Wednesday, March 3, 2021

રાજ્ય કક્ષાના ઇનોવેશન ફેર અંગે પરિપત્ર અને માહિતી 2020-21

 No man does any work to fail. We do every karma for the fruit. It is natural to expect good results. What good is a web site if it simply "blends in" with everything else out there? Frightened if the expected result is obtained, but what if the calculation is reversed? Why are we so shocked that all our ships have sunk? We have a lot of discussions of failure there. Now the hashtag It's OK to Fail is running a lot. World Suicide Prevention Day was observed on September 10 last year. We talk about

failure mostly in the context of students failing or in the case of depression, but there are also many problems when it happens to a man that everything is over. Man collapses when an emotional crisis arises. Staying healthy is most important in every circumstance. Right now in Corona’s tough times everyone is going through some kind of trouble. Someone has lost their job, someone's salary has been cut, business has come to a standstill, they can't go anywhere, they are afraid of getting infected with Corona. Mental weakness is also a form of failure. We are often overwhelmed by our circumstances.

One thing is for sure right now. At the end of last February, a brother started a large-scale business. He had been working hard for six months. Took a large loan from the bank. The start of the business was also a bang. His enthusiasm was also paramount as he was very ambitious. He thought that now he would get on the car of life. The opposite happened. Corona caused a lockdown in March. 

ઇનોવેશન ફેર પરિપત્ર જુઓ 

Its business was luxury items. Who is going to spend behind the luxury in such circumstances? The business came to a standstill. Dreams in the eyes were washed away. The burden of interest and rent increased. The only thing his friends and relatives were worried about was that this man would not get depressed because of the blows he had suffered in the business and would not do anything! Unlock started so his three friends got together and decided that we should go to him and try to keep him light. The three friends went to his house.

The brother was overjoyed to see his friends. Slowly everything happened. Finally, a friend asked me if I was in a state of tension because I didn't expect it. Don't have any weak thoughts? The brother looked at the three friends in turn. He said, to be honest? I was a little upset. Thought, what can happen now? Nowhere was there attention. Stopped thinking at one point. One thing I follow is, stop thinking when your brain is not working. What can you do when you have nothing in your hands? What good is a web site if it simply "blends in" with everything else out there? With this thought I became very relaxed. If man, the country that will fall. I liked that you came, but don't worry, Banda is not going to get depressed. To be honest, when I started the business, I thought a little bit, what if I fail? Everything was done with care, now we had no idea that Corona would come and make us in such a condition? Is there any point in crying if our hands are not talking? Her friends said, "I want to admire your spirit." We came to give you courage, but we really have a lot to learn from you.

The difference is, not everyone can do that. Often we are not responsible for failure, but what if we are responsible? The one who fails is the one who strives to succeed. Let's take it OK to fail a little differently. It's okay if we fail, it's okay if we don't pay attention anywhere, it's okay if we have to stay at home, it's okay if someone walks away, it's okay if something goes wrong, it's OK to everything! Life goes on, goes on, speed breakers are coming. After that, the car has to pick up speed again. While talking about Corona, one of the elders smiled and said, "Don't worry, there is not much time to spend now!" It is very good to be optimistic, because there is no point in being pessimistic. If we all want advantages then why think negatively which has one hundred percent disadvantages? When it feels like failure or frustration think, Its OK, This Will To Pass!

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