Saturday, March 20, 2021

ગ્રાન્ટેડ ઉચ્ચતર માધ્યમિક નું PML 1 જાહેર થઈ ગયું | Granted HIgher Secondary Bharti

 The countdown to New Year 2020 is underway. What to change in the new year except dates? So there is nothing else to change, unless we pass a resolution. We keep thinking about whether to do it or not. Anyone who has to make a decision can do it at any time, there is nothing to look for. However, most people are waiting for a good opportunity. What is the second best opportunity like New Year? 

By the way, have you decided to pass any resolution this year? If yes, think how many times are you passing this resolution? Have you heard that mild thing? Who says quitting cigarettes is hard? How many times have I left!

One of the most talked about resolutions is that resolutions don't last long. A young man told his friend, "I have passed a resolution that I will never pass a resolution." Hearing this, his friend said, why is that? So, he said, no resolution lasts long. Hearing this answer, his friend asked back, "Nothing if it doesn't last long, what's the problem even if it lasts short?" Doing as much as possible rather than doing nothing! Someone has put a knife in our throat and if I don't follow the resolution, I will cut my throat. Maybe some resolution will survive. Chances must be taken. Where are we going to lose anything?

PML 1 લિસ્ટ માટે ક્લિક કરો 

વેરિફિકેશનમાં રદ કરેલ અરજીઓ  

Do you know what the biggest beauty of resolution is? Resolution gives us a chance to improve something in us. We just think, I have to make this change in myself. It can also mean that we are aware of some of our shortcomings, habits, or habits, and we want to get rid of them. The idea of ​​changing oneself is not a trivial matter. As long as that is, there are possibilities of getting better than we are. Whoever decides that there is nothing to do now, nothing can improve or increase it. Only a man who knows his own shortcomings can overcome them. One who does not see any fault in himself cannot bring any new load change in him.

What do you think is changing in you? What does not allow you to live in peace? What talk, what event, what person doesn't let you take the chain? Is it not possible to get rid of it? This is what a psychiatrist said. People keep kneeling inside. A transformation is ongoing. Those people just have to change their minds a little bit to get well. We cannot do the same. The idea that disturbs us should be allowed to come to a good idea. There is a very simple remedy. Think about the idea in the new year. What thoughts have come to me throughout the day? How did those thoughts change my life? Increased negativity in me? Increased or decreased positivity? Decide not to do the thing that upsets you, it will make a big difference in your life.

Anyone who wants to give up is looking for a way out. This is exactly what a friend said and did. She had a habit of smoking. One day he quit smoking. When asked, how did you quit smoking? He replied, by cheating with quality! I deceived myself. I couldn't quit smoking in one fell swoop. When I felt like smoking, I would tell myself, let it go now, then PJ. Where did you leave off You have to drink, then PJ. Sometimes I would even smoke a cigarette when I was not living at all. Continue to deceive yourself until it happens. In this way the cigarettes gradually became less and less and then one day quit. This was self-cheating therapy to quit the addiction. Whatever the case, the truth was, she had to quit smoking. All we have to do is decide whether to do it or not.

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