માધ્યમિક Qualified waiting list ના ઉમેદવારોની શાળા ફાળવણી લિસ્ટ

 Shahar mein chale pad jaate hai zindagi ke paav mein, sukoon ka jeevan bitana hai to aa jao gaon
mein. Shire has written a lot about cities and villages. Every city has a story. Every village has a little grief. When someone leaves the village and goes to the city, the village will cry a little. Where does one who leaves the village and settles in the city also openly laugh? Shire Adam Gondvi writes, Yeh khud ki lash apne kandhe par uthaye hai, a shahar ke vashindo, hum gaon se aaye hai. People who leave the village and come to the cities do not live in the village or become urban. Being in the city is rare in the villages and being in the village is a dream in the city. A shire has written, Soona hai ki usne kharid liya hai karodo ka ghar shahar mein, magar angan dikhane wo aaj bhi bachcho ko gaon laata hai.

Ask people who come to town from villages or small towns, where is the happiness and peace? Those people will soon start singing the praises of their village. It will also say that I had to come to the city for a career or for the study of my children, where is the fun like the rest there? In cities, the equations of relationships change from breath to breath. 

શાળા ફાળવણી લિસ્ટ - અહી ક્લિક કરો 

The city is a little selfish. Yet the fact is, once in the city, a man cannot leave the city easily. Finding an excuse or consolation to someone, the man stays in the city. Listen to a shire. I don't see liveliness in this city now, I have come to complete the death of this city, then I see a butterfly, I look for flowers in this desert, I think, give this city some more respite.

Corona is causing reverse migration to the country and the world. In a survey conducted in New York City, USA, 44% said that they would like to leave the city. Our country has seen tremendous reverse migration since the beginning of Corona. At the time of the survey, 70 percent said that once everything was back to normal, we would be back in town. It also meant that 30 percent of people wanted to live in villages. People who wanted to come back said that they had to go to the city to earn money. What to do while living in villages? The city gives us some habits. Zakamzol has an attraction. Every city has an invisible magnet that attracts villagers. The city offers the lure of a better life. Life is better when you come to the city or bed, before you realize it, you get addicted to the city. Mumbai is called Mysore. A man who has gone to Mumbai can never return. The word Mumbai is now applicable to every city.

Every time a city dweller goes to his hometown, the thought comes to mind, how much peace there is! The city has embarrassment, traffic, job pressures, anxiety about teaching boys and many more. Even if we work hard and turn double, the two ends do not come together. After the EMI of a home and car loan, there is barely enough left to run a home. The concept of work from home is likely to continue after Corona. Thanks to technology, you can now live and work anywhere. In such circumstances, the pace towards villages or small centers is likely to increase.

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