Monday, March 1, 2021

ધોરણ 7 અને 8 ની માર્ચ એકમ કસોટી પેપર ડાઉનલોડ

 One thing that is very common in a relationship is that no one lives with them in bad times. Happiness or sub-companion, sorrow, no one, such things always happen. Everyone has had experiences in their life where no one is present when they really need someone. People change with time. What we have done so much for is also lost. People who make us feel good every day in good times do not even show their mouths in bad times. Nothing like this is happening right now, already. Really, is that so? If this is the case, then what is wrong with the statement that even if the time is right, those who are ours willays be ours.We say that this is also true. No matter the time, whether we are in the light or in the darkness, the flags of our names are flying or our stars are in orbit, there are some people in whom there is no change.A tweet from Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan on August 25, 2020 has sparked
controversy. Amitabh wrote that the bitter truth of life, struggle or time does not come close to anyone, and after success or success, no one has to be invited! As of this writing, about 3,000 people have retweeted Amitabh's statement and more than 30,000 people have liked it. More than 1450 people have commented. Most of the comments are the same, very true. This is what happens. We also feel that this is one hundred percent true. Many also say that we are alone in times of bad times, failures or anonymity. If there is no one with us in bad times, we are also to blame. If we haven't been able to build even a couple of such true relationships, we should also think, why is that?
We don't give importance to anyone when our sun is rising and burning, if we hug the true and good people around us, if we start to understand ourselves, if we start to despise everyone else, then when our sun is setting we will fall alone. Even though Amitabh said such a thing, many actors and people close to him have accused Amitabh of forgetting Ahsan Ahsan. They are not present when needed.
 Well, we don't fall into Amitabh's personal life, we have to think a little differently and with a little neutrality that we are not with anyone in bad times. We must have a few relationships that are guaranteed and proven. There are people who love us, who have nothing to do with our position, power, wealth, popularity or reach, whether we have anything or not, they are with us. We have to be very careful not to do anything that will make them go away. We also have a responsibility to keep our people close.
એકમ કસોટી પેપર ડાઉનલોડ 

When talking about the fact that no one is on the sidelines in bad times, one should also think, whose bad times were we with? Aren't we going to change someone's time with it? If we are doing this, then we have the right to say such things for someone? It is very easy to talk about others. We also need to look and keep an eye on ourselves. I am sitting, I am there for you always, in the middle of the night Dejane, how aware are we when we say this? If you don't do anything for someone, don't do anything, but don't set false expectations

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