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 Dialogue is the exact solution to every problem. Controversy ensues if the dialogue is not tackled evenly. We have seen in many cases that all have come together to talk, but the talk is over. Compromisers get angry instead of solving the problem if they are not sensible. Wisdom comes from experience.
The mistakes we make are our experiences and the vigilance is to make sure that those mistakes do not happen again. Most disputes, quarrels, headaches, conflicts and misunderstandings are nothing but awkward communication skills. Outcomes are determined by how we represent ourselves.

Some people have a knack for repairing damaged instruments. One of our problems is that we are not prepared to listen to anyone. Sometimes we decide in advance who is right or who is wrong. In any case, most of the time, no one is completely right or even completely wrong. There is a little bit of truth, a little bit of untruth and a little bit of half-truth on everyone's side. The task of combining the two truths and removing the untruths of both is required. The reason for the sourness in the relationship is mostly misunderstanding. Misunderstandings can be devastating if not addressed in a timely manner.

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This is the story of a young woman. She had a quarrel with her husband and in-laws. The young lady came to her pier. Talk to dad-mom about home problems. The girl's father spoke to the daughter's in-laws. Everyone decided to talk together. The daughter said to her father, You take my side. He also tried to advise his father to talk like this. Start talking like this. If he says so, you say so. After listening to his daughter, the father said, "Don't decide in advance what to do." First, let us listen to those people! All gathered. Talks were going on. During the conversation, the daughter became agitated and started saying whatever came to her mind. The father said to his daughter in front of everyone, "You are right, but the way you speak is wrong." We have not gathered here to quarrel. The in-laws said, "We are not saying that it is your daughter's fault every time." Sometimes mistakes are made by us too. The problem is, she's not ready to talk. I haven't heard from anyone. Do what you have to do. I will do as I have to do. Extremist attitudes lead to the end of a relationship.

We are human. Man can never be alone. We have to live with someone. We have to deal with people at home, people we work with and people in the community. There are some people with whom we do not get along. You have to have a relationship with such a person even if you have a daily routine. Man has to decide how to deal with whom! This is the story of a young man. His boss was strange-minded. Whatever the case, make arguments. The young man listens quietly. Finally he finished by saying yes sir. One of the young man's colleagues said to him, "Why do you listen to every argument of the boss?" Why don't you say your point "I say what I think is true," said the young man. Whether the boss believes it or not is up to him. After all, he has to do what he says, so what to do with the argument? I don't want to waste my energy fighting with it!

Better a poor horse than no horse at all. If we put a comma in everything, the talk will continue for a long time. An understanding of where to put a full stop can shorten the controversy. Sometimes there is no point in talking! A young man was doing the job. It already hurts her boss. The young man knew that if there was a match, he would send me away. Bose prepared a report against him. This person is not suitable for the organization, he should be fired. Once the general manager called the young man to his chambers. The young man's boss was also present. "I'm not satisfied with your work," the general manager said. You are released today. Do you have anything to say The young man said, "No, I have nothing to say!" The young man bye-bye got out of there.

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